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The Orb
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The Unknown



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Jack Cross

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September 7th, 2012

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Airship Battle

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The quick jabs of fire met only air Lee danced from side to side, dodging and counterattacking with his Airbending. He could see the grit of frustration as Jeremiah fought him, but even with his enhanced Firebending, he still could not score a hit on Lee. Then, Lee's hair began to stand on end, and he realized what was about to happen. Acting quickly, he threw his helmet from his head like it was a frisbee. The green metal disk gleamed in the burnt orange light as is soared though the air and struck Jeremiah in the face.

"Christ!" came the muffled cry as the traitor clutched his face for a moment. Then he released his face, revealing a bloodied nose and mouth. With a quick move, his body went on point as lightning flew from the tip of his fingers. Moving at almost superhuman speed, Lee drew his sword and stuck it into the hull of the ship before he dove to the side, using his Airbending to keep him level. But rather than strike the Airbender; the bolt of lightning stuck the sword.

Jeremiah emitted a cry of pain as the electric current traveled down through the sword, into the hull, and back to him. Lee kept himself elevated until Jeremiah finally released the current and collapsed onto the hull.

"Enough Jeremiah, just face the consequences of your actions for once," said Lee as he advanced slowly. Then two shots rang out. Lee stumbled slightly, clutching the left side of his abdomen. Jeremiah was grinning like a madman where he lay, a smoking Luger in his hand. Lee looked down and removed his hand; his shirt and hand were painted red with his blood. At almost lightning speed, he drew his Colt and fired.

But Jeremiah sprang into the air, allowing the bullet to pass under him. Both of them had their training working at the limits as they ran and dodged, firing all the while. However, Lee's wound slowed him, making this fight much more difficult. Finally, he collapsed and threatened to black out. Then Jeremiah appeared over him.

"Weak, just like I said before. The Gunslingers' time is up, Liam, and so is yours," he said before he dug though Lee's pockets. Then he came up with the crystal from the artifact rifle.

"My, you have been busy! Where'd you get a power cell like this? Another one of those artifacts?" he asked as he walked away from him. Lee haled himself to his feet, clutching his wound with a grimace. He stumbled his blade, retrieved it, and resheathed it before facing Jeremiah again. His adversary turned again, still studying the crystal. But Jeremiah's head shot up when the sound of a gun being cocked sounded.

"What are you?" he started, but Lee fired his gun. The crystal exploded into a blinding flash. A shockwave rippled the hull and forced Lee back and over the side of the ship. Time seemed to slow as he fell. He watched the ship being torn apart by the crystal's explosion. But then, another light lit up the area. A blue and orange glow that cut through even the light of the comet.

Then Lee blacked out as he fell, hoping that he would be able to recover from the fall in time.

"Lee, are you okay? Lee?" came Katara's call. Slowly, he came back to his senses. Then the pain suddenly shot through the dullness like an arrow, causing Lee to cry out and nearly pass out again.

"Easy!" said Sokka. Slowly, almost everyone in the group swam into his vision. Light was fading as the comet began to disappear. Appa grumbled slightly, but Aang, Katara, Suki, and Toph blotted out the large bison as they stood around him. Slowly, Katara bended some water out of her pack and placed it over his wound. As her hands began to glow, Lee began to squirm as he felt the tissues repair themselves.

"Hold still, this is harder then it looks," said Katara as she continued her work. But Lee did as he was told. Finally, after about five minutes, Katara moved to the side, unable to do anymore. Slowly, Lee ran his hand down the side. When he reached where the wound had been, he felt a small bump and a spasm of pain.

"You didn't get the bullet out," he said, painting and wiping away the sweat. Katara shrugged.

"It's going to take someone with a little bit more skill then me to get it out," she said. Lee grinned tiredly before he looked down at his hands. There, clutched in both fists, were two guns. The one in his right was his own, but the one in his left was Jeremiah's. Somehow during the fall, he had managed to catch the masterless weapon.

"Help me up," he grunted. Both Sokka and Toph quickly grabbed his arms and haled him to his feet. Lee grunted as he was pulled up, as his ribs were still bruised and the bullet caused him some trouble.

"You alright?" asked Aang. Lee simply nodded as he regained his breath.

"I take it that we won." he said as he looked over the group. Sokka grinned slightly.

"You bet we did! You should have seen Aang, he was all like-" But Lee stopped listening as he hobbled to the sky bison. He was bruised, battered, bloodied, and he could use a large dose of sleep. In the saddle, he saw Zuko, dealing with his own wounds. As the bison began to take off and fly over the remnants of the scorched forest, Lee suddenly went tense.

"What's that?" he asked, pointing to a small mound in the scorched zone that would normally be covered by the trees. Sokka brought up his spyglass and studied the mound.

"Looks like a monument," he said in the fading light. Lee forced himself to sit up higher.

"Get down there! I think we found the orb's resting place!" he cried.

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