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The White Lotus Returns



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Prillin101, Skybender101, Moon Beam , The Ultimate Waterbender

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23 April 2011

This is part of a 5 chapter fanon created by Prillin101; this is Chapter 1.

The Black Cliffs

A year after Aang rid the world of Ozai, a new threat arose. A crazed Earthbending rogue general started pillaging and calling it his own. Aang and Team Avatar were going to destroy this threat until Aang fell ill. So the Order of the White Lotus took it upon itself to defeat the General Lee.

The Order gathered information that he was heading toward the Black Cliffs so his fleet can refuel when invading Kyoshi Island. The Order landed on the Black Cliffs at dawn. Iroh ordered them to unpack their tents and items.

Pakku asked Iroh, "How are we going to stop General Lee if we don't have ships to stop his ships?" Iroh replied, "I've got a plan: you're going to shoot a giant icicle into all the ships." Pakku didn't seem to like this plan, but agreed. Iroh demanded to Pakku, "Now, don't think you're going to slack off. Get to work." Pakku smiled and turned to get back to work.

After the sound of unpacking ceased, Iroh announced to the men, "Today we are going to do the standard procedures. We are going to patrol the beach and the innerland. Bumi and Piandao will patrol the beach. Pakku, the rest of the members and myself will patrol the innerland." The sound of ruckis broke threw the campsite as everyone got up to do their job.

Bumi and Piandao walked down the beach in silence. Finally Bumi asked Piandao, "So.... do you like egg custard tart?" Piandao answered uncertaintly, "I like them, they're good." Bumi mumbled, "Oh, well okay." Piandao scratched his head until Bumi grabbed his robe and took him to behind a boulder. Piandao complained, "Why'd you grab my robes! Now they're all dirty!" Bumi pointed to farther down the beach. Piandao's lip started to quiver.

There were four Fire Nation Warships but with Earth Kingdom designs on the beach. They were surrounded by soldiers, tents and a War Council Meeting Room.

Bumi whispered to Piandao, "We have to get this down to base." Piandao said back, "You took the words right out of my mouth. Also, we need a bigger defense force. Let's message Zuko and tell him to bring a small squad of elite forcemen to help us defend the Black Cliffs." Bumi and Piandao raced back to the campsite, everyone was back by now. When they arrived Bumi announced to the members, "Everyone! Listen up, Piandao and I just found our enemies campsite. General Lee is packing some heavy weaponry, warships heavily armored men, we can suspect they have an assassin but we saw none. Piandao and I have reached the verdict that we should call Zuko to come and help us, we also want Zuko to bring an elite warrior group too. So does anyone here have a Messenger Hawk?" Fat, Piandao's servant, peeped above the crowd, "I do! Here Bumi. I have also noticed that we only have a three days full of rations; we should ask for a week load of rations too." Iroh announced, "I agree with Fat, Bumi and Piandao; we need more things. Piandao, you are a great in literature; you write the message."

After about two minutes the message was roped to a flying Messenger Hawk's leg. Iroh then announced, "Now, it is getting dark I suggest we all go to sleep." Sounds of the crowd stepping on the ground rained through the campsite. Iroh, Bumi, Piandao and Pakku went to their beds to join the other members in sleep.

Authors Note

This is the first chapter of the epic 5 chapter fanon I call 'The White Lotus Returns'. Till the next chapter I hope you enjoy this chapter, hope you comment if it is good or bad.

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