Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Order of the White Lotus: The Saga in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Order of the White Lotus
White Lotus
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After the Hundred Year War, the Order of the White Lotus is to discuss how the four nations are going to rebuild and keep peace.


Iroh (grand lotus), King Bumi, Master Jeong Jeong, Master Pakku, Master Piandao, Fung, White Lotus sentries.


Chapter 1 The Order of the White Lotus: The Saga

"Welcome, welcome!" said King Bumi.

"Beautiful palace of Omashu you got here." Piandao started in.

"Thank you." replied Bumi.

"Has everyone taken there seats?" asked Bumi, being a classy host.

They all sat around a table with a Pai Sho board resting on top. "We have all been called here to discuss how we are going to maintain peace." said Iroh, as he handed everyone some jade tea. "I think myself we should start by rebuilding the Earth Kingdom villages."

"What about the North Pole? They were badly destroyed." suggested Pakku

"I think I'm with Iroh on this one." said Fung

"Well of course Fung wants to rebuild the Earth Kingdom and it's obvious why Pakku wants to rebuild the north pole." commented Jeong Jeong. Then everyone started in to argument. King Bumi and Iroh started to lose patience. King Bumi used Earthbending to levitate everyone's chair, while Iroh did his dragon of the west move. Then everyone quieted down.

"Isn't this called The Order of the White Lotus." said Bumi.

"Yes, we must keep order." instructed Iroh.

"The one-hundred year war is over." agreed Jeong Jeong.

"How about Pakku and I rebuild the North Pole. Fung and Iroh help the Earth Kingdom. King Bumi and Jeong Jeong fix the Fire Nation Villages that have been destroyed because of pollution and other things." Piandao made a point.

"Sounds good." said Fung sipping his jade tea.

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