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The Night Spirit
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Ba Sing Se


Ba Sing Se

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Chain Whip



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Assassin, Mercenary


The Spirits


The Spirit of Revenge

The Night Spirit is a mercenary and assassin from The Spirits. The Night Spirit is a high-ranking member and commander that answers to the Spirit of Revenge. The Night Spirit is in command of the outer operations, primarily in the Southlands.


Night Spirit Mask

The Night Spirit's mask.

The Night Spirit was born and raised in Ba Sing Se. As a nonbender, this person showed physical potential and drew the eye of the mercenary company that called Ba Sing Se home. The Spirits was recruited and trained in the massive city.

Proving to be exceptional beyond urban centers, the Night Spirit rose through the ranks and became the head of foreign operations, specializing in the Southlands.

When King Urri hired the Spirits to turn on their previous contractors for a higher price, they readily accepted and began guerilla strikes on Earth Kingdom forces. One of these strikes was on a caravan of munitions and supplies, led personally by Crown Prince Kuir.

Kuir easily cut down any who fought him until the Night Spirit herself faced him. Her chi blocking only stopped his bending, but didn't stop his ability to fight in hand-to-hand. Kuir eventually beat her in a brutal fight after cracking her skull.

The Night Spirit has since been captured by Kuir's forces.


The Night Spirit wields a chain whip as the weapon to fight. It is unique among the Spirits as it is a single weapon while the company as a standard, uses dual weapons. The Night Spirit is especially skilled with this chain, using it to toe up and disable opponents while also keeping enemies back from coming in close range.


  • As the mask indicates, the wearer has close-set eyes.

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