The New Kid on the Block is the first chapter in Book 1 of Avatar: Alternum.


Aang is sent to the Southern Water Tribe to go to school, but upon learning he is the Avatar, a hero is born. Complications arise when the school is attacked by the Fire Nation's Prince Zuko.


Aang got up from under his blankets and looked out the window. Aang gazed at the village-like Southern Air Temple as he brushed his long black hair. He then turned and saw the clock. 7:30!

"I'm late!" yelled Aang. Aang slid down the stairway. "Gyatso!" Mr. Gyatso was sleeping in a bowl of cereal. "Wake up! I'm late!" Gyatso looked up and threw car keys to Aang. Aang rushed outside and started the car. Gyatso approached the driver's seat and stared at Aang. Aang chuckled and scooted over to the passenger's seat.

The car soon arrived at Western Air Middle School. Aang leaped out of the car and formed an air scooter- a new airbending trick Aang invented. As Aang rushed through the hallways, a shadow appeared at the hall's intersection. An eighth grade Air Nomad came out and punched Aang in the face!

The boy approached Aang, who was laying on the floor. "What're you gonna do, loser?"

"My name's Aang."

"What a loser name for a loser." The boy lifted Aang up and punched him. "Aren't you gonna fight back?" The boy slapped Aang.

"No. I won't stoop to your level." The boy dropped Aang. "Your a poser, going against all Air Nomad traditions, customs, and all for what? Just beating some kid in the hallway at random? You sir, fail." The boy then punched Aang so hard, he started to bleed. Aang started to move his arm around, then he thrusted it into the boy's stomach. Air pushed into the boy, throwing him across the hallway. When Aang got up, he realized the principal was watching.

"Your boy is disruptive and went against a very important custom today!" the principal said, talking to Mr. Gyatso. "He attacked a fellow student."

"That doesn't sound like Aang."

"That's what they all say." The eighth grader was sitting in a chair near them.

"It was terrible!" he cried. "He called me names and verbally abused me, and-"

"You're kidding, right?" Aang questioned. "He's a bully, he attacked first! I only airbended at him in defense!"

"Now he's lying about it- I want my mommy!" the boy fake cried.

"Aang, you are hereby expelled!"

"But this is the only middle school in the Southern Air Temple!" Mr. Gyatso said. "The nearest school is in the Southern Water Tribe.

"Well then, there's Aang's new school."

Aang got up and left furiously. Days later, Mr. Gyatso handed Aang a plane ticket. "Pack your bags, Aang."

"Huh?" Aang questioned.

"You're moving to the Southern Water Tribe." Mr. Gyatso said. He then walked away with Aang left staring at the ticket.

Aang went to his room and threw in several clothes to his bag. Then, he grabbed his staff, unlocked it using airbending, and threw it into the bag. Upon leaving the room, he took one last look out at the Southern Air Temple. "I'm gonna miss this place." Mr. Gyatso opened the door.

"Your plane leaves soon. You'll be staying in a small home near your new school. Here's 300 gold pieces for food and taxes." Aang left the house without saying a word. They didn't say a word in the car. They didn't say goodbye when they went their separate ways. Aang boarded the plane silently, gazing out as Air Nomads bended air into the engine. The plane and Aang's journey have now taken flight.

A day later, Aang was ready for his first day of school. He was going to Kuruk High School, which is known for its iceball team. Aang passed through the halls with several comments from students. "What is that kid wearing?" "Look at that loser new kid!" "Why is he eating cabbage from the garbage?" Aang got through the first half of school. Time for lunch.

Aang didn't sit with anyone. He didn't even eat, as he was still full from his dumpster diving. Then, she walked over. Her hair breezing in the wind, her dazzling eyes- "Can you stop airbending a breeze through my hair?" the girl asked, then chuckled.

Aang awkwardly smiled. "Wanna see a trick?"

The girl smiled. "Sure. By the way, I'm Katara."

"My name is Aang." Aang then formed a small ball of air, whooshing around small peas in between his hands.

"So you're an Airbender?"


"That's cool," Katara said. Aang blushed. "Oh, I meant to ask you something."

"What is it, beautiful?"

"What did you just say?"

"Nothing." Aang smiled awkwardly, again.

"Okay, so, why were you eating from the garbage?" Aang just continued with his smile. An older boy walked over.

"Get away from my sister, you freak!" The boy shoved Aang off his chair. "Was he bothering you, Katara?"

"No, Sokka! He's my friend!" Sokka looked at Katara. Sokka then proceeded to punch Aang in the face repeatedly and slam him into a wall. "Sokka, stop!"

"Please...stop..." Aang said.

"You were harassing my sister!" A group of people took out their phones and started recording the fight.

"No, he wasn't!" Katara yelled. Sokka shushed her.

"Its okay, sis, I'll make sure this loser won't bug you again." Loser. The word ran through Aang's head. This boy, Sokka, was just like the eighth grade bully in his old school. No, he was the same. And that's when Aang learned his destiny.

Aang's arrow tattoos started to glow. Aang's eyes turned extremely white. Then he blasted Sokka to the opposite wall, knocking him out. Then Aang just blacked out and lost control.

He woke up in Katara's arms. "Aang, I think I have something to tell you. I think you're the Avatar." Aang just looked at Katara. Aang then looked at the crowd. They were gone. Then Aang realized something.

"No. No, no, no!" Aang leaped up in a fit of rage. He flipped over a table using airbending and looked at Katara. "The crowd's gone!"

"That's a good thing, Aang." Katara walked to comfort him.

"No its not!" Aang fell to his knees. "They were taking a video of the entire fight."


"They'll put it on the internet and everyone will know who the Avatar is." Aang looked at Katara. "Everyone. That includes the Fire Nation. They'll try to hunt and kill me. Its like everything bad happens to me!" Aang toppled over more tables.

"Aang, I'll go with you. You'll need to master all four elements, right?" Aang smiled. "My brother and I-"

"Your brother."

"He's not usually like that. Anyway, lets watch the iceball game together. We'll sort everything out then." Katara left and Aang followed. They sat in the bleachers as the iceball match began. Kuruk High Penguin Seals vs Chief Kallah Middle School's Walrus Bears!

Sokka was one of the six starting players on the Penguin Seals. He was the server on the team. The referee bounced the rubber ball in the center and Sokka knocked it to his attacker. The attacker pulled her club back and knocked it past the Walrus Bear's two attackers. A Walrus Bear defender smacked the ball to his teammate attacker.

The opponent attacker passed the ball to the other attacker, who went in for a shot. The Penguin Seal goalie smashed it hard across the field, where it bounced high in the ice in front of Sokka. Sokka waited until he saw in opening in the goal. Sokka then hit the ball through the opening! Penguin Seals - 1, Walrus Bears - 0!

Suddenly, ash started to fall upon the field. A group of black helicopters surrounded the field. "Fire Nation," Sokka said. Several Fire Nation Soldiers started to land with parachutes. They each took out their fireguns.

"Where is the Avatar?" one questioned. Aang pulled his nunchuck out of his bag. He locked it and was ready to go.

"Aang, look! You're an internet celebrity!" Katara joked, but Aang was gone. He was flying toward the group of Fire Nation soldiers.

"There he is!" a soldier yelled. Aang then unlocked the glider and hit the soldier in the face. Then, he blasted two soldiers away with airbending. The three remaining soldiers aimed and fired their fireguns. Aang swung his nunchuk around and created a small air slash, sending the pellets back into the guns, each causing small explosions, knocking the soldiers back.

About 40 or so soldiers then dropped in by parachute. Aang knew he was out-numbered. Then, everyone of the iceball players took their clubs and surrounded the soldiers. "Leave the Avatar to me!" a voice yelled. A teenaged boy dropped in with a firegun and two swords. He looked at Aang. "I am Prince Zuko." Zuko reached out with his hand. "Pleased to meet you, Avatar."

Aang reached out to shake Zuko's hand, but Zuko grabbed him and threw him onto the ice. Zuko shot Aang in the chest and took out handcuffs. Katara rushed and punched Zuko in the face. Sokka and the iceballers continued their fight, in which many of the players were shot.

Aang realized the pellet only caused a small burn and didn't go through the skin. Aang leaped up and kicked Zuko. Zuko then pointed his firegun at Aang and held the trigger down. Countless wooden fire pellets hit Aang, some going through the skin. Katara ran at Zuko, who easily brushed her away with a blast of fire. Sokka looked over.

"Katara!" he yelled. Sokka smashed his club into a soldiers face and ran at Zuko. Sokka tackled Zuko and started punching him. Zuko managed to gain the upper hand and shot his firegun into Sokka's stomach multiple times. Zuko shoved off Sokka and took out one sword.

"We don't want you bending your way out of this, Avatar." Zuko took his sword and prepared to slash down, when ice rushed up from the ground and engulfed his body. Aang and Sokka both looked around to see what happened, and what they saw was Katara waterbending.

"Katara?" Sokka asked. "It all makes sense now! You, my little sister, are a magician! I didn't know you did magic! Why didn't you say something at my birthday party?"

"Sokka, its not magic. Its waterbending." Aang got up and saw the fallen iceballers. "Its all my fault."

"No, Aang, it isn't," Katara said. "The Avatar will face challenges like this. We'll get you through this."

"We?" Sokka asked.

"Yes, Sokka. Aang needs all the help he can get."

"Alright," Aang said. Aang reached to Sokka and they shared a handshake.

"Its my duty to protect my sister. If she wants to go with you, I'm all for it." Sokka yelled in excitement. "Wait, where are we going? How are we getting there?"

"Well, Sokka, I was hoping you'd use your car." Katara smiled at Sokka.

"With these gas prices? I'll-"

"Here's 300 gold pieces." Aang dropped a heavy, small bag in Sokka's hand.

"-definitely take you all in my car!" Sokka continued.

"Aang, where are we going?" Katara asked.

"Home." Aang turned and walked toward the exit.


  • The chapter's title, The New Kid on the Block, is based off the music group New Kids on the Block.
  • Sokka does not intentionally bully Aang, it was just a misunderstanding. Sokka is overprotective of Katara.
  • The opening scenes in the Southern Air Temple are similar to the opening to the TV sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where main character Will Smith is sent to live at his aunt and uncle's house by his mother after he gets into a fight.
  • This is the first chapter of the series.
  • Lilsniffs109 has intended for this chapter to be the most boring chapter. It is only intended to get the characters to meet and start their journey.

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