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Oma Alone With The Aurora
The Northern Aurora
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Omashu Tales





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Melting Ice

They smiled looking at the mountains in a proud face. Oma laughed in a sudden.

"Hahaha..." Oma laughed.

"I'm worried sometimes of you, Oma... Wait... Oh yeah!!" Palloe exclaimed suddenly.

"What? What?" Oma asked.

"We will celebrate a celebration!!" Palloe exclaimed.

"What is it? EXPLAIN!!" Oma ordered.

"We will celebrate the Aurora day!! It's very rare that aurora appeared... People will choose the best place! Me and my brother will go to a beautiful place and we will talk together... You can be anywhere, Oma!! You can stay as long as you like..." Palloe said. Oma looked at him.

"WHO'S YOUR BROTHER?" Oma asked. Palloe smiled at her. Palloe and Kyon laughed. Oma looked at them. "Now I'm worried about you sometimes, Palloe and Kyon... Who's your brother, Palloe?" Oma asked.

"Kyon!!" Palloe answered. Oma's mouth is hanging. This time, the snows come to her mouth. But she is shocked. She faints while smiling.

"Is she... I don't know... Ghosted?" Palloe asked.

"What? Great!!" Oma exclaimed.

"Creepy," The brothers said.

They laughed and talked and walked. They are walking forward and forward... Until the sun sets.

"Where.." Oma said.

"Are.." Kyon said.

"We?" Palloe asked. Oma clapped her hands.

Palloe and Kyon looked at her. Oma revealed that it was something that people do in the Earth Kingdom. Now Palloe and Kyon didn't feel worry about Oma. But Oma is still worry about them. They said that it's something that they do in the Water Tribe.

"NO WONDER!!!" Oma shouted.

"Oh..." Palloe said.

"Ya... Oh..." Kyon said.

"I hate sunset of the North Pole!!" Oma said.

"Me neither!!!" The brothers agreed.

"But I ask you.. Where are we?" Oma asked. They both looked at her. Kyon raised his hands.

"Please use your seismic sense..." Kyon said.

"It's useless..." Oma said. Kyon looked disappointed. Oma slapped him. She laughed suddenly.

"Well... We will go somewhere.. Come on Oma..." The brothers said.

Oma Angry To Shu

Oma is angry to Shu because he disturbs her.

"Well, well, well..." A man said.

"Salty sea urchins!!! Shu!?" Oma shouted.

"You surprised?" Shu asked.

"I AM NOT SURPRISED BUT I AM ANNOYED!! You are released from the ice? LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!" Oma shouted loudly.

"Why are you here, heartbroken boy?" Palloe asked.

"I am not heartbroken..." Shu said.

"I can tell you're lying..." Oma said.

"Wanna fight!? Come on!!" Shu yelled.

"If you insist..." Oma said calmly.

"We better leave... Come on Palloe..." Kyon said.

"Yeah..." Palloe said.

"It's getting late..." Oma said to Shu.

"Are you scared? We'll fight in the freezing pond..." Shu said.

"Alright..." Oma said, "I am not afraid of this big pond..."

"It's the biggest pond in the Northern Water Tribe..."

"I know that..." Oma said. Palloe and Kyon looked at Oma with the wind blowing her hairs and her eyes are looking at Shu angrily. Palloe said something proudly to Shu.

"Our hiding place is perfect!" Palloe said.

"We can't just see Oma fight alone!!" Kyon said.

"Leave her... I know she can win..." Palloe said. The brothers smiled at Oma looking at her proudly and believe that she could defeat the boy.

"I'll finish you with one attack!!" Shu yelled.

Oma Fighting Shu With One Attack

Oma attacks Shu with a single attack.

"I'll finish you with one attack too!!" Oma shouted.

"HEAAHH!!!" Shu yelled.

"I rule the north. You will lose!! Heaahh!!" Oma yelled. Shu bounced and splashed to the giant pond. He fell and froze. But Oma felt pity for him. She returned him to the city and ask the men there to bring him to the Earth Kingdom. She then returned to that place again. Palloe and Kyon just saw her in amazed. They went to a place where they could see the aurora. The citizen went to the place together to see the beautiful aurora. The brothers saw the aurora together. But Oma chose a special place. She went to a place which is so beautiful with trees with leaves.

"So beautiful... Alone with the aurora..." Oma said.

"Alone with my brother and the aurora..." Palloe and Kyon said.

"Alone with the ice without the aurora," Shu said.

"This will be my greatest day ever!!" Oma said. She looked at the aurora and smiled. She imagines her parents. But she believes that they are fine and so is she.

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