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The Old Town is the seventh chapter of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


Mina, Chen and Kaila come in a town with only old and middle-aged people. Many of them are sick and the three kids help them. By her motherly nature and the fact she never had a real family, Kaila wants to stay in the town. Meanwhile, they find out many possessions of the villagers have disappeared. Mina and Chen decide to set up a trap for robbers by placing all the money they got left. At night, they see one of the villagers stealing the jewel. Mina and Chen run towards the civilian, who reacts surprisingly quick and takes them prisoner. The next day, Kaila finds out about the abduction and goes to rescue them. The villagers attack her with sticks and swords, but Kaila manages to defeat them and the trio flees from the town.


The chapter begins with a peaceful view of Koala Sheep grazing on the countryside. This picture is brutally disrupted by a large fireball who drops between the herd of sheep, causing them to run. Three kids, two girls and a boy, are seen running from a group of Fire Nation soldiers, and as they come closer, we see it's Mina, Kaila and Chen. The rebels are heavily outnumbered and are driven into a dead end. When all seems lost, suddenly, a large noise comes out from the nearby bushes and the group of Koala sheep storm out, followed by two large Boar-Q-Pines. The Fire Nation soldiers are overwhelmed by the animals, giving the kids the chance to escape.

A bit later, Chen remarks how lucky they were, and Kaila says they can't take another risk. Then, Mina's belly growls, and the kids realize they're hungry and they have nothing to eat. But then Chen sees a nice Fire Nation village, and the rebels run to it. At the village market, they buy food with Chen's remaining money and Mina remarks they have to get some money. When Kaila tries to answer, a loud scream disrupts her and the Team sees a collapsed market stand, with an old man lying beneath it. Kaila hurries to free the man, and the man thanks her and introduces himself as the owner of an inn. He invites the kids to stay for the night, to which they gladly accept.

The next day, Mina and Chen are walking alone trough the village, being greeted by everyone. Mina notices a few things, such as the village has only elderly people. Chen agrees, and they hear another scream. Chen says that you surely don't get bored in this village, and they run to the place where the scream came from, finding a woman who says her jewelry is stolen. Mina and Chen ask around, and they find out lots of villagers have had their precious things stolen. Mina and Chen then decide to set up a trap for the thief.


Kaila fighting the villagers

Meanwhile, Kaila is taking care of a few old people who are to old to take care of their selves. She's very happy and spends the whole day helping the local villagers, who reward her for her actions. When Mina and Chen come around and tell Mina of the mysterious disappearing of goods, but Kaila is to busy to care about. Chen and Mina leave Kaila behind and go to the inn, where they begin to plan the trap.

At night, Mina and Chen sneak out of the inn and go to the center of the village, were they place all their money on a big stone in the middle. Soon, they see a dark figure coming out of the shadows, sneaking to the money. They jump to the thief, finding out it is the inn keeper. The inn keeper asks for a chance to explain himself, but instead quickly knocks the children down with a fire blast. Before Mina and Chen can get up, the man grabs their hands both, binding them together and dragging them into town hall, in which the innkeeper lies to the other citizens that Mina and Chen are hiding gold with the other girl they were with (Kaila).

The next morning, Kaila awakes, seeing that Mina and Chen's beds are empty. She then remembers their ridiculous plan and begins to search for them. When she finds Mina's necklace on the central plaza, she knows something is wrong. As the villagers come closer from every side, she becomes suspicious and reveals her hidden blade. By this, the villagers attack her with swords and sticks. Despite their old age, together they are formidable opponents and Kaila has to use everything she ever learned to defeat them. Eventually, she defeats the villagers and rescues Mina and Chen and they leave, but not before grabbing some money.

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