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Chapter 1-The Mission


"Lee, Leori Wake up!"Mom's harmonious voice rang out.

"Five more minutes."I heard Leori mumble.

"NOW LEE AND LEORI!!!"She screamed out.

"Yes Ma'am!!!,"We said freaking out,"Just let us get dressed"

"You have your meeting with Earth King today.So dress nicely."She said the harmony in her voice returning.

We dressed in our best clothes which isn't much sadly. We live in the middle ring and our dad has died in the war. My mom makes clothing so we get very good clothes unless thread runs out like it has this month. Each month something different happens. Last Month Dad had died. This month we're low on a lot of things, and then we got a messenger hawk from the Earth King and we have to come today.

"Morning Mom."I said.She was sitting at her loom.In the middle of winter it was mainly snowing but in the Si Wong Desert it's still fairly hot.

"You two ready for your meeting?"Mom asked us.

"Yeah mom just why does the Earth King want us so badly?"I asked attempting to eat the eggs.(Sure mom can weave but her cooking YUCK)

"They didn't say"She said.

A second later Leo and I were in the cold and running for the next train out of here.


While the boys froze their butts off Kajie and I were looking for Ba Sing Se.

"Okay five attacks by Airbenders in one day. They're on a roll."Kajie said. I wiped sweat of my forehead.

"There's the wall!"I shouted. I had never been so happy in my life.

"Yes, come on!"Kajie screamed.As we ran for the wall. Something stopped us. A wall of sand.

"You're not going anywhere unless you give us what we want."A male voice called out laughing at us


After reaching the palace we waited for the King.

"Ah sorry I'm late."He said.

"So what is it you want."I asked.

"Well I have a mission for you boys."He said.

"What kind of mission?"I asked.

"Someone is healing our soldiers in the Si Wong Desert. I need you to find out who so we can thank them properly."The Earth King Said.

"We'll do it"Leo said.

"Good then please exit out this door please."He said showing us a door with people guarding it.


The Sandbenders attempted to steal everything, but they didn't. We instantly attacked them showing almost no mercy.

After leaving them frozen to a building we headed for the wall. Yet again somebody stopped us. Two boys almost identical except for their height.

"Listen,are you two waterbenders?"One of them asked.

"Yes, why?"I answered/asked.

"Well then you're coming to Ba Sing Se with us."The taller one said.

"We were going there anyways."Kajie retorted. For a ten year-old Kajie had an attitude.

"Well you're still coming with us!"The shorter one shouted.

"Why are you headed for Ba Sing Se anyways?"The taller one asked.

"We have an idea to end the war, but we need to know if it'll work so we decided to ask the Earth King."Kajie said.

"What's the plan?"The shorter one asked.

"Well there's a wind blackout in a few months. Perfect time to attack."I said a gleam in my eyes.

"Oh wow that's some plan"The taller one said,"By the way I'm Lee and this is my twin brother Leori."

We started walking towards the city. "I'm Korata and this is my little sister, Kajie."I said.

How are they twins???I thought but didn't say. We got to the city fairly quickly. Sad part:It was freezing and I was still in my tank top and archress wear.

When we arrived at the Palace thresh hold my hands got sweaty all of the sudden. We got in quickly as well. I started tugging on my ponytail by then. The only thing I haven't done is chew on my bangs.Then I'd be full blown nervous.We walked through a HUGE door."Woah"Kajie said.I started chewing on my bangs.

"So these are the two who were healing our soldiers."The Earth King said."Well I must tell you a few things.First.Thanks to these two waterbenders,Second.I have a second mission for you.Third.Leori, you are the Next Avatar."

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