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Piandao and I stood shivering and Suki was also scared. There was a bright flash of light and the spirit of a woman appeared before us. "You idiots killed me!" She shouted.

"Who is that?" Suki asked.

"She is the lady who tricked us into stealing the necklace in the first place!" I answered.

"My name is Zei. I shall have my revenge on you two for murdering me!" The spirit declared.

"Now, look, Zei I think you are overreacting a bit." Piandao spoke up. The spirit of Zei yelled out and lurched at Piandao who rolled out of her way.

"We did not mean to kill you! It was an accident!" I protested.

"Oh, sure it was!" Zei retorted, sarcastically.

"Guys, we have to run!" Suki shouted. The three of us took off running.

"You can run but you cannot hide!" Zei's spirit yelled, her voice booming across the island.

Suki, Piandao and I ran as far away from the beach as we could until Piandao and I were out of breath. We were hyperventilating by the time Suki stopped so we could catch our breath. "You guys seriously need to stop being so lazy." She said.

"What are we going to do? Zei won't stop until she finds us!" I said, panicked.

"We just have to find a way to beat her." Suki replied.

"How can we defeat a spirit?" Piandao questioned.

"We will find a way." Suki said, trying to keep us from losing hope.

"Maybe we can convince her it was all just an accident." I suggested.

"I doubt she would care." Piandao responded.

"What if we gave her the necklace back? That should satisfy her." Suki stated.

"Of course!" Piandao said, suddenly agreeing with Suki. "We have to get that necklace back!" He said.

"Alright, then let's hurry!" I ordered. We then saw smoke in the distance. Zei's spirit was destroying buildings all throughout the town. "Come out, you fools! You cannot hide from me forever!" She declared.

"We have to hurry before she destroys the whole island!" Suki raised her voice in alarm.

The three of us sprinted back to our beach house to find Appa. "All I wanted was to have a karaoke night!" I screamed as we ran. Once we reached the Beach house, we found Appa and set a course for the Southern Water Tribe.

The Southern Tribe was in sight and this time, Shouwei would not be there to hassle us so we knew this would not be difficult. "Hey, you ever wonder why it takes us so quick to get all the way from Ember Island to here?" Piandao wondered.

"They are not that far away from each other." I replied.

"Still, it usually takes us only like four hours to-" The swordsman started.

"Alright we are here!" Suki informed us. "Now let's hurry up and get that necklace!" The three of us took off into the village and ran straight for the museum. As we approached it, we saw several guards on duty outside.

"Please, you have to let us inside!" I begged.

"Why, do you can steal that necklace again?" One of the guards asked.

"Look, you don't understand. We need that necklace or thousands of lives will be lost!" Suki urged.

"Why would we care? After all you three have done you deserve to feel guilty and suffer." Another guard said.

"Look, I am sorry about your friend, Shouwei." I started.

"I'm not." Piandao mumbled to himself.

"Ignore him." Suki stated.

"I am sorry about Shouwei, I am sorry I lied to you to get out of prison, and I am sorry for all of the trouble we caused you by stealing tat necklace in the first place but you have to understand we need it back!" I stressed.

The guards pondered this for a moment before looking at each other and nodding. "Apology accepted." One of them said.

"Now hurry!" Said another. The three of us ran inside and grabbed the necklace off of its pedestal.

"Alright, now let's go back to Ember Island!" I said, urgently.

"You don't have to say everything we are going to do out loud, you know." Piandao remarked.

"Just come on!" I yelled. We all ran back outside the village, found Appa and flew back to Ember Island.

Zei had burned down nearly everything. There was wreckage were buildings had once stood but now there was nothing but rubble. We were almost back on Ember Island and were flying towards Zei's spirit. I landed Appa and my friends and I dismounted. "Zei!" I called out the spirit's name.

She turned to face me. "So, you have finally decided to show your faces," Zei said. I held up the necklace to where it shined brightly, reflecting off of the sun. Zei was shocked. "My necklace, Give it to me!" She blurted out.

"Only if you promise to leave this place alone and return to the Spirit World where you belong!" I demanded.

"Yes, of course," She agreed, hastily. I handed Zei the necklace and she held it in her hands, staring at it for several moments. "Oh, my beautiful necklace, we are finally together again." She said, happily. Zei put the necklace around her neck and vanished, retreating into the Spirit World.

Suki, Piandao, and I started cheering when we saw a bright flash of light before us. We looked and saw the glowing spirit of Avatar Kuruk. The three of us were too stunned to speak. "I have observed the actions of you three. And although you have done some bad and rather ridiculous things, I am happy that you three are still alive." The spirit said.

"Why have you come before us, spirit?" Piandao questioned the spirit.

"Because I thought you should know that I am the one who carved that necklace." The spirit of Kuruk answered.

"But I thought you were from the Northern Water Tribe," I spoke.

"Yes, but I carved that necklace for my wife, Ummi who was from the Southern Water Tribe. After she was killed and had her face stolen by Koh the Face Stealer, it was decided that the necklace be put on display in the Southern Tribe in her memory," Kuruk elaborated. "Although you pretty much caused this to happen in the first place, you have saved everyone." Kuruk added.

We saw people who were very badly injured approaching us after Kuruk spoke these words. "But what about all of the people that died?" One person asked.

"Yeah, sorry but they are out of luck." Piandao replied. I hit Piandao on the arm with my elbow following his comment.

"I will use my spirit powers to raise them from the dead." Kuruk offered. With a flash of light, all of the dead citizens of Ember Island were resurrected.

"Wait, since when can spirits bring people back to life?" Suki wondered aloud.

"Do you want this to have a happy ending or not?" Kuruk responded before disappearing.

"It's over. It's finally over." Piandao said, relieved.

"Yeah, but there is one thing we still have to do." I reminded my friends. Suki smiled and the three of us ran back to the beach house.

"Are you ready?" I asked Suki.

"Oh, yeah!" She answered.

The music on the karaoke machine started played and I saw that my lines were first. There was an electric guitar and drums playing "Leaves from the vine, falling so slow," I started.

"Like fragile, tiny shells drifting in the foam," Suki sang.

Then we sang at the same time. "Little soldier boy comes marching home! Brave soldier boy come marching hoooooooomme!" The beat kept playing and we kept singing all night long and even Piandao got a turn. Everything was great.


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