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Avatar Roku firebending By AvatarRokusGhost Part of the Avatar: Energy Saga continuity.
The Mystic
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Energybending Master

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The Mystic is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He was an energybending master who lived thousands of years ago.



The Mystic was a great energybending master. He was probably the most powerful energybender of his era and among the most powerful benders who ever lived. Even a fully-realized Avatar would be challenged to face him.

Avatar Aang

Aang rediscovered the Mystic's legacy when he himself was learning energybending in the years following his defeat of Fire Lord Ozai in the Hundred Year War. Aang found that what happened during the lifetime of the Mystic to be illuminating in regards to what energybending is truly capable of when stretched to the limit and also why humans no longer use it.


"The Mystic" is seemingly a nickname or pseudonym rather than his actual name.

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