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Han had no idea who she was. Her very presence seemed to spoil the five star hotel. She was probably one of those homeless Fire Nation orphans, who are quite common in the city. Han thought she should give her food, or something. After all, the Avatar was supposed to be kind to all, right?

The White Lotus Sentries, however, were in an entirely different state of mind. 

"How dare you girl! Interfering with White Lotus matters!" one said.

Han opened her mouth to defend the girl, but was quickly silenced by a White Lotus member.

"YES! How dare you interfere with private matters!" He said a little too loudly.

The poor girl looked terrified! Her face was white as a sheet, and she was shaking! Han felt for the girl, the White Lotus members were quite intimidating.

"All-alright," She stammered, and started to walk out the door.

Han noticed a small, triangle shaped birthmark on the palm of her hand. The White lotus leader looked as if he had seen a ghost.

"Wait," he said, a bit shaken up, " Let me see  the mark on your hand,"

"Uhhh... sure, but, why though? It's not that important, is it?" She held out her hand.

"No... It can't be... It's a perfect match!" he said.

"What?" Han asked, she desperately wanted to know what was going on.

The leader pulled her in to a corner and explained. He showed her a dusty old photo of a young, rich girl, with a birthmark on her hand. 

"HEY!!" The girl screamed "What is going on?"

"Well," the leader said softly, "Ty-Lan-"

Ty-Lan gasped.

He continued, "You are one of the Avatars."

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