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A Change of Plans


A few days after the fights at Two Rivers, Aang sat on the deck of the ship staring out at the sunrise. He couldn't stop thinking about the assassin he killed. The man he killed. Katara walked up and sat next him and threw her arm around his shoulder.

"Are you okay?" she asked in her motherly voice.

"No I'm not Katara." Aang replied bitterly, "I killed a man, a living breathing person. He has a... had a life and I took it away from him."

"Aang it's not your fault." Katara began pulling him closer, "He crashed through a roof and landed on a piece of debris. Even if you had meant to kill him, he was trying to kill you. You were just defending yourself."

"Doesn't matter Katara. There are plenty of things I could've done instead of what I did." Aang said standing and walking to his staff. He picked it up and unfolded the wings. "I'm going to go fly for a while." Without another word he took to the skies with Appa following close behind.

"Keep an eye on him for me big guy." Katara muttered to herself as she heard Zuko begin teaching his children more firebending basics. She watched the lesson silently as they neared the Northern Water Tribe. As the lesson neared it end Sokka came out on the deck and took a deep breath.

"Ahh how I've missed the cool air." He said standing next to his sister. "What about you Katara?"

"I've kinda missed it too actually." Katara admitted seeing Aang and Appa coming back from their flight. Aang landed on the ship while Appa landed in the water next to them for a little swim. "Feeling better?" Katara asked as Aang walked past.

"Not really." Aang grunted back as he went below deck.

"He still upset?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah." Katara answered.

"He needs to get over it." Zuko said walking up to the two of them.

"Zuko it's not that easy for him." Katara tried to explain. "He's sensitive to this."

"Aang needs to realize that some people just need killing." Zuko claimed crossing his arms. "Killing that assassin probably saved countless lives."

"Try telling that to Aang." Sokka said while watching the icebergs in the distance grow ever closer.

Heart Warming Family Reunion

A few hours later the ship pulled into port in the Northern Water Tribe. As the team got off the ship they found Pakku and Gran Gran waiting for them along with Chief Arnook.

"Gran Gran!" Katara yelled while throwing her arms around her grandmother.

"Grampakku!" Sokka yelled as he tried to throw his arms around Pakku.

Sokka hugs Pakku


"I told you just to call me Pakku." The old man said while stopping Sokka in his tracks. "But just this once." He added giving Sokka a large bear hug.

"Look how much you two have grown!" Gran Gran said looking at her two grandchildren.

While Sokka and Katara caught up with their grandparents, Aang and Zuko approached Chief Arnook.

"Welcome back to the Northern Water Tribe, Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang." The chief said with a humble bow.

"Thank you for your hospitality." Zuko said as he and Aang bowed.

"We have chambers prepared for each of you." Arnook continued. "Take the day to rest, we'll begin the meeting tomorrow."

"Yeah that's all fine and good, but how I am I supposed get around this place when I can't see through ice." Toph called from the metal ramp of the ship.

"Don't worry I'll think of something." Sokka said with a dismissive wave of his hand. Five minutes later he was carrying Toph on his back. "Me and my big mouth." He groaned.

"Shut up and get moving." Toph said lightly slapping him on his head.

War Meeting

The next day everyone gathered in the Main Chamber of the Palace.

"Alright what are we going to do about the Black Lotus Assassins?" Zuko asked immediately.

"The Black Lotus has always been a thorn in the side of society." Pakku began, "They usually attack low profile targets but every now and then they get a target that greatly affects the world. Many times the White Lotus has had to stop them but they always recover. This time we have to stop them permanently. I propose we declare war with them, and wipe them out completely"

"Wait you're suggesting we just wipe them off the face of the earth?" Aang asked slowly.

"It's unfortunate but necessary." Pakku confirmed.

"Aang, those people will keep trying to kill us until we stop them." Zuko said standing.

"I have dealt with them before." Pakku said, "They don't care who they have to kill to get to their targets, as long they kill their target they don't care about collateral damage."

"I won't plunge the world into another war." Aang said adamantly.

"Neither will I." Sokka added.

"It might be the only way." Katara said avoiding Aang's eyes.

The only one who didn't add any thing to the topic was Toph. After a long silence she had the feeling that all eyes were on her.

"Hey don't look at me." Toph said shrugging her shoulders, "I'm to freaking cold to care right now."

"Think it over Aang." Pakku urged.

"There's no need." Aang said standing. "I refuse to start a war." With that Aang stormed out of the room.

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