Zuko and Zhao Agni Kai
The One Known as Fiery Guy
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 7

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29 December, 2010

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Stone Soldiers Versus Omashu

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Zaru and his friends Heesu}} and Stroe are holding the Earth King prisoner, waiting for a response from the Earth Kingdom before they execute him. A bounty hunter previously hired by Boli breaks in, attempting to free him.


They were in a Stone Cave|cave}}. There was one man in a wood cell, and one man guarding that man.

"Let me out. I can give you anything your heart desires," the man in the cell said.

"My heart desires that you are captured. You're lucky you're alive," the one called Heesu Saro|Heesu}} said.

Then, the prisoner Boli, turned to a darker tone.

"You will free me, or you will suffer the wrath of the Earth King!"

"Riiiiight. Now, are you going to eat that?" Heesu said. He pointed at the bread.

Boli rolled his eyes and said, "No."

"Then can I have it?"


Zaru walked into the prison area.

"We've just made contact with the Earth Kingdom. They said they would surrender the Kingdom to us."


"Yes, but they didn't seem like they were going to go through with it. They're probably going to attack as soon as we get it."

Stroe Vintrel burst into the room.

"We're under attack!"

"What?!" Heesu asked, "Nobody in the Earth Kingdom knows about this base!"

"That's the problem. It's not a member of the Earth Kingdom."

The three of them ran outside. There was a big muscular man facing them.

"I am Fiery Guy! Lay down and I might kill you quickly!"

"Yet another idiot who thinks he can take us," Stroe said.

Apparently, this wasn't just another idiot. His hands burst into flames. Blue flames. The fire shot at Heesu. Heesu stomped, and a column of earth appeared in front of him. Heesu laughed, but the fire blasted the earth apart. Then, the fire hit Heesu in the stomach.

"Ha ha ha! You are the stupidest one now! Ha ha ha!"

Zaru kicked fire at him, while Stroe ran in. Fiery Guy blew blue fire at them, but Stroe dodged, and Zaru halted it in midair. Stroe had reached him, and kicked him in the face, followed by a slice of her sword. He blasted fire so hot, her sword melted into a puddle of ooze. He grabbed her, and threw her. He then followed up with fire.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" was the only thing Zaru heard as she crashed into the mountain. Zaru did not like it when his friends got hurt. He approached the man in front of him. Zaru shot wave after wave of fire. The man in front of him blocked them just as easy. After that, Zaru caught him off guard with a blast of air. Zaru threw the man right into the mountain!

"Ragh!" Fiery Guy said after he was thrown into it, "We will see who the tough one is!"

With that, Fiery Guy grabbed both of his friends, and threatened to kill them. It was obvious this guy was not going to be overpowered. He had to be outwitted.

"Hey!" Zaru said, "What's Boli paying you?"

"He is paying me 10,000 Earth Kingdom gold pieces!"

"Okay. You could just take that. Or, you could take 10,000 Fire Nation gold pieces. Earth Kingdom pieces mean nothing to you. But Fire Nation pieces? You're a member of the Fire Nation! Choose."

Fiery Guy was obviously thinking it over.

"Pay me Fire Nation gold pieces now, and I let you go."

"I... will give you even more if you wait!"

"NO!" And he prepared to kill Heesu and Stroe.

"NOOOOO!" and Zaru shot so much fire he thought he was going to explode. Literary. Fiery Guy was knocked off of his feet. The unconscious Stroe and Heesu flew through the air. Zaru blasted air through the sky to catch them. It took him a while to lay them on the ground. When he was done, he realized Fiery Guy hadn't attacked.


The cave! It was left open! Fiery Guy walked out, followed by Boli.

"Free at last! I thought I was going to go insane listening to stories of Heesu's little old granny!"

"Hey," a voice mumbled behind Zaru, "she was awesome."

Boli shot a gigantic boulder at Zaru. Zaru blasted it apart with fire.

"How dare you defy me!" Boli yelled.

"Shut up already!" Zaru yelled as fire hurdled toward Boli.

Boli and Fiery Guy both countered at the same time.

"I'll double your pay if you get him!" Boli said.

Looking back on it, Zaru was pretty proud of his cleverness. Boli and Fiery Guy were standing under an arch that lead into the cave. Zaru blasted it with a concentrated beam of fire. Almost like a laser beam. The arch fell apart onto them. It started to lift due to Boli's Earthbending, so Zaru blasted the mountain hiding the cave with fire. So much fire, that Zaru fell over. The mountain crumbled over the opponents.

By then, Heesu and Stroe were awake.

"What just happened?!" Stroe asked.

"You might live to find out if you run!" Zaru said.

And with that, they set off. Hoping their unconscious opponents didn't wake up for a long time.

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