Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The New Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The New Avatar
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The Legend of Korra

The New Avatar is a fanon by Kory The Archress.


It takes place 200 years after the original series and 14 years after the death of Korra. The new Avatar is an Earth Kingdom boy named Leori. He and his brother Lee are assigned a mission. When they complete this mission it is revealed that Leori is the Avatar and that they have a new mission now; Find a teacher for each element and stop this war. The Airbenders started a war by killing all of the Fire Nation as an act of revenge. There are a few Fire Nation civilians left. A traitor named Zendaya who is much like Azula, and Lilian and her family. Only Lilian and her father are firebenders.

After learning firebending Leori has another struggle.


Not only is it the opposite element but, who's going to teach him? An Airbender named Drato comes along and offers his service as a teacher. Mostly everyone accepts this except for Korata and Kajie because they still have an old grudge against him. He joins and begins teaching. Like Aang during his earthbending training, Leori also suffers a block but learns it in time as well.

Then, his Waterbending training. There was no problem finding a teacher. His training begins immediately. But suddenly the Air Nomads begin attacking them everyday giving them no chance to train. When this plan is snuffed out (by Kajie no less). The training resumes only for them to realize that they must return to Ba Sing Se and tell the King about the Wind Blackout. Unlike the Eclipse which lasted only eight minutes this last two days. A long enough time for a siege.

Upon arriving they discover that A man named Puu has taken over.When they discover that he says they aren't allowed to leave. Enraged, they begin a rebellion of the people. The rebellion wins and the real king again takes the throne. He thanks them by agreeing to help with the invasion.

When Zendaya discovers this, the Airbenders begin making improvements on their defense system. When done the invasion was barely able to succeed. They only got through because of some tricks and a vary stable plan. But success wasn't likely. In fact, this invasion did break through the defenses but by that time airbending was usable again and almost everyone was captured.The kids and younger members of the troops escaped on Lilian's pet dragons Lily and Blaze-whom didn't accompany the team until then. After this, Leori resumes Waterbending and continues to worry about his mom who was captured in the invasion.

Little of the plot after this has been revealed.


  1. The Mission
  2. Secrets and Rescues
  3. Training
  4. Time to Keep on Truckin'
  5. The Airbenders' Ship
  6. The Search


Like Legend of Korra, the world seems a bit more advanced. Legend of Korra seems to be based off the twenties or thirties, likewise The New Avatar seems to be set in the eighties and nineties era of the Avatar world.

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