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It was a fine day in the Southern Water Tribe. The Equalists' evil intentions had been thwarted, and Republic City was once again at peace. Walking along through the icy South Pole was the Earthbender known as Bolin. The young hero walked with his shoulders hunched over and with boredom written all over his face. He let out a heavy sigh before plopping down in the snow. "Man, I am so bored!" he shouted. "If only there was something to do! You know, other than watch Korra and my brother make out, listen to Asami sobbing in her room all day, watch soap operas with Lin, or play Pai Sho with Meelo. That kid beats me every time! Oh, well. At least I can look at this nice Southern Water Tribe sunset," Bolin said, optimistically. Right after the words left his lips, there was a clap of thunder and water began pouring down from the sky. "Oh, come on!" the young Earthbender shouted.

Bolin was running through the snow, thinking about how strange it was that it was raining rather than snowing, when he saw a figure in the distance. As he ran, the figure kept getting closer. It looked like a man wearing a bearskin pelt and Northern Water Tribe attire. After several more minutes of running, the man was right in front of him. Bolin stopped and looked at him. He noticed the man was blue and shining like he was a spirit. "Hey, buddy, are you okay? You look a little blue!" Bolin joked. Out of nowhere, a rather loud cough was heard.

"Stick to Earthbending, kid. That was the worst joke I have ever heard. And I have sat down and listened to that weird monkey spirit tell jokes," the spirit said.

"Who are you?" Bolin inquired.

"I am Avatar Kuruk," the man answered. "I was the Avatar many years ago, before Kyoshi, Roku, Aang, or Korra."

"Alright, but why are you coming to me? Korra is back at the house with the others."

"I have come to you, because I have entrusted you with a special mission. A spirit has stolen the necklace I carved for my fiancé, Ummi and has run loose in the South Pole. I need you to stop him and return that necklace to me," Kuruk elaborated.

"Hold on, why me?" Bolin asked.

"Because, I know you can do it. You seem like someone I can entrust this kind of mission to."

Without a moment of hesitation, Bolin made a salute with his hands, bringing his hand up to his forehead. "Yes, sir, Avatar Kuruk, sir! I won't let you down!"

"I'm counting on you, Bolin. Do not disappoint me." Avatar Kuruk's spirit slowly faded away after he spoke these words. Bolin looked up at the sky and shouted: "Hey! If I'm going on a necklace hunt, then you need to make this weather a bit more suiting!"

Okay, fine. I guess I can change it. The rain suddenly stopped, and the sun was shining down on the South Pole, even though it was setting just a few minutes ago. Hopefully though, Bolin would not notice that and go on, normally.

"Hey! Wasn't the sun setting a little while ago?" Bolin questioned.

Dang it! Yes, it was, but there is no time to worry about that! You have a necklace to find!

"Good point," Bolin agreed.

Phew, that was close.

Back at the Krew's house, everything was going the way it usually was. Tenzin was just returning from a stroll with Pema, when they saw someone running in the distance. It only took a few seconds to realize it was Bolin returning from his walk. He came to the house, out of breath. "Bolin, is everything alright?" Tenzin asked.

"Everything is fine, Tenzin. I'm on a mission!" Bolin responded.

"What sort of mission?" asked Tenzin.

"Avatar Kuruk's spirit showed up and told me to look for a necklace," Bolin replied.

Tenzin and Pema exchanged worried glances. "Bolin, honey, come inside and lie down. I think you're going a bit loopy," she said.

"I'm not crazy!" Bolin said, offended. "He really did tell me to find a necklace! He said some spirit stole it and was running around the South Pole with it!"

"Well, if what you say is true, then you are going to need help. I will accompany you on your mission," Tenzin decided.

"Alright, we're like the dynamic duo!" Bolin said.

"Please don't call us that," Tenzin requested.

"Right, sorry," Bolin apologized. "Now, off we go!" Bolin and Tenzin both set off on their quest, walking away from their house until they faded away completely.

Pema waved until she could not see them anymore. "They are going to die," she muttered to herself as she went inside the house.

Bolin and Tenzin had been searching for hours, but had found no signs of any spirits or any necklaces. "You know, I'm starting to think Pema was right," Tenzin said, his legs on the brink of collapse.

"What do you mean?" Bolin asked.

"I mean, you were probably just hearing things, and you really are loopy!" Tenzin shouted.

"That's not what your mom said!" Bolin retorted.

"First of all, that is beyond immature. Second of all, don't bring my mother into this!!" Tenzin yelled.

Bolin was about to come back at Tenzin with another witty remark, but something caught his attention. "Look over there!" Bolin said, pointing to something in the distance. Tenzin looked to where the Earthbender was pointing, and saw a cactus in the middle of the snow.

"What is a cactus doing in the middle of the South Pole?!" Tenzin asked, baffled by the illogic at work here.

You know, you guys should not pay so much attention to such little and insignificant details!

"Who said that?!" Tenzin asked, alarmed.

"Oh, that's just the narrator," Bolin replied.

"Ah, I see. Can you tell us why there is a cactus in the middle of the South Pole?" Tenzin asked.

There is no time for questions, but maybe you will gain more knowledge if you drink the water trapped inside of it!

"Alright, let's do it!" Bolin said. The young hero rushed towards the cactus.

"Wait a minute, Bolin! My mother once told me a story about a time when she and her friends were stranded in a desert and her brother drank from a cactus-"

"Oh, come on, that was just a story," Bolin insisted. "We need all of the wisdom we can get, so get over here and use your Airbending to open this cactus!"

Tenzin sighed before going over to the cactus. The Air Nomad Airbent down the middle of the cactus, splitting it open. Both Tenzin and Bolin took one half of the cactus and drank out of it.

"So, do you feel anything yet?" Bolin asked.

"No. Do you?"


Ten minutes later, and the two friends were lying on the ground, facing the sky. "Wait, if we're the dynamic duo, then which one of us is Batman and which one of us is Robin?" Bolin thought aloud, under the influence of the cactus juice.

"Look, Bolin, it does not matter which one of us is Batman and which one of us is Robin. Let's just go find the necklace." Tenzin said, trying to resist the juice's powers.

"How about I'll be the Dark Knight and you can be my Boy Wonder," Bolin decided.

"Oh, yeah, right! Like I'm going to be the kid who does nothing, but speak in clichés" Tenzin yelled, now under the juice's influence.

"Well, then, how about we just switch up Boy Wonder duty, huh?" Bolin asked.

"Why can't I be Batman?" Tenzin whined.

"Come on, Tenzin. W-we all know you don't have the guts to hang anyone over the edge of a building to intimidate them," Bolin responded.

"You-you know what? I c-could too!" Tenzin argued.

"You could not!"

"I could too!"

"No you couldn't!"

"Yes, I could!"

The argument went on for several minutes, before the juice wore off. "Whoa, what were we just doing lying on the ground?" Bolin wondered aloud.

"I believe we were under the influence of cactus juice," Tenzin responded.

The two friends were about to continue their search, when suddenly, Tenzin was knocked over by something.

"Hey, are you o-" Bolin cried out as he was tackled by something as well. The two friends looked up to see a gray spirit with fiery eyes looming over them.

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