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Bolin and Tenzin gazed into the fiery eyes of the spirit looming over them. "Whoa! Tenzin, what is that thing?!" Bolin asked.

"How should I know?" Tenzin responded.

The spirit moved like lightning, it's fist making contact with Tenzin's face in the blink of an eye. Bolin got back on his feet and kept his distance from the creature. "Are you the spirit that took Avatar Kuruk's necklace?" He questioned.

"Maybe I am, or maybe I'm not," the spirit replied.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" asked Tenzin.

"I am afraid I cannot tell you that," the spirit answered.

"Come on, you big chicken! Tell us who you are!" Bolin demanded.

"No, seriously, I can't tell you. Mike and Bryan haven't revealed my name yet," the spirit explained.

Bolin and Tenzin exchanged confused glances. "Okay then," Bolin said, slowly.

"Look, just give us the necklace and we won't hurt you," said Tenzin.

"Okay, I don't really have any idea what you guys are talking about," said the Spirit.

"Just give is the freaking necklace!" Bolin shouted.

"I didn't take it," the spirit insisted. "You must have the wrong spirit."

Bolin was unsure of what to say next, but Tenzin most certainly was not. "Well, then why did you attack us?!" he questioned.

"Well, duh! It's because we are going to be enemies next season!" the spirit replied.

Bolin and Tenzin just blankly stared at the spirit in awkward silence. "Well, I am going to save all three of us from further awkwardness and split. See you guys next season!" the spirit said just before burrowing itself underground.

Bolin and Tenzin just stood there for several more moments, trying to understand what had just happened. "Come on, let's get back to finding the necklace," said Bolin.

Several hours later, and Bolin and Tenzin were still trekking through the icy tundra of the South Pole. "Ugh! This is hopeless!" said Bolin. He gave the snow beneath him a good kick. "We are never going to find this necklace! We may as well just give up and go home." He said as he slumped down onto the ground.

Is that any way to talk? I expected more from you.

Bolin sighed in annoyance. "Yeah, yeah, narrator, I get it! You're disappointed, but I don't care!"

I'm not just the narrator, kid.

Bolin looked confused, as did Tenzin. "What do you mean?" Tenzin asked. Suddenly, the dynamic duo saw a bright flash of light appear before them. The light was blinding; it was a very bright blue. Just then, another blue flash appeared. When the lights finally dimmed, Bolin and Tenzin could see two men. One had brown hair and devilishly handsome good looks, and another with a Fire Nation top-knot and a goatee.

"I mean, I was the one speaking to you," said the brown haired boy. "I disguised myself as the narrator in order to communicate with you."

"Who are you?" asked Bolin.

"My real name is a mystery to everyone who knew me, but my friends called me Slash," said the brown-haired boy.

"And my name is Piandao," said the man with the goatee.

"Then how were you controlling the weather?" asked Tenzin.

"I wasn't," Slash replied. "Have you guys ever actually lived down here for very long? It's a screwed up place. People abuse penguins, nobody has any idea of what the freak is going on, and the weather is really, really, weird."

"Why are you here, o, great spirits?" asked Bolin.

"We are here to tell you that in order to catch a necklace thief, you have to make them return to the scene of the crime," said Piandao.

"How?" asked Tenzin.

"For the love of Avatar Yangchen, do we have to point out everything to you guys?" Slash asked, annoyed at the repetitive questions. "Use something to bait them into coming."

"Wow! Nice tip!" said Bolin. "But, wait, how do you guys know so much about stealing necklaces?"

"Let's just say they have some experience," said a third voice. This one was female. Another bright flash of light appeared, causing Bolin and Tenzin to shield their eyes again. A third spirit appeared, this one an auburn-haired woman. "And so do I."

"Don't let Avatar Kuruk down, guys," said Piandao.

"Don't let us down," said Slash. All three of the spirits vanished at once in another bright light. It was so bright that Bolin and Tenzin got down on the ground and buried their faces in the snow to shield their eyes.

"Oh, for the love of all girls worth fighting for!" cried Bolin. "Why does that have to be so freaking bright?!"

"Oh, my eyes!" cried Tenzin. "It's like somebody took a giant set of lights, like in a room, and just flicked them on all at once!" "How do they expect us to find this necklace when we can't even see?!" asked Bolin.

"I don't know!" Tenzin replied.

The two stood up and waited until their eyes adjusted. "Alright, let's go find that necklace," said Tenzin.

"But what are we going to use to get it to come to us?" asked Bolin.

"Well, what do all spirits love that makes them come running for it?" Tenzin wondered aloud.

Bolin pondered this for a moment, and then got a brand new idea of his own. "Oooh, oooh, ooh!" he said excitedly. "I've got a better idea! We use something that everyone wants to destroy so badly it makes them come running to it instead!"

"But what are we going to use?" asked Tenzin. Bolin smiled. He knew exactly what they would use.

The spirit was crawling across the frozen tundra. It raced along carelessly until it saw something in the distance. It became enraged at the object and immediately wanted to destroy it. It crawled towards it, ready to demolish it, but it was quickly halted by a net dropping over it. Bolin and Tenzin started laughing as they captured their convict. "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist destroying a copy of The Promise Part 2!" Bolin said.

"Who would?" asked Tenzin.

"No one I know, that's for sure," said Bolin. "And now, the identity of the guy who stole the necklace is-" Bolin and Tenzin removed the net, exposing the spirit underneath. It was a woman with a brown ponytail and a Water Tribe parka was sitting on the ground with the necklace hanging over her neck.

"Somebody we don't know!" Bolin and Tenzin said in unison.

"My name is Shouwei!" she explained. "And this necklace is mine!"

"Don't trust her, kid." Bolin and Tenzin heard the voice of Suki.

"Who is she?" asked Tenzin.

"She is an absolute bit-" the voice of Piandao started.

"She is a nutcase who guarded the necklace a long time ago. It looks like her spirit has come back for revenge," said the voice of Slash.

"How do we beat her?" asked Tenzin.

"You have to get her really angry," said the voice of Slash. "Then she will be at her weakest point and will be easily beatable."

"Well, what could we say that would-" Tenzin started. He then noticed what Shouwei was wearing. Bolin noticed it as well.

"Ugh, that is the ugliest parka I have ever seen," said Bolin.

"Oh, I know, right?" said Tenzin. "That thing is hideous!"

Shouwei growled in anger and looked up at her captors.

"Oh, they've done it now," said the voice of Piandao.

"Nobody... insults... my... PARKA!!!" Shouwei screamed. She leapt up at Tenzin and started beating him mercilessly. Bolin took advantage of her distraction and picked up the copy of The Promise Part 2. "Try to tackle this!" he said. He hurled the book at the spirit with a great amount of force, hitting her in the side of the head. Shouwei looked over and crawled over to him. She leapt up and was about to pounce on Bolin, but the Earthbender leapt out of the way and grabbed the necklace, yanking it away from her. Shouwei's eyes were wide in horror.

"Ha! Look at your eyes! You should have seen them!" said Tenzin. Just then, a bright flash of light appeared, and Bolin and Tenzin were covering their eyes. When the light dimmed, they saw the spirits of Avatar Kuruk and Ummi before them.

"Well done, guys," said Kuruk. "I knew you could do it."

Bolin and Tenzin smiled. "Thank you for trusting us, Avatar Kuruk," said Bolin. "It really meant a lot."

"Hey, who said you could bring Baldy McArrowhead along for the ride?" asked Kuruk. Both Bolin and Tenzin stared at Kuruk in awe. Neither of them thought they would be punished for this. "Ah, I'm just messing with you!" Kuruk said. "You guys should have seen the looks on your faces! You were all, like, 'oh, no! What's he going to do to us?'" Kuruk said with a chuckle. "Now, I believe it's time to deal with you," he said, referring to Shouwei.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" asked Shouwei.

"I'm going to take you back to the Spirit World and make you look at all of the pictures on Deviant Art!" said Kuruk.

"No, no please!" Shouwei begged.

"Oh, no, you're coming with us!" said Ummi. "Now, if you will excuse us, we need to get back now, or else Zei is going to get ticked off."

"Who?" asked Bolin.

"Oh, just some girl I share the necklace with," Ummi explained.

"Goodbye, my friends," said the voice of Slash. "You did well."

"Wait!" said Tenzin. "Do you guys know the best way to celebrate?" he asked . "Son, there is only one way to celebrate something like this," said Slash's voice.

In the Spirit World, everyone was in a room in Slash's house. "I didn't know there were houses in the Spirit World," said Tenzin.

"Why are you so dang analytical?" asked Zei. In front of everyone was a television with a karaoke machine installed.

"Ready, and sing!" said Slash.

Everyone started singing simultaneously. "Winter, spring, summer, and fall! Winter, spring, summer and fall! Four seasons, four loves! Four seasons, four loves! Four seasons, four lov-" Just then the karaoke machine's batteries died.

"What? It's dead?" asked Tenzin.

"No, it can't be! It-it just can't be!" said Bolin.

"No," said Slash . "No," Piandao repeated.

Everyone got on their knees and screamed at once. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"


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