The Other Orphans
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July 31th, 2012

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The Other Orphans is the third chapter of Parentless and introduces new, original characters.


"Ugggghhhh!" Bolin groaned after about two hours of walking. "Where are we going anyway?! This is so boring and tiring!"

"I don't know yet! I'm trying to think, okay? We've only been gone like two hours," I said. I was still thinking of somewhere to go, somewhere where we'll survive. We had been walking on the sidewalk in the same random direction as we started in. We had gotten away from the borough, but not too far from it.

"You can't think of anywhere, can you, Mako?! I'm so exhausted!" Bolin said. He stopped and sat down on the curb. I decided to sit down too; I was just as tired.

"Let's just try to get downtown. There's got to tons of places to go there."

"Okay, but can we stop for a little longer?" Bolin asked.


About fifteen minutes later we started off again, headed for downtown. I knew where downtown was because our family owned an old prototype Satomobile that my dad bought from Future Industries a while back. They were selling it for a really good price, and it was a successful prototype, so it was a great deal. My dad would take me on rides to downtown, so I remember some of the routes to get there.

We kept walking, passing many buildings and other people. Bolin and I seldom talked while walking, but occasionally he would moan and complain about his suitcase or how tired he was. We would sometimes stop for a few moments so that we could rest.

"How many flaming fire flakes do you think you could fit in one of our suitcases?" Bolin randomly questioned as we stopped for a little while outside a phonograph store where a man with a nametag that said 'Mr. Chung' stood, occasionally yelling 'Phonographs! Get your new, high tech phonographs!'

"What kind of question is that?! Is that helpful to you somehow?" I said.

"Geesh...I was just wondering."

Suddenly, I heard a loud train whistle nearby.

"Bolin, I think we're near Central City Station! It's got to only be a few blocks away. Maybe we could find some shelter there or something!" I said excitely. "Let's go!"

Meeting New Kids

We walked down to the corner of the street and turned right. We went down about three to four blocks and arrived at Central City Station. In front of the station was a large, magnificent statue of Fire Lord Zuko, holding up a hand of fire. Several children about my and Bolin's age where playing under the statue and many adults were coming out of the station and walking across the plaza.

"Whoa," Bolin said.

We walked around the plaza, looking around. Finally, we came to the statue of Fire Lord Zuko. Two of the kids approached us.

"Hi there," a boy in brown, dirty clothes said to us.

"Hi," I responded.

"Who are you two?" a boy in gray said to us from next to the brown clothed boy.

"I'm Mako and this is my brother, Bolin. May I ask who you are?"

"Name's Talar and this is Ritochy," the boy in brown said.

"Do you guys live here or something?" Bolin asked.

"Well, we hang out here most of the day, and we sleep here most of the time, but we also go to other places to sleep," Ritochy informed us.

"So you guys are orphans?" I asked.

"Yeah, some of us escaped our orphanages and some of us just couldn't find anywhere else to go," Talar said.

"I guess you could say that we're orphans too," I said.

"Then go ahead and make yourself at home," Talar said. "I'll introduce you to the others too." Talar went over to the three other boys that were messing around and brought them over to us. "This is Kilak, he's a waterbender," he said as he pointed to a boy dressed in blue with blue eyes. "This is Benji, he's an earthbender," Talar said as he introduced a boy in green with a long cut scar on his cheek. "And this is Zalior, and he is a firebender," he said as he pointed at a taller boy in red. "Zalior, Benji, and Kilak, meet Bolin and Mako."

"Hi," I awkwardly said.

"Are you and Ritochy non-benders?" Bolin asked.

"Yup," Talar responded.

"Welcome to the Station," Kilak said.

The First Night of a New Life

That night we all set up a small camp behind the Zuko statue. We all had blankets luckily, so we set them up and laid on them as we ate. Apparently, the way the orphans work is that they are responsible for their own food, but you can share with other if you want. Bolin and I had some of the food that we took from our house before we left.

"So are you two benders?" Benji asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, I'm a firebender and Bolin is an eartbender like you."

"That's cool that you're a firebender too," Zalior said.

"Man, now I'm the only one who doesn't have a friend that has the same bending abilities as me," Kilak said.

"Don't worry. You're special now. A unique individual," Ritochy reassured.

We talked for a little longer. I began to study everyone and try to figure them out. Ritochy appeared to be the youngest, maybe six, same as Bolin. Talar seemed to be the leader, maybe twelve. Zalior seemed about my age, eight. Benji seemed about ten, and Kilak was probably nine or ten. For orphans, they all seemed nice and friendly.

"Well, it's getting a little late," Talar said, looking at a pocketwatch. "I guess we should go to bed now."

"Goodnight everyone," Kilak said.

"Yeah, goodnight," Benji said.

"Night and welcome to the group," said Zalior.

"Night, night, don't let the spider-rats bite!" Ritochy said.

"Goodnight guys," Talar said.

"Night!" Bolin and I said in unison.

Then I quickly fell asleep on the first night of my new, parentless life.

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