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The Monk of Fools
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The Monk of Fools is the first chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


As the play could not continue, one of the ambassadors suggested that the crowd instead had fun electing a "Monk of Fools", the person who could make the ugliest face.

A small window was knocked out of the chapel opposite the Fire Nation Palace. This was where the contestants would appear.

Some of the crowd gathered in the chapel, waiting unseen until it's their turn to display their ugliest faces. The contest began right away.

One after another, the citizens of the Fire Nations made hideous faces through the window frame.

The crowd went wild with excitement and laughter, as each person tried to outdo the last, until...... the crowd gasped. A face more repulsive than any other they had seen stares out from the chapel window.

The hairless skull, the blue arrows on the head, the mob clearly had a winner. Someone recognized the face as that of Aang, the Avatar of the Fire Temple.

The people called for Aang to come out and receive his "prize." They clapped and cheered until the Avatar appeared.

A young Water Tribe man, named Sokka, emerged from the crowd and pointed at Aang's face. He teased the poor wretch, laughing at how he looked different. "Are you a goblin?" he teased

However, Sokka got more than her bargained for. With great power, Aang struck him I'm the chest with airbending and sent him flying backwards, limbs flailing.

The crowd laughed and applauded the spectacle. They then dressed Aang in a robe like the monk and crowned him with a strange hat.

Aang was not used to so much more attention. He smiled happily as several strong men placed him on a throne and carried him aloft for all the capital to see.

Haru watched in dismay. He could not understand why the people would rather watch Aang than his masterpiece. What an ignorant mob!

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