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The Precious Necklace of Oma
The Necklace
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Omashu Tales





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The Two Villages History

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You Will Be My Hero

"I can't believe it..." Oma said, "I have to go to his house... How about his parents? No worry.. I can earthbend!" It is all mixed up in Oma's mind. She still cries.

Oma arrived at Shu's house. Without hesitating, she just breaks the door and see Shu's mom. They both are shocked and angry.

"You stupid bastard, Oma... Where is Shu?" Shu's mother asked.

"I don't know... Where is my necklace? And Shu is here and I knew it. I can tell you're lying..." Oma asked.

"You knew?" Shu's mother asked.

"From your precious journal, madame Shupid..." Oma said meanly.

"Search it! You can't find it!" Shu's mother ordered.

"Garden!" Oma said.

"Heaahh!!" A man yelled.

"Shu?" Oma asked, "I know you're here. Are you here to take the necklace back? Why did you steal it?"

"Let's see who will get this necklace, Oma!!!" Shu shouted.

"Heahh!! That necklace is historical!! It's my great great great great great grandmother's necklace!!" Oma shouted.

They ran into the table where it is kept. They battle using earthbending. Shu's mother can't help Shu because it's a deal and his father is out. Oma is calm at earthbending while Shu is aggressive in earthbending.

"Oma, your earth wave is too slow for my earth board!" Shu teased.

"Shut up..." Oma said meanly.

"Are you comfortable with your skirt?" Shu teased.

"Actually I am.." Oma answered.

Oma and Shu Earth Duel

Oma and Shu doing an earth duel to get the necklace.

"Look! My board got the fire! It means fast!" Shu teased again.

"I don't need it...." Oma said, "I think your fire power is useless here in this water!"

"Oh yeah! The pond!! My vision!!!!!! No!! How could I forget about it!?" Shu yelled. Now, he has to use the board only. The earth wave of Oma is quicker in the water because it is related with wave.

"This garden is very big! No wonder the table is put real far!" Oma thought, "I got to go underground. The wave is useless. It takes too much power.."

"The necklace is mine now, Oma!" Shu shouted, "Where are you!?"

"I won't answer that brat..." Oma thought. She was underground already. But she can feel the vibration using her seismic sense.

"I think she drowned!" Shu teased.

"I got it!" Oma screamed.

"What!?" Shu yelled.

"It's mine... Welcome, little fella... To my dear neck..." Oma said to the necklace.

"Shu!?" Shu's father yelled.

"Dad?" Shu asked.

"Honey! Oma got the necklace!" Shu's mother shouted.

"What!?" Shu's father yelled, "NO!!"

Shu looks disappointed at himself. Oma got the necklace at last. Oma discovered the truth already. Oma cried harder than ever. Shu in the other hand, looks angry and is very mad.

"Oma and Shu has returned! They are fighting to get the jade necklace in Shu's house!" A reporter said.

"Oma!!" Oma's parents yelled. They ran to Shu's house fast.

"Hehe..." Shu said while teasing, "With me under-control of this garden, I can do anything or bend anything... I'll get my necklace back!"

"With my necklace, I can do anything..." Oma said.

"Show it..." Shu said.

"After you do your plan, I'll show it..." Oma said with a stupid tone.

"Hmpph... Fine!" Shu agreed.

"Oma!!" Oma's father shouted in front of the fence.

"Father?" Oma asked.

"What are you doing?" Oma's mother asked.

"Showing a boy who stole my necklace some powers I have.." Oma replied.

"So it's him? What will you do?" Her mother asked. She and her husband knows the truth finally.

"See it.." Oma replied.

"Hmpph... Heaah!!" Shu yelled. He made a swirling small lake around Oma and a big thing of earth that he will use to kill Oma, "I will kill you..."

Evil Shu

Shu did evil things to Oma's family.

"Go ahead..." Oma replied calmly.

"Dear Oma's parents, you will be surrounded by the swirling small lake!" Shu said.

"Go!" Oma's parents said calmly. They will bet that they will die or their daughter will save them.

"They're crazy..." Shu's mother said.

"They are..." Shu's father agreed.

"Heahh!!!" Shu yelled.

"With the necklace and my family... We can do anything," Oma and her family said calmly.

Bloods are everywhere.

Are they dead? And revived by Spirit Water or they survive with that deadly, curse attack?

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