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Korrasami Week 2016



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September 21st 2016

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Moving Out, Moving On

Ugh... Korra woke up with a groan, already hating this day.

Yesterday had been Bolin's birthday, and naturally, they needed to have a few drinks to celebrate it.

Because of Korra's lack of self-control and Bolin's insistence, they had turned to playing a game of 'Never Have I Ever', more readily known in her social circle as 'Let's Get Korra Drunk Quickly'. She was the one who had basically done almost everything, even when they weren't specifically aimed at her. Excuse you for enjoying your life.

But the results were obvious, namely that she now had a cracking hangover. She was used to it, so probably no puking, but still - dry throat, sore eyes, splitting headache, the works.

Korra checked her phone and was suddenly jettisoned back into reality. It was 8:27 in the morning, which meant she had class in three minutes. "FUCK!" she swore and jumped out of bed.

Now she had to choose, because no way in hell was this going to end well for her. On the one hand, she smelled like crap, so skipping a shower was a terrible idea, but it was also the one that would save her the most time. Still, she had a Maths class, and the TA already hated her. Some schmuck named Baatar Beifong Jr. Good with maths, bad with people. Problem was that Korra could just skip it altogether, but that would be a bad idea and would probably cost her the subject.

In the end, she made for the shower, deciding to at least rinse off and brush her teeth at the same time, going for a record short when it came to showering.

While she didn't quite manage that, she did manage to make it quick and was out again by 8:33. Korra didn't feel like eating breakfast anyway, which was a bonus, so instead, she just slipped on a pair of jeans that could pass for clean, an old RCSU hoodie, and figured that flip-flops would work for shoes.

What's worse, the building her class was in was on the other side of the campus, so even though it wasn't really the idea, Korra took her bicycle to race across the campus as quickly as she could.

But when Korra got to her classroom, she was in a for a surprise. Instead of Baatar standing in front of the class, it was a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

She took notice of Korra's entrance, looking slightly annoyed.

"Excuse me, I think I have the wrong classroom," she said, even though she was pretty sure she didn't.

-"No, you don't," the woman said. "I'm Beifong Jr.'s replacement. Have a seat."

Korra did, reluctantly sitting down at the desk closest to the door. This gave her an opportunity to have a closer look at the woman, who, on closer inspection, was more likely a TA than an actual college professor. This was mostly due to her age, Korra knew that she couldn't be much older than she herself was.

Of course, her spectacular looks might have had something to do with it as well, as she was wearing heels despite being tall already, had the grace not to wear stockings and thus putting her slender legs on display, coming from her pencil skirt, followed by a black silk blouse on top. Say what you want, her sense of fashion was excellent, as were her skills with make-up. Her hair was also perfect, falling in long, wavy locks over her shoulders.

Focus, for crying out loud. You're here to learn maths, not eye-fuck the TA.

Reluctantly, Korra drew her eyes off the sexy TA and did indeed start paying attention to what was written on the board.

Bone-dry formulas that would only get the biggest maths-nerd imaginable excited, for the most part. Of course, Korra forced herself to write everything explained on the board down because she needed to. Also, if she didn't, it would mean that she gave up a delicious morning of sleeping off her hangover for nothing. Note: as soon as you get back from this, bacon and eggs.

Towards the end of the class, that only managed to draw in a handful of people, Korra was completely sick of it. She didn't want maths, she just wanted her bed and a real breakfast, and possibly a cup of coffee or some aspirin.

She was packing her stuff when the TA called over. "Girl who was late," she said.


-"Can I have a short word with you?"

Korra was surprised. "Uhh, sure?"

-"First off, if you're going to be late next time, at least make sure you get a cup of coffee on the way. You have a bad hangover and you look like it."

At this, Korra turned slightly red. "Yeah, sorry. I need this class, because I'll fail otherwise. That I know for certain."

-"Figures," the TA smiled. "Look, I appreciate that you still came here and tried to pay attention to my class. I'm not a professional teacher, only doing this because of the money." She eyed Korra up. "Are you able to keep up?"

Korra sighed in defeat. "No, and this is probably a waste of time. I should just drop it and move on."

The TA slowly nodded. "Hmm," she hummed. "Or you ask me for a bit of extra help. Small fee, and I help you through it."

This had Korra flabbergasted. "Are you kidding me? I show up late to your class with a bad hangover and you're offering me tutelage?"

-"Of course," she smiled. "The fact that you showed up anyway with that hangover means that you're ambitious and driven, and thus worth my time. I need to earn a little bit because of it, but still. Win-win situation."

Korra thought for a moment. "Alright," she ultimately said. "When and where?"

-"Here, today at three."

"Great, I'll be there. Thanks." Korra started walking to the exit, when she suddenly thought of something. "Wait, I never caught your name."

The TA smiled again as she leaned back into her chair. "Asami Sato."

Damn. Even her name is sexy. This was probably going to be one long study session.

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