The Old Days
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April 13, 2013

Fire Lord Genzai

At the palace several maids and attendance ran around the Fire Lady was giving birth to her 3rd child this had happened three times and well they never got used to it. Fire Lord Rininsik stood in the center chamber around his screaming wife who was going crazy from the intense pain.

"Hurry ... where are the pain relives and royal calmers!" the Fire Lord shouted.

"Coming sir!" three people sped in with bowls of pills, towels,and vats of wine. In minutes or less his new child was in the cleaning stations and he gripped his wife's hand tightly.

"Oh Rininsik what should we name our child. It should be a name of great honor and power." the Fire Lady said.

"Hah, he should be named a name of fat or huge I can not believed how much he is on the GROW !!!" the Fire Lord joked and laughed.

"Oh husband do not make fun, he is strong I felt it." 

"You were pregnant, wife. But all fatness and jokes aside my expertise in naming says we should name him Genzai and to prove that I trust him dear, I am sending our two sons to war front and training our new child for 15 years. Then he will duel his brothers in Agni Kai and will be my Heir as Fire Lord if he wins, Ha!"


Talk about growth. Rininsik began to train his son and keep the so-called revolution down with the help of both of his children and well his other son in which he thought was doing great with the overplanning and memorizing the firebending forms but never did it right sometimes sure but others it was completely failed. His fat had turned to muscle but nothing else he was practically a non-bender at 12 years old.

"Come on son it is a simple form. Just blast fire and sweep fire simultaneously you can do this!" the Fire Lord said. But then he succeed with the first blast but feel down almost immediately.

"I am sorry but I don't want this training. I am no firebender. I'm just not supposed to be!"

"Oh please, you are in the royal family and you are twelve we have three years left! You must be getting strong I know you must be you gotten better." But he did not even believe a word that he said; this kid was nothing and when he died his brothers where going to cast him away and sometimes The Fire Lord wanted to banish his son why had he failed to make a good child!

One day after a meeting with his top generals the Fire Lord was walking down a long hall and the general Hi Wan Shi Tong stopped him. "My lord sorry to say but there is a problem your two son are gravely injured and their troops have all been killed or captured and they are unsuccessful and losing the presuming ensemble of warriors following.


"Sir I am so sorry, because she is pregnant again... The only other person who can lead....." He trailed off.

"No! No, not him. The nation will crumble! There has to be another way!"

War and the Prince Regent's First Reign

Rininsik met with his son in the family's living room. Since his 13 birthday, he had become better at firebending than his high Admirals and a few generals and he was somewhat becoming a better prince but still he did not  add up to the right meaning of crown prince.

"Now son your mother is deep in tiredness and stiffness allow her to sleep and give birth to  your younger brother and I will bring your two older brothers back and they will be treated and put back to full health. The sages say I can not bear the crown in battle and it can not lay dormant. Here." He stepped forward and placed the crown in his son's hair and stepped away. "You are the new Fire Lord when I am retrieving your brothers. If I die you will be the permanent Fire Lord."

The Coronation

His father succeeded and failed. He retrieved Genzai's brothers in 5 days, but was critically injured in the process and went into a deep coma; the Fire Nation sat at the edge of their seats waiting but in 68 BG, his father passed away. The nation was terrified and then on the day of his 15 birthday he was draped in white robes. He was being escorted to the royal procession.

When he arrived he saw his mom in widows clothing his brothers in red and then he faced the sage.

"Lord Genzai, your father said many things of his children from strength to obligations but he told me that only you can rise to the throne if you... beat your brothers in Agni Kai."

" What!!! My father would never... but why?"

The sage did not answer and order them to the royal arena and they prepared. "Now begin!"

Genzai shot fire at Zai On, who rolled out of the way and shot lightning but Genzai redirected that back and knocked him back. On Ye wan shot forward and punched fire forward and Genzai twisted away and punched him in the jaw.

Minutes later...

"All Hail Fire Lord Genzai!"

A Few Years

Genzai forbade his servants to write the coronation in the history of the Fire Nation and also told them to burn his fathers royal portraits all but one and then that one was hidden in the Fire Nation catacombs.

Then one day he was talking to the new head sage. "As for my brothers I want them to be medically treated then I want them out of my sight." The Fire Lord ordered.

"But sir!" the Head sage yelled "We can not just go and blame your brothers for the more than foolish decisions but you can't just send them away!"

"No, I can do and blame who I  want  and banish who I want! I am Fire Lord right?" Genzai laughed.

"Yes sir."

Then they left. Genzai remembered. He was just 15 years old his baby brother and mother were living in the secondary houses of the palace and in a few weeks he was going to cast his brothers away.

When he was twenty years old he learned that his banished brothers wanted to kill him and rule the Fire Nation. But he had sent bounty hunters with a hunger of blood so then he was so busy with his new wife well he had no time for such foolishness. He did not even want his wife. When his heir was born he would have the witch killed.

"Sir your child has been born carry out the plan?" His guard asked.

"Yes" Genzai said.

"Have dear Hiria brought to me with my new born son and if sages say the child is strong I will keep it. If not he will die with his mother."

The leader sage walked into vision with a baby girl wrapped in red linen. Then some naval guard dragged his ex-wife out. "NO! WHY GENZAI?! YOUR DAUGHTER, THINK OF YOUR DAUGHTER!!!" his wife pleaded.

"Oh you little fool. You think that I every cared about you! I wanted a son you gave me a wimpy, small, soft skin brat!" The Fire Lord shouted. "Fire Sage Todasa, do you predict this child... Izamu to be any great ruler?"

"Yes I do Fire Lord Genzai."

"Ha, don't care slay; them both!" Genzai commanded.

The War

In 25 years the Fire Nation civil war had begun and things were not looking good. Most Fire Nation citizens and soldiers had left Genzai and had left him without anything but a palace and at 45 he could hear his father laugh tauntingly at him.

Soon everyone but two sages left and they were kept there at sword point by the ruler. He wasn't even the true Fire Lord. The people had gone to hail his daughter (who had escaped, long story) Izamu the new Princess Regent. They mounted war on the capital, and not even the Avatar (the one before Yangchen) helped him; he was helping the rebels trying to kill him.

Soon he could not take it; he turned himself in to them and pleaded with Princess Izamu for his freedom, but she proceeded to have him stabbed, beaten, and firebent at. She took the crown from him and made him watch the coronation then immediately after, Fire Lord Izamu cut off his head.

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