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The New Avatar is A fan-fiction made by:Kory_The_Archress.This is a list of major characters who appear in most episodes

Korata-The lead archress. Is a master waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe.Although small can take down 50 men in 15 minutes. Appearance-Dark brown hair with deep blue eyes and a small figure.Despite this she is 5'4" and still growing since she's 13.Her hair is in a ponytail with hair-loopies.

Lee-A master Earthbender from the middle ring of Ba Sing Se. Was sent on a mission along with his twin brother, Leo, by The Earth King to discover who is healing their soldiers when they are trapped in the Si Wong Desert. Appearance-Deep Black Hair.Green Eyes and has somewhat muscles.Is 5'4" and growing since he's only 14.His hair is down but short.

Leori-A master Earthbender,also the New Avatar.Can be rash and careless.Has a deep crush for Kory as for she saved him from Airbenders.Tends to do everything with his brother. Has never left Ba Sing Se until his mission. Appearance-Brown Hair,Green eyes and no muscles what so 5'1" and 14 and has stopped growing.

General Fong-The Airbender's General. Has wiped out the entire Fire Nation. He believes it is payback for them killing the Airbenders. Appearance-Bald Head.6'4" and 34 years old.Has an evil gleam in his eye according to Kory and the archresses.

Lilian Chang-One of few surviving Firebenders. She and her family have hidden away in the Earth Kingdom for a century and is discovered by Kory and the others while Airbenders raided the house they were staying in. The secret is blown and The Group save her family by giving the Airbenders a run for their money. Thanks them by helping them stop the war and return the world back to normal.

Kajie-Korata's little sister. Is a Waterbender who heals.Can heal all wounds.Is only 10. Appearance-A lot like Kory except shorter and skinnier.

Drew Fong- General Fong's son, and his protege. He has a large crush on Kory, but can not tell her due to the fact they are enemies. He has black hair that falls everywhich way. He has tan skin, and grey eyes. He is tall, despite being 14.

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