The New Beginning
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Avatar: The Legend Continues


Book 1 - ICE


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Chosen Land, ZukoSKYE

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Vengeful Thoughts

Avatar: The Legend Continues is about the future of the AVATAR WORLD. The story revolves around the newest Avatar, Mikko, an Air Nomad. In the future, all nations forgot about the Avatar and the benders because the previous Avatar was killed, and they don't know who in the Air Nomads is the Avatar. There are a few benders left, and the world is not balanced. The world is full of chaos and corruption. The gang of rouge benders are the ones who destroy the world the most, with the help of an earthbending master.

Mikko ventured out to the Fire Nation country and found a firebender named Ace. They became bestfriends, ventured to the Earth Kingdom, and met an earthbender named Jarod. He joined them. They went to the Northern Water Tribe, and found a waterbender named Christoffer. They taught Mikko all the elements, and promised to save the world.

Avatar: The Legend Continues. - Chapter One

Mikko, an Airbender, lived on the Northern Air Temple together with the monks. Mikko is only 11 years old, and he is an airbending prodigy. He also wants to save the world, but he thinks he can't. The monks noticed that he is very good with airbending, and more greater than their own. They soon realized that Mikko is the Avatar. A monk told them that they shouldn't tell Mikko that he is the Avatar, till he is old enough. That monk told them that maybe if he will be like Avatar Aang, he will just run away and leave the air temple.The monks didn't know that Mikko was listening!

Mikko said to himself: "Am I going to be proud of this? Of course! I'm the Avatar! I will be the one to save the world!" Mikko ran into his room and jumped off the window and bounced across the Air Bison field, and into the training field. Mikko practiced airbending moves, and he created a big hurricane, but he is able to control it. The monks saw what he is doing and they were proud! He was practicing the airscooter, but in offense style. An earthquake grumbled the temple and saw a rouge bender named Noel. Noel Destroyed HALF of the temple in just two blows! All the airbenders, including the monks, attacked him.
Noel earthbended some earth walls to block the attacks. Then, Mikko came. He created Air Hurricanes he practiced a while ago.
Noel covered himself with rocks and threw boulders at himself. Mikko used an airbending slice kick at Noel and broke the rock shield that Noel created. He used the airscooter to jump on Noel's head, and used it on Noel's head to make him dizzy.
Noel was so dizzy, and he fainted. The other airbenders took him to a room to interrogate him. The monks covered his body with an air sphere so he can't earthbend. He woke up and tried earthbending, but he couldn't move! The monks interrogated him:
"Why did you attack the Northern Air Temple?"
"Not telling..."
An airbender said: "Tell or I'll crush you."
Noel said: "I know you guys can't even kill a fly..."
The monk said: "Tell us... or we will--"
"What? Kill me? Try!"
Noel was just tricking them... because he has a team of rouge benders coming to kill AGAIN the airbenders!
Mikko felt their presence.
All airbenders jumped of their windows and prepared for battle.
There were 3 rouge benders coming. The 1st one was a waterbender. The airbender. The third was a firebender. The waterbender introduced himself: "My name is Jericho! I was a former warrior of the Northern Water Tribe, but know...I will drown you all!" The waterbender created a big tidal wave, preparing it to destroy the temple. The airbender of the group introdueced himself boastfully: "Hey, are you guys forgetting something? Lemme hear a wootwoot?....nothing? Well, that was extemely rude, but I don't wanna be rude as you guys, so I am Kevin, an airbender as you all can see; I am from the Western Air Temple, and I killed my foster father, and I am so awesome! You guys are wasting your time training with some old monks! You should be out killing, and out to rule the WORLD!". The airbenders attacked him, but the firebender of the team saved Kevin. Kevin prepared a big hurricane, bigger than Mikko's. The firebender said: "Stop fooling around, Kevin! We're here to kill them and not to brag about your life! Now, I think it's my turn to introduce myself... I am Robin of AreSelk town, one of the smallest towns in the Fire Nation. I am one of the most powerful firebenders in the whole world. I can just burn this temple in one blow, like burning my town down to the ground!" Robin quickly used fire stream attacks on top of the temple. The temple was burning very fast! The airbenders helped each other put out the fire. Some airbenders went inside it to kill the fire from the inside. These airbenders went to their rooms to pack up and got their gliders. The monks went to the air bison field and got all the young airbenders there. The older ones were out fighting. The monks rode the all of the bison with all the young airbenders.The monks went to the battle field and the airbenders flew and went on top of bison. Monk Jason stayed behind and attacked the Benders. He was roughly injured and hurt. Mikko was listening to his screaming. Mikko was too scared to fight. But he remembered that he is the Avatar. He stood up, went to his room, packed up, got his glider, and jumped down of his window, attacked the rouge benders and said: "Don't... hurt.... my..... friend!" He was suddenly in Avatar State. He smashed the ground and suddenly he was so wild, he threw the benders off the cliff! Robin saved them by using his firebending to create a jet... and flew far away. Mikko started to calm down. Monk Jason got him and was looking at Mikko. He said: "You really are the Avatar. Master Water first, it will let you heal yourself. Trust me." Suddenly... Robin attacked and he killed Monk Jason. Mikko was so angry. He decided to master Fire first. He wanted to get revenge on Robin for killing his friend which he can also call,his father.

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