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Police violence
The Non-Bender's Plight
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A set of stories which give further background into the non-bender's fight for equality in Republic City, delving a few years before Korra's arrival and some untold events which took place during Korra's time in Republic City and afterwards. The two key protagonists in these tales are Huán Jiàn, a non-bender and the current mayor of Republic City (his position is explained in The Mayor's Downfall) and Noel Ren, an orphan and non-bender roughly the age of Korra who barely makes ends meet on the streets.

New Characters

  • Huán Jiàn
  • Xintu
  • Balard Blade
  • Bayne and Byron Blade
  • Naomi Blade
  • Jinshu Qudi
  • "The Scarlet Deity"
  • Ping
  • Noel Ren
  • Keith and Kiev
  • Lance
  • Chiryo


  1. The Mayor's Downfall: Complete
  2. The Equalist Revolution, A New Perspective: In Progress
  3. Spirits, A second look (Working Title): TBA

Update 12/19/13

The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective (Originally Air: A Second Look) has currently moved into its early stages of development.

Update 5/23/14

The Outline for The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective has been fully completed. Works on chapters 1-Epilogue have commenced, although the story will be uploaded all at once when it is finished rather than in segments.

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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