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The Murder
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July 25th, 2012

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The Murder is the first chapter of Parentless and is written from Mako's point of view by WaterbenderTaikai.

The Scarf

The scarf. The one thing that I still have of my father besides my memories. The red scarf that could warm you up in seconds. I would have more of my father if it wasn't for that mugger. The cruel criminal that killed my parents. He left me parentless.

I had a great family. We lived in the Dragon Flats Borough of Republic City. Not the greatest home, our one story dwelling with a small kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a couple other rooms. We didn't have much money either, but we had each other. We were surviving, and that's what was important. My mom worked at a factory that made sandbags, so she was able to utilize earthbending to bag the sand. My dad worked at Republic City power plant, where he used lightning to work. He taught me my firebending skills and even taught me the basics of lightning generation, which I failed at. My mother passed down some of her earthbending knowledge to Bolin. They didn't deserve to die and especially the way they did.

The Robbery and Murder

It was a calm, warm, July night. We were all in our beds. Suddenly, some glass broke in the front room. We were being robbed. I didn't hear the glass, but my parents sure did. What I heard was them getting up out of bed and walking down the hallway past the room that I shared with Bolin. I got up without waking Bolin. I poked my head out my door and saw a man wearing all black and a mask putting our possessions in a bag. My parents ran into the room and took fighting stances.

"Drop everything, sir," my father stated, keeping his cool. The man froze in his place, but didn't drop anything.

"We're warning you, sir. If you don't drop everything right now, you're going to have to deal with us," my mother warned him.

The man, still frozen, began to chuckle. "Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. Here's what's going to happen. I am going to successfully rob your home and you two won't stop me."

"How do you plan on that? We are a duo of skilled benders and can take you out in seconds," my father responded.

"Like this." The mugger dropped the bag and took a stance for lightning generation. He quickly shot lightning from both of his hands at both of my parents. My mother dodged and pulled up an earth wall to block it. My father absorbed the lightning and redirected it at the mugger. The mugger skillfully dodged it though. My mother was breaking the earth wall down into pieces in which she shot at the robber. He once again dodged those too.

Now all of the bending has stopped and all of the combatants are once again in their fighting stances. The robber suddenly started shooting fire blasts at my parents' hands and feet. The next thing I known, my parents are on the floor yelping in pain because the fire blasts successfully burned their feet and hands.

The mugger walked up to them and looked down on them. "Say goodbye to the world." He put his hands into a lightning generation stance, and shot them each with a strong bolt of electricity. "You won't be in my way now." He turned around, grabbed his filled bag, and dove out the window he came in, and took off.

"Mom, Dad!" I ran forward to them, wailing in hopes that were still alive.

"Mako," my dad said in a low, groaning voice. I kneeled down to him, and held on to him. "Here," he said as he took off his red scarf and handed it to me. "Go. Get away from the borough. Take Bolin and leave."

"But Dad. What about you and mom?" I said through my crying.

"We're leaving too. Leaving the Earth."

" can't! I need you."

"I love you, Mako. Tell Bolin we love him too," he said. Then it went silent. He was dead, and so was Mom.

"I love you too," I said still crying, holding the scarf. I was crying for what seemed like forever. Soon enough, I fell asleep crying in between my parents' bodies.

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