Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Night of a Thousand Stars in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Night of a Thousand Stars
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The Night of a Thousand Stars, also known as Avatar: The Legend of Sakura is a fanon story written by RosaLotus. The story takes place a couple of centuries after The Legend of Korra and follows the adventures of the Fire Nation-born Avatar Sakura.


The story follows the adventures of the Fire Nation-born Avatar Sakura as she escapes her home and is hunted by her evil father, Admiral Chan and his crazy assistants and helpers, as well as even crazier threats as a dangerous Jungle Lord and his evil Queen, a Monster Queen with a psychotic wizard by her side, and the mysterious spirits.

By her side, Sakura has the siblings Ame and Yuki, whom she found alone on Ember Island beach and had to raise by herself. The story also focuses a lot on Ame and Yuki's search to find out the answers of their mysterious past.

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Main characters

  • Sakura (17) - the Avatar born in the Fire Nation. Growing up without a mother, Sakura kind of had to be her own mother. She grew up on Ember Island with not many friends. However, Sakura shares a strong bond with her dragon, Sonja.
  • Ame (16) - an earthbender whose parents are gone. He therefore shares a strong bond with his younger sister, Yuki, and his fox named Foxy.
  • Yuki (14) - Ame's younger sister. She is a waterbender. She shared a strong bond with her mother, who gave her a beautiful necklace before she disappeared.
  • Chan (40) - Sakura's father. He is the Fire Nation Admiral and a firebending master.
  • Zu (30) - Chan's assistant. She is a firebending master with blue fire.
  • Sonja - Sakura's female dragon.
  • Foxy - Ame's fox.


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Chronicle I: The Journey to the Earth Kingdom

  • Prologue: The Necklace of the Night
  • Chapter I: The Kids on the Beach
  • Chapter II: The Journey Begins
  • Chapter III: The Hunting
  • Chapter IV: The Jungle
  • Chapter V: The Monster Queen
  • Chapter VI: The Spirit World I
  • Chapter VII: The Spirit World II
  • Chapter VIII: The Makapu Village
  • Chapter IX: The Duels I
  • Chapter X: The Duels II


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