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Katara's necklace
The Necklace Heist 2
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The Necklace Heist



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The Necklace Heist

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Two men and a girl all alike in awesomeness,

On Ember Island where we lay part of our scene,

Two-and-a-half week old grudge breaks to new payback

Where uncivil hands' attempt to steal back a necklace makes them unclean

From forth the idiocy of these two men

A Star-cross'd Water Tribe Necklace is stolen back

Whose theft from the Southern Tribe

Does with its theft anger the guards it was stolen from

The humorous return of this not-so-special necklace

Is now the several minute traffic of your computer

If with which you attend with patience

You will hopefully enjoy if you did the original

The Necklace Heist 2

It was dark on Ember Island and I was waiting outside a tavern. I was waiting for my friend to show up so that we could put our plan into action. Two-and-a-half weeks had passed since that horrible incident had happened and now it was time for revenge. My friend approached the tavern and we nodded to each other and walked inside. We approached the tavern and sat down at the bar. I looked the bartender dead in the eye and he looked at me like I was a weirdo. "Hey, you," I said. "Come over here."

"What do you two want?" The bartender asked.

"You know that lady that comes in here every night." My friend said.

"Yeah, what about her?" The bartender asked.

My friend handed the man a small packet "Put this in her drink and we will pay you ten gold pieces." He said.

"Alright, fellas." The man agreed.

We walked outside knowing that the woman would be here any minute now. "Piandao, do you think she will show up?" I asked.

"Of course she will," Piandao responded. "She always comes here at least once a day. And I have not seen her in here yet."

We then saw her walk inside with the Southern Water Tribe betrothal necklace around her neck. Our objective: steal it back. Piandao and I peered through the window and watched the bartender hand her the drink. We watched the woman drink it and within a few minutes nothing happened. "Why is it not working?" I wondered aloud. Then it happened, the woman fell to the floor. Piandao and I fist bumped each other and ran inside to grab the necklace. After we grabbed it, we paid the bartender and sprinted out of the tavern. "Good job putting the sleeping powder into her drink." I said to Piandao.

Piandao then stopped in his tracks. "Sleeping powder?" He asked.

"Yeah, that sleeping powder I told you to buy. Good job putting it into the drink." I repeated.

"Um, that was not sleeping powder," Piandao said. "It was poison."

My eyes widened and I was instantly overcome with shock. "Poison?!" I screamed "You put poison in her drink?!"

"Wasn't that the plan?" Piandao asked.

"No! The plan was we were going to knock her out with sleeping powder and steal the necklace back! Not kill her!" I retorted.

"Listen, my friend I think you are overreacting about this." Piandao said.

"No, I think you do not realize what this means! We are murderers, Outlaws from the Fire Nation!"

Piandao just stood there for a few moments, not knowing what to say. "I'm sorry," He said.

I sighed, heavily. "Look, let's just get this necklace back to the Southern Water Tribe and then we can go to Fire Lord Zuko and work this out." I said.

"Alright," Piandao agreed. "Let's go find Aang."

Aang and his friends heard knocks at their door and wondered who was here at this hour. Katara opened the door and Piandao and I stood before her. "Good evening, Katara," Piandao greeted her. "May we speak with Aang please?"

"Uh, sure," Katara said. "Aang, Piandao and some other weirdo is here to see you!" she called.

Aang came running down the stairs and saw both of us. "Hey, guys let me guess, you need to borrow Appa again." Aang presumed.

"Wow that was pretty spot on." I said.

Aang yawned. "Fine, just don't take too long." He said.

As Piandao and I mounted Appa we someone running towards us. "I am coming too!" A girl's voice said. We looked down to see the auburn-haired girl named Suki. "Um, okay. But may I ask why?" I asked.

"I just want to go on an adventure with you. It has been so boring around here lately." Suki responded.

"No, you will just get in the way." Piandao said.

"Get in the way?" Suki repeated Piandao's words. "Who do you think I am some helpless little girl? I happen to be a highly trained, elite warrior!" Suki replied.

"Yeah, right," Piandao responded. "And I am Jun without his mask on." Piandao sarcastically retorted.

"You are who?" I asked.

"Oh, so you don't believe me?" Suki asked.

"Not one bit." Piandao answered.

"Okay then, come at me." Suki said.

"What? I am not going to-" Piandao started.

"Come on, if I am not who I say I am then you have nothing to fear." Suki said. Piandao nodded and ran towards her, with a yell he lashed out at Suki who, without moving put her fist out in front of her, dealing a blow to his chest and then side kicking Piandao into the bushes. "So, can I come?" She asked me.

We had been flying for a while and Piandao had barely spoken a word. The Southern Tribe was now in sight. "Wow, I have never been to either of the Water Tribes before." Suki commented.

"Yeah, it's a pretty nice place." I casually said back. We landed Appa down on the outskirts of the village and silently sneaked in. We spotted the giant igloo where the Southern Tribe's most precious artifacts were on display. I could see Piandao shaking and I knew why. The same two guards who had beaten him were on guard outside the igloo.

"It looks like we will have to go in through the back." Suki said. The three of us walked in through the back entrance and the guards back there did not mind us. "That was weird," Piandao noted. "Why did they not arrest us?"

"I do not know." I replied. "Look that is where the necklace was stolen from. Let's return it and get out of here."

Piandao placed the necklace back where it belonged and that is when it happened. The three of us were trapped in a net and fell to the floor.

Four familiar faces approached us and I could see Piandao shivering. "Well, well. Look who we have here. It looks like we caught ourselves two parka-insulting thieves," The female guard who had slapped Piandao in the face said. She then saw Suki. "Who is this, your girlfriend?" She asked.

"No, I-" I started

"I'm not his-" Suki started.

"Shut up!" The female guard yelled. "You three are mine now!" She said. "Take them to the prison!"

"Who died and made her in charge?" One of the other guards asked.

"NOW!!" The female guard yelled. The other guards obeyed and we were taken to a prison and thrown into a jail cell.

"Well, this is just great!" Piandao shouted. "I knew we should not have stolen that thing in the first place!"

"Don't worry. We will figure a way out of here." I assured him. "I am sorry for dragging you into this, Suki." I apologized.

"It is okay," Suki replied. "I know you will figure a way out of here. And when we get out of here, I would be happy to be your karaoke partner."

"That is great!" I said, excitedly. I had to find a way out or we would rot in a Southern Water Tribe prison for the rest of our lives... eating Water Tribe food.

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