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September 22, 2009

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Ever-Changing Plans

The New Adventure is the seventh chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Team Avatar decides to gather the rest of the team to react to its new threat. While going to pick up Sokka, Aang gets sidetracked and gets into a battle with the Firefighters, who were trying to take over the town.


The Sun began to rise and Zuko woke to looking at the view. "Well, time to get Sokka back guys. Wake up."

Suddenly a large rock column burst from the ground and threw Zuko up a few feet in the air, causing him to land face down of the ground. Getting up, he yelled "Which one of you crazy Earthbenders did that?"

A large crash and Toph emerged from her rock tent. "That was for my right foot the night you burned me. And this is for my left." She stomps and the ground that Zuko was standing on slid back and he fell again on his face.
Earth tent

Toph emerges from her earth tent

Aang and Katara walk towards them. Katara says "Come on Toph, he has enough problems with his face." The group laughs. "But you're right, Zuko. Let's get Sokka."

Toph's head sinks as Katara says this, "Aww... I was beginning to enjoy NOT having Sokka here."

Aang looks toward her "Toph, we've all enjoyed the quiet but with this kind of threat we're going to need the old team."

Toph blows some hair out of her face and says sarcastically "Airbending Slice..."

The entire team laughs. They get on Appa and soar off into the sunrise.

Hours later they land near Piandao's home. Aang looks down towards the village and says to the group "Since you all say that Sokka can wait, I'm going back to that weapons store and getting that hilt for my Air sword. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Aang grabs his glider and flies into the village landing in front of the store. He walks in and greets the shopkeeper and gives him a silver piece for his sword hilt. As he exits the store, he smells smoke. Unsure of its source, he unfolds his glider and soars into the air to find it. In the town square, he sees Firebenders fighting Waterbenders. He isn't sure what Waterbenders would be doing this deep in the Fire Nation. He lands while creating an air dome to knock everyone off balance. The Waterbenders were on Aang's left near the river with the Firebenders on the right.

"What is going on here?" Aang asks. A Firebender accuses the Waterbenders of coming through a fog and attacking some civilians. Aang is unsure but after a look at the Fire Nation civilians, he sees all their cuts and even sees one with an ice spike stabbed in his left side. Aang quickly uses Waterbending to pull his spike out before screaming towards the Waterbenders "What were you thinking? These civilians never did anything to you!"

One speaks up, "Our entire civilization was almost destroyed with our sacred cultural art because of a Firebender. All Firebenders are the same and deserve to be punished. You defeated the Fire Nation, and yet you refuse to punish them for their actions! We have decided to take action into our own hands; even if you won't!"

The entire group pulls water out of the river, causing the river floor to be visible, and pushes it towards Aang. He uses the Avatar State to instantly evaporate the water and then fires an air blast at the center of the invaders, which knocks some of them down. The rest of the team, including Sokka, arrive and begin to join the fight. "Okay, I'm fresh from training and ready to fight some Firebenders!"

"Sokka, we're fighting the Waterbenders."

The entire group gets out of their stances and look at Aang, confused. "Wait, what?"

One Waterbender tries to get Sokka to join out of his willingness to fight Firebenders. "What; why would I join you guys?"

"We are the Firefighters. We were formed to fight the Fire Nation, and we shall."

Zuko steps forward, "We ended the war, you don't have to continue fighting!"

Another Waterbender steps out of the crowd, "You Firebenders killed my entire family during your siege! I'll never stop fighting!" That was met by agreement from the rest of the Waterbenders.

From the crowd of Fire Nation "We all didn't fight, some of us didn't even want the war to continue!"

"But it did, and you shall be punished!" Just as the Waterbender finished his statement, a wave crashed towards the Firebenders. Katara pushed some of the water away while the Firebenders, Zuko and Aang launched fire blasts to evaporate the water. The Waterbenders look at Aang strangely and one says "Wait, Master Mitros was right! The Avatar is a Firebender! He is on their side and must perish along with them!" before launching a water whip that Aang easily brushes off. Toph, growing tired of this, jumped into the air and crashed into the ground sending a shock wave that knocked the Waterbenders off their base and even launching some into the river. The rest of the Waterbenders attack, using the river as a potent source of water and attacking the civilians relentlessly. Aang creates an earth wall in front of the civilians to shield them from the Waterbenders, while firing air blasts towards them. Zuko was fighting three at once, evaporating their water and using his bending to keep them off balance, before pushing one Firefighter into another and punching him in the face, knocking them all out, and Toph trapped them in earth. Katara was trading blows with five Waterbenders, outmatching them all while keeping on the defensive until one is hit by a rock deflected by a Firefighter who was fighting Aang.

The Firefighters, realizing they were fighting a loosing battle, jumped on top of the river, froze a piece of the surface and began traveling on it under a powerful fog cover. Katara healed the wounded and Aang and Zuko began asking others exactly how they entered the village. When one villager said they came in under a smokescreen, Aang recognized the story, "Hey that's the same way the Juang Hi villagers said it happened"

Zuko thought for a few seconds before coming to a conclusion "Then we're dealing with a bigger network than just a few rogue Waterbenders." Aang suggested they ask Iroh for advice, but Zuko was unsure of his location. "He's traveling and won't tell me where. It worries me since he's old, but since he's the most powerful Firebender alive, I'm sure he'll be fine."

They decide to gather the rest of Team Avatar since Sokka said he misses Suki, and they set off for Kyoshi Island, with the team filling Sokka in on what has happened in the month he's been away.

"Okay, let me get this straight, Zuko's dad got stolen, the Dai Li want revenge, and now crazy Waterbenders want to take over the world?" The rest of the group nod their heads in agreement. "Wow, I miss everything. And how quickly do we need to beat these guys?" His comment was met with confused looks by everyone but Toph. "Well, I'm just saying, we tend to need to beat all of the enemies within a time limit or the end of the world or something."

"Wow, Sokka is finally right!" Toph exclaims sarcastically.

The group laughs as they head towards the Earth Kingdom.


  • A couple previous episodes of the original series are mentioned in this chapter.
  • This was the first episode to feature the Firefighters


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