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The Necklace Heist
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The Necklace Heist



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The Necklace Heist 2

It was just another boring day on Ember Island. Most people had lots of fun on Ember Island but I was just bored. I had done and seen everything. As I sat, bored out of my mind, I got an idea that I thought was great! "Piandao!" I called out my friend's name.

The swordsman came running down from our beach house that we were staying in for the week. "What is it, my friend?" Piandao asked me.

"I just got a great idea. We should have a karaoke night!" I explained.

"Knock yourself out," Piandao replied. "That is not really my kind of thing."

"Fine," I responded. "I will just find another karaoke partner!" I spent the rest of the day asking people around town if they would like to be my karaoke partner but they all either declined or just looked at me as if I was some kind of weirdo. Finally, I went into a tavern, exhausted after all my searching. I sat down and ordered something to drink. "I guess my idea was pretty dumb." I said to myself. "Now I will never have a karaoke night." I said, sadly.

"Karaoke night?" I heard a woman ask. I turned to see her.

"Yes, I want to have a karaoke night but I cannot find a partner." I explained to the woman.

"Well, I would be happy to be your karaoke partner under one condition." The woman said.

"What is the condition?" I asked the woman.

"Get me one of those Water Tribe betrothal necklaces," The woman requested. "I have always wanted one of those."

"But the only two places I can get one of those are the two Water Tribes!" I replied, baffled by the woman's request.

"Oh well, I guess you won't get a karaoke partner then." She said.

I was not going to let this opportunity slip away from me. If a betrothal necklace from the Water Tribe was really what she wanted, I had no choice but to get one for her. "Wait, I will get you one!" I told the woman.

"Great, don't take too long." She replied.

I ran back to the beach house and found Piandao. "Piandao, come on, we are going to the Southern Water Tribe!" I said, excitedly.

I could tell Piandao thought I was crazy. "What?" He asked, confused.

"I found someone who said she would be my karaoke partner if I got her a Water Tribe betrothal necklace." I elaborated.

"Then you go. There is no reason for me to come if it is your problem." Piandao responded.

"Come on, please?" I begged.

"I said no." Piandao responded.

"Pleeeease?" I begged again.

"No!" Piandao repeated. "Stop being so immature!"

"Pleeeeeeeeease?!" I begged yet again.

"FINE!" Piandao agreed. "But how are we going to get there?" He questioned.

"Isn't your friend, The Avatar staying here too?" I asked.

"Yeah, so what?" Piandao questioned.

"Doesn't the Avatar have a Sky Bison? If we ask, maybe he will let us use it." I explained.

"Alright, fine." Piandao said. We both ran down to the beach and found Avatar Aang. I was so excited to meet him. "Let me handle this," Piandao said. We both approached The Avatar and his friends. "Hello, Avatar," Piandao greeted him.

"Hi, Piandao!" Aang replied, cheerfully.

"Hello, Master." A boy with a ponytail said as he bowed.

"Hello, Sokka," Piandao replied to the boy with the ponytail. "Avatar Aang, my friend and I have gotten ourselves into a little dilemma and I just wanted to ask you if we could borrow your Sky Bison."

"Sure, Piandao just make sure you guys are back soon." Aang said.

"Thank you, Avatar." I said. I then saw an auburn haired girl amongst the Avatar's friends and prepared to put the karaoke situation on hold but a glare from that Sokka kid gave me the impression that she was already going out with him. Piandao and I climbed onto the Bison and as I got onto it, I saw the auburn-haired girl staring at me. She must have seen me. I thought. She waved as we flew away and I could see Sokka's face turning red. Who was she? I wondered.

"That was Suki." Piandao answered as if he had read my mind. I decided to focus on the task at hand.

Several hours later, we reached the Southern Water Tribe. We landed the Bison named Appa outside the village, being careful not to attract any attention. Once we entered the village, we looked around to see where we could find one. "It looks like the Southern Tribe has been completely rebuilt." I commented.

"Yes, the Order of the White Lot- err, I mean some people helped out with that but I do not know specifically who." Piandao responded, nervously.

We came to a big igloo in the middle of the village with guards outside. "Excuse me, sir, what is in there?" I asked them.

"Inside are the Southern Water Tribe's greatest treasures on display." One of them answered.

"Are there any betrothal necklaces on display by any chance?" Piandao asked them.

"Yes, the finest one ever carved." The other guard answered.

"Thanks for the info, guys." I said as Piandao and I walked inside. We spotted the necklace immediately. There were two guards guarding it. "We will have to distract them somehow." I said.

"Leave it to me." Piandao said. He approached one of the guards. "Hey, there is a fire outside! Run, it could melt the igloo!" Piandao yelled. The guard did not so much as budge. I face palmed myself. "Someone outside is raiding the houses! You have to stop them!" Piandao shouted. The guard still did not move. "That is the ugliest parka I have ever seen." Piandao remarked. He was then slapped in the face by the guard and chased out of the entrance.

Well, at least he got rid of one of them. I thought. I approached the other guard. "Your friend seems pretty mad," I started. "I bet you are not as hot-tempered as her." I said. The guard said nothing. I did not know what to do. This guard clearly was not going to be as easily distracted as his friend. "Hey, did you know there is a two-for-one sale on blubbered seal jerky outside?" The guard immediately bolted out of the igloo and ran out of sight, looking for the sale. I then proceeded to steal the necklace and ran outside. I saw Piandao being beaten by the female guard and the two guards who were outside the museum. "Come on, Piandao! I have the necklace!" I informed him.

"Yeah, there is a little problem with that!" Piandao pointed out. I ran over and shoved the guards off of my friend. He then got up and we ran as fast as we could.

"Get back here, you parka-insulting thieves!" The guard from the museum yelled. We quickly found Appa and flew away.

"That is the last time I let you talk me into one of your stupid adventures!" Piandao declared.

"We did it, Piandao! Now I can finally have my karaoke night!" I said, excitedly.

"That woman better like that necklace is all I can say!" Piandao commented.

Several hours later, we were back on Ember Island. Piandao and I met the woman who I had met earlier in the tavern. She was still in exactly the same chair. "Ah, it's my karaoke partner," The woman said, recognizing me. "Did you get what I asked for?"

"Yes, we did." I replied. I handed her the necklace and she put it around her neck.

"Wow, it's beautiful." She remarked.

"Now can we have our karaoke night?" I asked.

"Nope, see you, suckers! Thanks for the necklace!" She said as she ran out the door. Piandao and I stood there in shock.

"All of that hard work," I started.

"All of those bruises," Piandao added.

"For nothing." We said at the same time. We both got down on our knees "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" We both screamed.

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