The Nightmare
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July 7th, 2012

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The Launch

The Nightmare

Try as he might, Chen Ruan couldn't seem to go one night without a disturbing visit by the nightmare. It was not only horribly scary, but also extremely irritating. All that fire in the first bit made him sweat like crazy, the mist in the second gave him goose bumps, and then... then there was that giant mouth that would open in the sky right before he'd jolt awake. That was by far the worst part. Every night, it would babble on in some language he didn't know, and every night, he'd try to shut it up by prying its lips together. But, no matter how high he jumped, he always fell short. The mouth was just beyond his reach.

There were some nights, however, when the gaping maw got tired of screaming gibberish, and disappeared. On those nights, he'd stay in bed just a bit later, just long enough to see something else. Something... that was as troubling as the mouth was unsettling.

In this segment, he'd find himself in the middle of a vast desert, flanked by towering crests of sand. The setting sun gilded the dunes in a bronzing glow, and if Chen squinted, they almost looked to him like piles of coveted treasure. Needless to say, this was the most vivid portion of the nightmare. He'd feel the heat on his back, the sand between his toes, and taste the wind that would tousle his hair. But the vibrancy of this gold expanse wasn't the troubling part. On the contrary, that bit was quite pleasant.

No, Chen was troubled by the fact that, in this strange dream realm, he could earthbend.

Consumed by the thrill of the art, he'd swirl his arms about, willing the sun-brushed grains which surrounded him to shimmer, and soar. And soar they would. Swaths of the stuff would fly up from the earth, and flow like water above his head. At that part, Chen would sigh, a melancholy smile parting his lips. Why can't I do this? He would wonder. Why where some blessed with this mesmerizing dance, and others shunned by it? And why, why did it have to shun him?

That feeling, those particles of sand swimming through his fingertips, he and desert breathing as one. It just felt so right. So beautiful. He was at home in the sand, in the earth. He... He didn't want to leave.

But, sooner or later, we all have to open our eyes.

Author's Note

Well... here we are, my prologue. Not much really happened here... But I hope you guys liked it anyway.

Next Time...

The momentous day is upon the world at last! After years of tedious preparation, the United Republic Space Administration is sending a group of intrepid individuals to the Moon!

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