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February 14, 2014

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The Rise of Vader

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The sun began to rise a few minutes after the incident at the palace. Inside Team Avatar's house in Ba Sing Se, Avatar Aang's eyes slowly opened. He sat up, yawned, and stretched to wake himself up. He then heard something stir. Aang looked beside him and smiled. His girlfriend, Katara, was still sound asleep. Aang stroked her soft, dark brown hair, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. He decided today he would make his famous noodle soup. He had all the ingredients: onions, radishes, carrots, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and noodles. Aang had made noodle soup for everybody. He quietly sat down and began to eat his own noodle soup. He had only taken a few bites when Katara walked into the room.

"Morning," Aang said cheerfully.

"Morning Aang," Katara said as she sat down.

"What are you doing up this early?" the Avatar asked.

"I like seeing the sunrise," Katara said while she ate.

"Well, if you're up this early, the others will be up soon," Aang said.

As if on cue, Sokka, Toph, and Suki came out to eat.

"I see your point," Katara said.

Aang chuckled at her comment. Everyone had just started eating when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" said Sokka.

He headed for the door. When he opened it, a messenger was there.

"Is the Avatar here?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, he is," Sokka replied. "Hey Aang! It's for you!"

"Yes?" Aang said.

"Avatar! We need your help immediately! Earth King Kuei has been murdered!" said the messenger.

"WHAT?!" Aang said falling of his chair.

"What happened?" he said, struggling to his feet.

"It was the Galactic Empire!" said the messenger.

"The what?" Aang asked.

"You don't know about the Galactic Empire?" the messenger said.

"Um, no actually," Aang replied.

"We need to get to the palace..." Sokka said. "Now."

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