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The New Adventure Begins, originally named The Lost Scrolls (Chapter), Part 2, is the second chapter of The Lost Scrolls . The chapter is about Team Avatar starting their new quest.

The Story So Far

Aang finds a Water Scroll at the Southern Air Temple and heads to Ba Sing Se to show Katara, despite Gyatso's warning. In the Jasmine Dragon, Iroh sees the scroll and drops a tray he was holding asking, "Where did you find one of the Lost Scrolls?" Meanwhile, a Fire Nation princess breaks out of the mental institution she was held in.

The Chapter

~~Ba Sing Se: The Jasmine Dragon~~

"Uncle, what do you know about this scroll?" Zuko asked.

"I guess there's no more point in hiding it." Iroh sighed and turned to Zuko. "Zuko, it's time for you to find out the real reason why your cousin died."


Azula growled in anger as she shot blue fire out of her hands. The fire vanished with the winds and Azula stood cackling. She sensed something and ducked. Azula spun on her heels as a boulder flew into the ocean.

"How could you?" Azula sneered.

"It's my job." A voice responded.

A man was standing on a giant pillar of earth. He was wearing an Earth Kingdom hat and rock gloves, a Water Tribe coat, Fire Nation armor, and a necklace with the symbol of the Air Nomads. His brown hair flew in the wind as his orange eyes looked straight at the prize: Azula.

~~Ba Sing Se: The Jasmine Dragon~~

"Didn't Lu Ten die in the war?" Mai asked.

"That's what Azula told us." Ty Lee responded.

"Enough!" Zuko shouted. "Uncle, tell us what happened."

Iroh closed his eyes remembering the tragic day.

Fire Nation Guards ran up to the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. Earth Kingdom Soldiers looked from the very top.

"General!" One of the soldiers yelled. "What should we do?"

"Throw rocks at them!" The General shouted.

The Earth Kingdom soldiers raised their rocks and chucked them at the Fire Nation Guards. Lu Ten ran up to them and firebended. A wave of flame enveloped the rocks and soon they were burnt.

"Lu Ten!" Iroh shouted. "We must finish this quickly!"

A boulder dropped from out of nowhere. Iroh jumped out of the way at the last second.

"The Lost Scroll could be anywhere in the city!" Lu Ten said.

"Captain, raise the platforms!" Iroh yelled.

Inside a tank, the Captain nodded. He pressed a button and soon a platform carrying three Fire Nation Soldiers and Lu Ten rose up the side of the building. It whirled up and vanished from Iroh's view. Iroh jumped on the tank and rode the second platform. The Earth Kingdom soldiers shot boulders at the five Fire Nation intruders. Guard #1 was thrown off the wall. Guard #2 jumped as two boulders smashed together.

The General raised the huge boulder with Earthbending and swung it backwards hitting Guard #3. Lu Ten dodged a boulder and Firebended a huge wall of fire at the Earthbenders. The Earth Kingdom raised the wall blocking the attack. They shot their arms far away and the pillars united and started heading across the wall. Guard #2 screamed as he was thrown off. Iroh and Lu Ten ran from the earth wave. They were getting close to the exit. Iroh reached out to grab the handle but he twirled to the ground along with Lu Ten.

They were trapped in quicksand! The Earth Wave rumbled as they saw it approaching them. PRESENT!

"Uncle, what does this have to do with the Lost Scrolls?" Zuko asked.

"Oops." Iroh said. "Sorry, it's getting out of hand but I promise you that the part that comes next will, as you kids say, blow the roof off this place."

Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Mai, and Ty Lee laughed while Zuko sighed in embarrassment.


The man jumped and kicked mud at Azula. Azula dodged with ease and summoned lightning. She aimed it at the man. The man bended mud up and clenched his fist. The lightning roared as it searched for its next victim. The mud solidified into earth and...KA-BOOM! Azula laughed but the man jumped down and shot his hands to the left. Mud went under Azula. Azula looked around and tried to summon lightning. The man waved his hands and water shot out from underneath Azula.

"What?" Azula asked. "But you're not the Avatar!"

"Correct." The man smiled.

Azula struggled to move but the water crawled up he flesh and froze stopping on her neck.

"Say, I could use someone like you." Azula said. "How'd would you like to serve your country and help me kill my brother and that Water Tribe girl."

"I have no interest in that." The man lied.

"You're lying." Azula said. "I can tell just by looking at you that you're name is Camu. You want power and money. You're an assassin but you needed the money so you came hunting me."

"How did you know?" Camu asked, shocked.

Azula smirked, her lip curved as if she had been ready for this question from the very beginning. "Because I'm a people person."

~~Ba Sing Se: The Jasmine Dragon~~

Iroh smiled as the Earth Wave came closer. Iroh jumped from the quicksand and breathed fire out of his mouth. Lu Ten followed suit and created a fire dragon. The dragon roared as the two Firebenders shot their fire to the earth wave. The Earthbenders on top of it yelled as they flew off. PRESENT TIME!

"I don't get it." Zuko said.

"I led the siege of Ba Sing Se so I could find the Lost Scrolls." Iroh said.

"But how can you tell this is a Lost Scroll?" Aang asked, holding out the scroll.

"The scrolls have a special mark on the symbol for that nation." Iroh explained. "Look closely at the symbol. If I'm not mistaken it's an L and and S."

"I see it!" Toph shouted.

"Really, where?" Sokka asked until he realized Toph's trick. "You have to stop doing that."

"I see it!" Aang said.

In the Water Tribe symbol, a beautiful L and S gleamed in the background.

"Fire Lord Sozin wanted the scrolls to learn the secrets of that nation. He found the Air Scroll in Ba Sing Se and thought the others were there too. Aang, Sozin used the scrolls to wipe out the Air Nomads." Iroh revealed.

"Where is it?" Katara asked.

"It's lost at sea." Iroh explained. "But if I'm correct, the scrolls can grant anyone power. You must locate and obtain those scrolls before someone else finds them. Keep them safe for if anyone got them, a second war will begin."

"I'm not letting anyone get the scrolls but how do we open them?" Aang asked.

"It takes a Waterbending Master, Earthbending Master, Firebending Master, and Airbending Master to open their respective scrolls." Iroh revealed.

"Then to the North Pole we go!" Aang said. "I'm off to see Master Pakku!"

"What about us?" Sokka asked.

"We're in too!" Katara said. Toph nodded.

"Zuko?" Aang asked.

"I can't." Zuko said. "I have to watch over the Fire Nation."

"Blah, blah, blah!" Mai said.

"Go on Zuko, Mai and I will watch the Fire Nation." Ty Lee said.

"All right then let's go!" Aang said, running outside. He jumped onto Appa's head. "Yip, yip!" Appa flew to the sky.

"Aang!" Sokka shouted. "We're still on the ground!"

Aang turned to see Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko still in Ba Sing Se.

"Oops!" Aang said.


"You still haven't given me an answer!" Azula yelled. "I don't like to be kept waiting!"

"I don't know." Camu said.

"Fine, but when you decide send me a messenger hawk." Azula said.

Azula breathed fire and melted the ice. She jumped backwards and landed on a hill. Camu turned as Azula turned on her heels and ran away. She ran to the woods and sighed.

"Where's the Avatar?" Azula asked over a device.

~~Ba Sing Se: Outside the Jasmine Dragon~~

Two bounty hunters looked at Appa flying away.

"They're going to the Southern Water Tribe." The leader said.

He was wearing black clothes with a headband over his eyes.

"Good work bounty hunters." Azula said, over the device.

The bounty hunters got on their beasts and chased after Appa.


  1. The plot of Iroh's knowledge in The Lost Scrolls was not thought of until after the original completion of Book 1. With a few tweaks, it was installed.
  2. Camu was set to debut in The Energybender, but the author felt it was too long of a wait for such a major character.


  1. "Throw rocks at them!" was a reference to the general in The Drill.
  2. Iroh mentions his siege in Ba Sing Se, first mentioned in Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World.
  3. Azula's line, "Because I'm a people person" was first said in The Boiling Rock, Part 2

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