This is a list of The Night of a Thousand Stars chapters.

Chronicle I: The Journey to the Earth Kingdom

Chapter Title Summary
Prologue "The Necklace of the Night" Hana and Shu fall in love, and they raise a family of two children; Ame and Yuki. On a vacation on Ember Island, Hana gives her daughter her spiritual necklace, which she got from her own mother, telling her to take good care of it. The family is exposed to a horrible storm, causing both Hana and Shu to disappear. However, their children manage to escape at the last minute.
Chapter I "The Kids on the Beach" TBA
Chapter II "The Journey Begins" TBA
Chapter III "The Hunting" TBA
Chapter IV "The Jungle" TBA
Chapter V "The Monster Queen" TBA
Chapter VI "The Spirit World I" TBA
Chapter VII "The Spirit World II" TBA
Chapter VIII "The Makapu Village" TBA
Chapter IX "The Duels I" TBA
Chapter X "The Duels II" TBA

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