Northern Air Temple
The Northern Air Temple
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Feasible Differences, Personal Expectations, and Personal Wants




The Northern Air Temple

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([{Watch until Teo begin to wheel away, Sokka and the others following.}})

The three heroes moved with their new friend and his mother through the huge main gate of the temple.

When they reach the main chamber, Sokka ran forward.

He shouted "Wow!"

Teo's mother "Yes. My husband really is the man behind this whole place. Yeah, everything powered by hot air. "

Teo said "Yeah. It even pomps hot air currents outside to give us a lift when we're gliding."

A woman walks over to a cage which she gets into. She pulls a rope and steam power lifts the cage up to a higher level where she exits.

Aang said "this place is unbelievable."

([{Watch until Katara tells Aang she is sure there are some parts of the temple that are still the same.}])

The four kids and Teo's mother walked across a narrow, suspended pathway from the temple to a building into the courtyard,.

Aang said "it's to see one part of the temple that isn't ruined."

He and Katara stared up at a huge recessed statue of a monk.

Just then, a voice called "look out!"

A wrecking ball smashed through. Aang and Katara fall backward with flying debris and dust. As the dust settles, the Mechanist walks forward.

He said "what the doodle! Don't you know enough to stay away from construction sites? We have to make room for the bathhouse."

([{Watch until Aang advances on The Mechanist with his questions.}])

The Mechanist said "Hmm...doing here...A long time ago, but not a hundred years, my people became refugees after a terrible flood. My only son, Teo, was badly hurt. I needed somewhere to rebuild and I stumbled across this place. Couldn't believe it."

([{Watch until the Mechanist said that he was just in the processes of improving on what was already at the temple and asks if that was what nature what nature does.}])

Aang was still unhappy.

Aang said "Nature knows where to stop."

The Mechanist looked through the hole in the wall "I suppose that's true. Unfortunately, progress has a way of getting away from us."

([{Watch until Mechanist says "Follow me!"}])

Teo and his mother remained with Aang and Katara. Sokka and the others followed the Mechanist.

Teo's mother turned to him.

"Teo, sweetie. I'm gonna make lunch. You have fun, okay."

"Sure, Mum."

She stroked him lovingly and walked away, leaving him with his two new friends.

Teo told Aang "Hey, Aang. I wanna show you something."

The two of them and Katara walked deep in the bowels of the Air Temple.

([{Watch until Aang, Katara, and Teo are horrified by the Fire Nation war machinery.}])

Teo's mother ran in on the scene. She caught sight of the children's horror.

She said "This is a nightmare."

The Mechanist entered behind them.

He told his wife, son, and guests "You don't understand."

([{Watch until the Mechanist looks down in humiliation.}])

His wife stammered "Explain all this now."

([{Watch until the Mechanist turns and walks back down the hall, except that his wife is present the whole time.}])

([{Watch until Aang closes the trapdoor with a blast of bent air.}])

The kids and Teo's mother stood on the same causeway to the satellite building they were on earlier.

Sokka said "This is bad. Very bad!"

([{Watch until Aang says they will need the Mechanist's help.}])

Many people gathered in the Mechanist's office, including his wife, their son, and their three guests.

The Mechanist said "This boy's a genius."

([{Watch until the Mechanist says never to underestimate the power of stink.}])

Many temple residents looked out over the edge of the lower terrace, Teo and his mother among them. Aang and Katara were also present with Appa and Momo.

A little girl said "They're coming."

([{Watch until Aang flies Sokka and the Mechanist back up, while the balloon continues to fall.}])

In the main terrace of the Air Temple, the residents and their guests were gathered.

Behind Aang is a circular bench on which Katara and some hermit crabs sit.

Aang said "You know what. I'm really glad you guys all live here now."

([{Watch from this point onward, except that Teo's mother is among the crowd as they cheer Sokka.}])

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