The Night that Finally Ended
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The Road that Never Ends





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October 22, 2011

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Yin's Homecoming

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Nighttime Stay, Part 1

Setting: Western Earth Kingdom; heavily forested

Time: 2:30 AM

Heading: Wherever the hell Lee and Mako are

Kato, dressed in a dark blue parka, mittens, and hooded to keep his ears warm as it was the dead of night, stood like a statue beside his blue Water Tribe tent, a lantern sitting next to him. The shining flame created shadows of various shapes and sizes which spread far into the depths of the surrounding forest. Sounds of animals could be heard from all corners of the wood. Above him, the hoots and chirps of many different birds and the resounding songs of the quiet blue jays. Around him, the patter of delicately moving feet, as though the creatures were hiding from predators. Mixed with the movement of the thinner, more wispy trees, the wind blowing with a kind of whistly noise, the scene was, although peaceful, strangely eerie with the low moonlight of a crescent moon. And Kato noticed this indeed.

"If a polar bear dog attacked you right now, at this moment, what would you do?" Kato whispered to himself, beginning to pace in a circle around his tent. "Would you: A. Hide in your tent, B. Freeze it with your bending, or C. Kill it with your spear?" After a few seconds pondering his decision, Kato ran into his tent and grabbed his spear. "If you hid in the tent, the animal could easily claw its way in and kill you without any difficulty. Freezing it would just stall the issue. The spear would be your best option, as you could easily slaughter the bear for its meat... But then again, what if you had to get the spear from within the tent and, once you had dropped your guard, it devoured you with its mammoth's teeth?"

Once more, Kato stopped to think about an action plan and had another idea. "You could first freeze'em with your Waterbending, then thaw it with your lantern once its died of frostbite. But... How would a polar bear dog die of frostbite?!"

Kato thought one last time about what he should do, then crawled back out of the tent and jumped to his feet. "I know! You would keep the spear outside of the tent, and that way you wouldn't have to go inside the tent to retrieve it. Therefore, you would avoid an untimely death at the hands of a rabid polar bear dog, all because you didn't foolishly trap yourself in the sanctuary of suicidal submission." Finally, Kato realized what everyone should have seen by now. "But... There aren't any polar bear dogs in the Earth Kingdom!"

Just then, the lantern's fire went out without warning. Kato surveyed the area cautiously, looking for anything that moved. Nothing did. "Do not overreact to something that isn't," Kato whispered, proceeding back into his tent again. "It is time to reflect." After taking off his parka (now wearing his originally seen shirt), lying down on it and letting down his wolf knot, Kato shut his eyes. That child and his brother must be so far away by now. I wonder why someone would kidnap his little brother... and why is all of the information about where their from is being kept a secret. I'll bet there's something shady going on. Things just don't look right. Kato pulled out the wanted poster of Lee and Mako. But I can't give up just yet. I need that money.

Then Kato shut his eyes. He thought of everything that had happened so far on his journey, which was, basically, nothing. He'd been through a few towns, had met a few people, but anything eventful had been left behind with his work. Camping nightly had grown tedious and boring. Kato wondered if there would ever be anything to keep him interested during his quest. And right when he began to doze off...


"Gaaaahhhh!" Kato yelled, scrambling out of the tent. "What the hell, there aren't any polar bear dogs in the Earth Kingdom! I just established that like, what, five minutes ago?!"

A huge, six-and-a-half foot bear pounced onto the premises. Its body was covered in dark brown fur with a white "V"-shaped formation of hair on its chest. Yellow teeth, bared in fury, gritted angrily. This was no ordinary bear, however.

"What the hell is that thing supposed to be?!" Kato shouted comically, noting the animal's bill. "Is it, like, a duck or something?!" Then he saw its tail. "Maybe a beaver?!" The creature roared again and began running on two legs toward its prey. "Well, no time to think about that stuff!" Kato sidestepped smoothly and grabbed the spear which he had left next to the tent, and although he avoided a "death of suicidal submission", his only shelter during his camping trips was trampled in the process. "And there goes my tent. Great."

When the beast tried to regain its composure, Kato saw his chance. After putting down his spear, Kato bent fluid from his water skin and sent it toward his opponent. Once it made contact with the bear's hind legs, Kato exhaled while slowly pushing his hands in the animal's direction. The bear was frozen up to its waist.

By now the noises of the forest had quieted. Everything was waiting to see who would make the next move. It was Kato. "Time to die, big guy!" Kato picked up the spear again and charged at the helpless animal, thrusting the wooden tool through its chest. The bear squirmed helplessly in place, still bound by the hardened ice. Blood flowed out of the hole which was left by Kato's spear. The pitiful creature roared one final roar, and died. "Well... That was much easier than a grown polar bear dog. Either way, I'm eating pretty when I wake up today!"

After pulling the bear to the side, Kato inspected the damage to his tent. It was in ruins. Nothing that was inside of it before, including his parka, was even recognizable now. "Damn... I guess I'm sleeping under the stars tonight."

After Kato had lain down, he thought over his new predicament. "Hmmm..." he whispered, "I have no shelter. Nothing to protect me from a viper hidden in the dirt. What would happen if..." Kato's voice trailed off for a moment, then he jumped to his feet. "If you had nothing to shield you from the dangers of the outside world, what would you do?" Once again, Kato began to pace in a circle around the remains of his tent. "Would you: A. Create an all-new makeshift shelter of leaves and tree branches, B. Make a hammock in the trees high above, so as to protect you from creatures on the ground, or C. Dig a trench and bury yourself in it until dawn?"

Kato didn't wait one second before making this first decision. He quickly climbed the branches of one of the sturdier, stable looking trees. "The trench wouldn't be a good idea because, well, you'd suffocate. On the higher ground, you would be safe from earthbound dangers. But... What if a carnivorous hawk swooped down and gouged your eyes out? Then what?" Kato thought about it again and jumped back to the ground, land on his feet perfectly. "If you made a shelter on the earth, nothing could penetrate you from above. There will still be the issue of the evil viper, though." Kato looked around for something that could ward off predators, something menacing and scary. Then he laid eyes upon his breakfast and grinned. "That'll work."

Kato first took his spear and climbed back up the tree he was just on. As he stood on one branch, he would chop down the one above him with the spear. He continued to do this until he had about twelve three foot branches. Next, Kato shook various trees all around him, and many large green leaves fell. Then, he picked up the branches and stuck them into the dirt at a diagonal angle, six branches on each side, until there was a large triangular tent. After that, Kato took the many leaves and put them in-between each of the branches' ridges and used them to make a door on each of the open sides of the tent. Finally, he dragged the bear over to the foot of his brand new tent.

"That looks nice," Kato whispered, "and all of the animals would be scared of your bodyguard". Kato stepped inside his new shelter and laid down.

In his new tent, it was pitch black. The sounds of the forest had returned. Above him, the hoots and chirps of many different birds, but no longer were they quiet. Around him, the patter of delicately moving animal feet, but no longer did they have to hide. Everything was peaceful. What a nice setting, he thought, shutting his eyes. I wonder if those fugitives have as hard a time as I do. Well, I know the older guy does, considering he must have his hands full concealing all this from his little brother. As Kato began to fall asleep, his final thought was I feel bad for the kid. Doesn't even know what's going on. He's a lot like me. Right at that moment, a faint light, growing larger by the second, shone through the tent.

Kato crawled back out of the tent to see the sun's rays growing slowly over the treetops. After about a minute of staring in bewilderment, Kato sighed, "Oh, well... time to have some grilled duck-beaver-bear."


  • If you couldn't guess, it was a platypus bear.
  • Kato is sympathetic toward Mako. That will be very important throughout the first book, or even the entire series.
  • This chapter's name is a pun, as its name is very similar to the series'.
    • i.e. The Road -- The Night; that Never -- that Finally; Ends -- Ended... I'm gonna do lots more of those.

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