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Next Generations


Book 2 : "We Are The Next Nomads"


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31 January 2012

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Author's note

Hi all. It finally came! The first chapter of book 2 of this story. I apologize for book 1's fairly low quality. I will try to fix that in this book. Book two's plot is far from book one's, but still connects to it. To those who would like to read a new story, I'll make a shortage of book one's events to make a way to get to book two's story without having to read book one. Have fun, please review!

Chapter 1 : The Next Generations

A Fire Nation soldier entered the throne room of Firelord Maiko and said : "Sir, I have bad news"

A 17 or 18 year old Firelord Maiko replied : "Tell"

The soldier : "We could break through the Old Glory Nation walls and end them.."

Maiko stopped him : "Bad news ?"

The soldier : "We found Avatar Aang. Dead.", Maiko bit his lip, "Not just dead, but seventeen years ago, we forced people to tell us"

Maiko : "A new Avatar must be found in the Water Tribe! Tell me about the death of Aang"

The soldier : "When the Great Battle of Zuko happened..", Maiko turned his face to the wall, "Avatar Aang was captured by the Old Glory Gang. They killed him on the spot, and kept his body as a mark of triumph, but now they're ended - Don't forget that Zhao, Roy Dest, and Hiku are dead"

Maiko : "This ain't right, that battle should've been great, we lost two important people there"

The soldier : "But we won. We killed Zhao and Roy Dest, and killed what is estimated to be one hundred soldiers"

Maiko : "We lost ninty"

The soldier : "Maybe that's right, but three years after that, Katara led waterbenders and General Ro Ming led firebenders to destroy much of that nation"

Maiko : "Right, a series of victories came out in the last seventeen years, when my mother was the temporary nominee instead of me for the Firelord"

The soldier : "She won every election she was in, she granted you the title last year"

Maiko : "Do you think I don't know ?"

The soldier : "Wow. I just noticed : You're emotionless. How can't you care for the news that Aang is dead ?"

Maiko : "That was past. seventeen years ago. In the present we ended a bad organization. We should celebrate"

The soldier : "I'm so glad we're a democracy"

Maiko : "Yes, people choose their lord, their leader. My father was a genius"

The soldier : "Anything else ?"

Maiko : "That was my question. Anything else... About the Earth Kingdom"

The soldier : "The Northern Water Tribe raised the price for a waterbending powered submarine to twenty hundred gold Earth Kingdom coins"

Maiko : "Why does the Earth King need it ?"

The soldier : "That's simple. Keep it more, win money more"

While at Katara City...

"Stop it, Meelo!" shouted a teenager dressed in Air Nomad clothes. "Looks like somebody's jealous because the Guru didn't teach them Airbending..." a teenager Meelo said, teasing his sister.

"Don't you ever stop acting like a kid, Meelo ?" the emotionless-looking Tenzin said.

Meelo took his fists back slowly, then released them in a sudden, sending a blast of wind at his older brother. Tenzin put himself into a ball of air, stopping the blast of wind from hurting him. Jinora, their big sister, looked amazed.

Jinora : "Wow, Tenzin. Where did you learn that move ?"

Tenzin : "I don't know. I heard mom telling about dad and just... worked it out"

Katara broke into the room, with a sad look on her face, at her children.

Jinora : "What is it, mom ?"

Katara : "I found out where Aang is"

Meelo : "DAD!!"

Katara : "No. He's dead"

A sad look grew on Tenzin's face, Jinora broke into tears, and Meelo was just.. confused, puzzled, he didn't know what to do.

Meelo stared into the wall facing him, while Jinora screamed. A tear went down Tenzin's face. Tenzin brok the silence : "Dead ? D-D-.. Dead ?"

Katara : "Yes, my dear"... "The Old Glory Gang kept his body all that time away from us" Katara paused for a while, then said "I think we just have to be strong..I am sorry my dear children.. ", in deep saddened emotions.

The teenagers were sad, of course, but Meelo was always the childish one. Jinora always understood everything, while Meelo was fun-loving and rarely serious. Tenzin was always the quiet one, but he kept knowledge and power inside himself.

After a moment of silence, Katara broke it : "Now I will give each of you a plate of fruit pies, enjoy. I now want to go inform the city and start to look for the next Avatar"

As the news spread, both Water Tribes were looking for the next Avatar, a 17 year old teen who's about to be shocked. Chief Arnook at the Northern Water Tribe wasn't so saddened with the news, he had a poker face. Arnook wanted to find the Avatar from his tribe, and talk to him himself. The chief wanted to gain strong relations with the Avatar, and being the chief of the Avatar's tribe will help him. He wished that the Avatar is from the North Pole. Sokka have grown more serious being the mayor, and he stopped being that funny guy over time. He had realized that his duty needs seriousness and not jokes. Hakoda have declared himself the final Southern Water Tribal Chief, and enjoyed a peaceful retirement - with the fact that there are two big cities in the pole and nothing else to rule.

Since the 100 years war have ended, Ba Sing Se was not involved in any conflicts. The leadership there have changed much. Hinku, the Earth King, have got to the Earth King place, and made some changes claiming that they are "to avoid past mistakes". He ended the position for a grand secretariat, And he declared that any decision that is made should get either the king's approval or a majority in the Council of Five, which has no leader anymore. General Fong was fired for unknown reasons, and a man from Omashu named Shijango was appointed in place. Shijango was a servant at Omashu palace but the king there, Hing-Lu, loved him so much and he suggested him to the Ba Sing Se king Hinku as a general. The Earth Kingdom have been so good from the inside, but it has been keeping every weapon and every invention in the king's stock. Their economy have grown too strong while the other nations's economies are far weaker. Katara has expressed her opinion towards the Earth Kingdom in a speech, claiming that the Earth Kingdom is making use of the Avatar's absence to grow in wealth.

Fire Lord Maiko is now a Fire Lord for about a year. Mai, his mother - the first female Fire Lord - gave him the title a year ago, meaning he now has 3 years left until the next elections. He has to prove himself in three years. Maiko is a bit of like Tenzin, serious, poker-faced, and almost emotionless. He enjoyed power while on the other hand, he also wanted peace on earth, he was a big fan of his father and his ideology as a Fire Lord. For example, he loved the democracy, he admired the idea to sacrifice himself for the sake of peace. He really did enjoy peace.

Sokka and his guards started searching Sokka City for an Avatar, but not as fast as Arnook did. Katara prevented any Avatar searches for a month. She said it is better to respect Aang, the main builder of the city. She tried to convince Sokka to do alike, but he stated that it is better to start searching because of the Earth Kingdom issue, with the world, the world's balance, the Avatar's duty.

"Sir...", a voice echoed from the end of the room in the Northern Water Tribe. "Yes ?" replied Arnook, who was in the other end of the room. "Sir, we have twenty-two reports from twenty-two communities in the tribe. All of them state that there was no Avatar".

"Impossible.. Are there any big cities left to search ?" replied Arnook with a tone of growing anger. "No, sir. Just a few villages" replied the man. "Then... If we have no Avatar, Sokka and Katara must be hiding him. There's a reason behind the no Avatar searches rule!".

"I'll be off, sir". "Yes.. Go away! I must think" replied Arnook, but this time, slowly getting back to normal. If the Avatar isn't here, then he has to come here. Yes. I got it. I will ask to teach him Waterbending! thought Arnook, No. It does look like a lie, but I'll find something...

After some deep thought, a wide smile appeared on Arnook's face. He wrote down something, asked a servant to deliver it somewhere. The only visible part of the message was two words : "Earth Kingdom".

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