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And this is Katara, my flying sister.

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Katara's necklace
The Necklace Heist
The crazy story of me and my best friend trying to find a karaoke partner
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Agent Slash




Agent Slash


The Necklace Heist: The Series


Originally a one-shot fanon created for TAD's Writing Challenge, The Necklace Heist is a short fanon about Me and my friends Piandao and Suki stealing a Water Tribe betrothal Necklace to find a karaoke partner and then trying to return it all the while trying to avoid the guards it was stolen from.


Old Generation

  • Slash: The main protagonist of the story. Although Slash is a nice person, he will do whatever it takes to get certain things he wants. He is best friends with Piandao and has a crush on Suki. (This character has a slightly different personality than the real Agent Slash since in real life he is not as mischievous).
  • Piandao: The best swordsman in history. Piandao is not too bright sometimes and usually ends up with bad luck. He is also terrified of Shouwei. He and Slash are best friends.
  • Suki: The Kyoshi Warrior from Team Avatar. She accompanies Slash and Piandao on their journey due to boredom from being on Ember Island for too long. Slash has a crush on her which she notices.
  • Shouwei: The main antagonist of the story. She is one of the stolen necklace's guards. She strikes fear into the very heart of Piandao. She is usually calm and collected but when someone insults her parka it gets ugly.
  • Zei: The con-artist who tricked Slash and Piandao into stealing the necklace. She enjoys using people to get what she wants. She usually spends her time in a tavern on Ember Island.
  • Appa: The group's primary mode of transportation from Ember Island to the Southern Water Tribe. He usually just hides on the outskirts of the village during his visits.

New Generation

  • Bolin: The comedic Earthbender from Team Avatar. He has been tasked with recovering the necklace from an unknown spirit.
  • Tenzin: Korra's Airbending teacher and Aang's son. He accompanies Bolin on his journey to find the necklace.



"It is a fantastic fanon, full of humour and, really, is the funniest story I have ever read. I urge every who enjoys nonsensical plots and skilled writing to read this. You won't regret it"

Given a score of 9.1 by Omashu Rocks


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  • The series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Story in the Fanon Awards
  • Suki was placed in a community nomination to compete for Best Supporting Female Character in the Fanon Awards, but was excluded from the final ballot.

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