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The Mysterious Scroll
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The Mysterious Scroll



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January 11th, 2012

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The New Adventure Begins

The Mysterious Scroll, previously named The Lost Scrolls (Chapter) Part 1, is the first chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter is about Aang finding a mysterious scroll.

The Mysterious Scroll

Aang looked at the ground. He was riding on Appa with Momo on his shoulder. It was great! He couldn't believe that Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko didn't want to join him. Momo squeaked and pinched Aang's cheeks.

"What is it Momo?" Aang asked.

Momo squeaked and pointed to the Patola Mountain Range. Appa roared in delight and moved his way around the mountains. The Southern Air Temple was soon in view.

"We're home guys." Aang said.

ROAR! Aang let go of Appa's reins. The sky bison knew his home. Appa soared over a Courtyard with a fountain in the middle.

"The Fountain Courtyard!" Aang shouted.

Appa landed. Aang jumped from Appa and landed on the ground.

"I wish we had time to play a while but patrolling comes first." Aang said.

Now that the war was over, rebellions kept appearing trying to rid the world of peace. Aang had made it his sole mission to patrol around the war and put a stop to these rebellions. Another common threat were bounty hunters. Only June was in the service of Aang. The others have decided to help the rebellions.

"I know Momo." Aang said. "No one will be able to come to an Air Temple but Katara insisted."

Aang walked around the temple but saw nothing. "I guess we can have fun after all!" Aang airbended an Air Scooter and rode to his room with Momo flying right behind.

Aang opened the door and saw that his room was a mess. "Hey, look, my lifetime supply of leechi nuts!" Leechi nuts were scattered all around the ground. Momo flew to the ground and started eating. Appa flew outside the window and roared. The room shook. Momo flew up and knocked something from the top of a dresser.

"What's this?" Aang asked.

He picked up the scroll and started to open it but it wouldn't budge. Aang turned the scroll over and saw a beautiful Water Tribe symbol.

"This must be the lock." Aang said. "I bet Katara will love to see this. Let's go show her!"

Aang jumped out the window and landed on Appa. Momo grabbed some leechinuts and followed the sky bison. Appa returned to the Fountain Courtyard.

"I know." Aang said. "You have to rest."

Drip. Aang turned around. Water was dripping from the fountain.

"Water?" Aang asked. "But that fountain stopped working."

Water was now pouring out until it stopped. Aang walked over to the fountain and saw his reflection. Momo sat next to him. He turned and spat leechi nut seeds into the water.

"Momo!" Aang scolded.

He turned and screamed. Instead of his reflection, it was Monk Gyatso's! Aang stepped back as mist began walking up the side of the fountain and landed on the ground. It rose and turned into Gyatso.

"Gyatso?" Aang asked.

"Aang." Gyatso said slowly. "Don't read the scroll."

"What?" Aang asked. "Why not?"

"Don't read the scroll." Gyatso repeated. "Don't read the scroll."

The mist faded and vanished. Aang suddenly broke down and started crying. Momo purred in concern and looked at the leechinut he was holding. He offered it to Aang.

"Thanks Momo." Aang said and stopped crying. "But we have to show Katara this scroll." Aang jumped on Appa. "Yip, yip!" Appa roared and started flying away. Momo squeaked and followed.

The mist returned as Aang, Appa, and Momo vanished from the Patola Mountain Range.

"No." Gyatso said. "It's starting again." The mist vanished.

Katara, Sokka, Toph, Mai, and Ty Lee started laughing. They were all in the Jasmine Dragon at Bas Sing Se. Iroh had finished telling his favorite tea joke.

"He remembered the joke!" Zuko complained.

ROAR! Team Avatar turned around and saw Appa. Katara, Sokka, and Toph ran outside.

"You're back Twinkle Toes." Toph said.

"Why was everyone laughing?" Aang asked as they led him inside. Appa stuck his head through the window.

"Iroh told an amazing joke." Sokka said.

"Welcome, Avatar Aang." Iroh said.

"No need Iroh." Aang said.

"It looks like we're out of tea. I will go get some more." Iroh said and went into the kitchen.

"Katara, there's something that I found." Aang said. He opened his bag and toom out the Water Scroll.

Katara lit up. "Aang, a Waterbending Scroll?" Katara reached out. "May I see it?" Aang pulled the scroll back before Katara grabbed it. "What's wrong, Aang?"

"It's just that before I left, Gyatso spoke to me." Aang said. "He told me not to read it."

"Why would he say that?" Toph asked.

Iroh whistled as he returned to the room carrying a tray full of tea. "I brought more tea for every-" Iroh saw the scroll in Aang's hands. BOOM! The tea tray fell on the floor.

"Uncle!" Zuko shouted.

Iroh looked at the scroll with a terrifying gaze in his eyes. "Wh-where did you find one of the Lost Scrolls?"

"Ring the bell!" A guard shouted. Lightning shot him in the back and he fell dead.

Guards ran everywhere as a prisoner walked out of the room. GONG! The bells deafened everyone in the courtyard. The prisoner jumped and shot fire from her feet.

"Close the gates!" Another guard yelled and then fell dead.

The gates started closing. The prisoner threw her hair pin at the doors stopping them from closing. Fire Nation Guards stood blocking the prisoner's way. The prisoner shot fire all around him. The guards firebended at the prisoner. When it cleared, she wasn't there anymore. Silence.

"MWAH-HA-HA!" The prisoner shouted.

The guards looked up and saw the prisoner in mid-cartwheel. She landed and cartwheeled through the gates, grabbing her pin as she made it out. The guards scrambled to the top of the gate. They watched in horror as Princess Azula vanished from sight.


  1. The hardest thing to decide is what nation the Lost Scroll should have been in.
  2. Gyatso will be seen again.
  3. Originally, Azula, was not in this chapter. She was set to debut in the next one.

Series Continuity

  1. Zuko mentions how he only remembered the punchline to Iroh's favorite tea joke in The Boiling Rock, Part 1

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