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James is informed he is the new Avatar, who should keep balance in the world. Bloom doesn't find this funny and gets jealous of him. Kannia tries to make her accept James' new responsibility, but she doesn't listen and runs away. Kannia tells James he needs to go to the Earth Kingdom to find an earthbending teacher.


White Lotus leader

The White Lotus leader informing Kannia James is the new Avatar

In the Southern Water Tribe, Kannia is informed by the leader of the Order of the White Lotus that they have found the new Avatar. Kannia at first thinks it's Bloom, but the leader tells her that the Avatar is James, Bloom's twin. The old lady is surprised by the new, because she would expect Bloom to be the Avatar, as her waterbending abilities are better than his. The leader is convinced James is the Avatar and calls him. He walks quietly next to the leader, who informs him he is the Avatar.

Bloom enters the room to hear this and runs away crying. Kannia leaves James and the leader alone and goes after her. She finds Bloom sitting with her head on her knees, crying. Kannia tries to comfort her saying she is a great warrior, but that her destiny is only being a waterbender. Bloom hates this idea and yells at the old lady and runs away. Kannia tries to stop her, but she is too fast for her to run after her.

She goes back inside, and James wonders where is his twin sister, so they can share his happiness. Kannia tells James Bloom escaped. James and his penguin, Squizzer, run after Bloom, but they can't see her footprints in the snow. He goes back inside, and Kannia tells him he needs to go to the Earth Kingdom to find an Earthbending Teacher. James tells her he won't go anywhere if his twin is missing.
Elderly Katara

Kannia as James leaves to Republic City

Kannia promises James she would find help in the Tribe to find her, that he doesn't have to worry. James and Squizzer hide in a cargo ship and they travel to Republic City.


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