Transcript of Fanon:The New Avatar (The Legend of James)

Bloom Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Three hundred years ago, Avatar Korra saved the world from Amon and his non-bender rebellion. The World waited for a new Avatar in the Earth Kingdom three hundred years, but that Avatar never appeared. People started thinking that Avatar's mission was over, until my twin brother James was told he was the Avatar, and he had to protect the World.

The episode opens to footage of the sky while it's snowing. The camera pans down to reveal the dimly lit houses of the Southern Water Tribe, and one man, holding a lantern, near the city. He walk up a hilltop and gaze over the city. The scene pans to the left, showing the houses of the tribe. Switch to the front of a house as the man arrive at it, and the owner comes out holding a lantern.
Kannia White Lotus Leader? [She looks at him surprised, then nods.] Bloom is the new Avatar, right?.
White Lotus Leader [Shakes his head.] No, not really. After checking around the whole world, we can confirm James Roger is the new Avatar due to an alteration of the Avatar's line.
Kannia James? B-but, he's less experienced than his twin... And doesn't consider waterbending a weapon...
White Lotus Leader It's confirmed Kannia... Bring him here. [Looks at the floor.]
Kannia [Looks at the kitchen and shouts.] James!
A thin, blonde haired teen walks inside the room, carrying dishes.
James Yes, mother?
Kannia The White Lotus Leader wants to tell you something. [Points at the couch and lets the Leader in.]
Kannia closes the door and sits down. The White Lotus Leader sits down and smiles at James, while he looks at them sitting down.
White Lotus Leader James...
A white haired teen is about to enter the room, but suddenly stops when she sees the White Lotus Leader.
White Lotus Leader James, you're the new Avatar, you have to protect the world from possible menaces.
Bloom runs away from the house through the back door and Kannia sees her.
Kannia Um... [Looks at the floor.] I have to do something.
Kannia starts running after Bloom, and she finds her sitting with her head on her knees, crying.
Kannia Honey, why are you crying?
Bloom Kannia, why was James chosen?! He isn't strong, dislikes fighting and uses waterbending "for fun"!
Kannia I know dear... But you're a great warrior, the best from the Tribe! [Pats her head.]
Bloom But I'm not the Avatar, Kannia! James is!
Kannia Maybe your destiny is being just a waterbender... [Stares at the snow.]
Bloom No! No, I don't want that! I don't want to live here with that annoying guy who is the good boy and my twin! Why did you adopt him to?! [Stands up and runs away.]
Kannia tries to run after her, but she's not as fast as Bloom is, and goes back to the house.
White Lotus Leader Kannia! I was just leaving, James already realized he has to save the World from possible menaces.
Kannia opens the door and the Leader steps out of it.
White Lotus Leader As soon as you master a new bending style, come back here, the White Lotus will test you. [Smiles at him.]
Turns around and leaves. Kannia closes the door and faces James.
James Where is Blossom? I want to share this new with her!!! [Looks around looking for his twin.]
Kannia Dear... [Looks down.] Bloom left...
James What? B-b-but... Squizzer!
An otter penguin comes out from a room and stands next to James.
James Come here!
James and Squizzer run after Bloom, but her footprints can't be found because of the snowing. They go back to the house.
James She left, mother! She left us!
Kannia Jimmy, honey, you have to concentrate in your mission as the Avatar. [Puts a hand on his shoulder.] Go to Republic City and find a good earthbender to teach you.
James Mother, I won't leave if Blossom is missing! She needs to go with us!
Kannia Son, I will find people in the Tribe to help me find her, don't worry.
James And who will you live with? The house will be empty!
Kannia I've spent more than 60 years almost always alone, after my mother was depressed and my father died from a mysterious disease... I will bear it, at least I know you will come back. [Kisses his cheek.] Bye, Jimmy, remember I love you.
James I will, mother. Take care...
James smiles and runs away with Squizzer.
The scene changes to a cargo ship in the coast of the Tribe.
James Here we are, this ship travels to Republic City in less than three days, we should go inside, Squizzer.
James picks Squizzer up, throws him inside the ship and jumps in. They hide behind some crates where they fall asleep.
Fades to credits.



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