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March 22nd, 2015

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Avatar Jing Returns

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Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

Jing, Luli and Chang traveled to the Southern Air Temple and once they looked at the temple, they saw Airbenders and spirits floating around.

"Here we are, the Southern Air Temple," said Luli.

Jing looked happy to see the world for once. The Airbenders saw the three walking through the temple gates. Chang ran to the door of the Hall of Avatars.

And Chang shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Avatar!"

"Impossible! No one's known who the Avatar is for 16 years! How can you tell that he's the Avatar?" shouted an Airbender.

"Watch!" Jing said.

The Airbenders watched Jing earthbend rocks and throw them across the ocean and tried to Firebend, which was out of control, which caused trees to go on fire. Everyone avoided the fire.

"He is the Avatar!" shouted an Airbender, amazed.

"Get Master Jinora at once!"

Now that the Air Nomads had seen the Avatar bend two elements, Jing, Luli and Chang were sent to the throne room of Master Jinora and gave them a royal feast.

"Avatar Jing, welcome to the Southern Air Temple. I was a good friend of Korra," said Jinora.

"You know Korra!?" questioned Jing.

"Of course. You could say we're closely related. Follow me," said Jinora.

Jing, Luli, Chang and Jinora headed to the steps of the Halls of Avatars, where there were statues of the past Avatars, including Aang and Korra. Jinora airbent the door open and they all entered the darkness of the hall. They saw so many statues.

"Who are they?" said Chang.

"These are Jing's past lives," replied Jinora.

"There's more than one?" questioned Jing.

"Of course. I have an ancestor who is the Avatar; Aang, he ended the Hundred Year War," said Jinora.

"Aang? That's why Song kept the Avatar thing a secret. I'm going to connect to Aang," said Jing.

Jing entered the Avatar State and touched Aang's statue, waiting for Aang's connection. Jinora told Jing to stop. Jing went out of the Avatar State.

"I can't connect with Aang," said Jing.

"You can't. During the last Harmonic Convergence, the Light Spirit, Raava, was destroyed by the Dark Spirit, losing the connection to all your past lives except for Korra," Jinora explained.

"But there must be a way to re-connect with them," Luli said.

"I'm afraid not. Our main priority is to make sure Jing goes to Republic City safely," said Jinora.

"It's going to take us 18 hours to get there," said Luli.

"Have you ever thought of getting an animal companion, Jing?" asked Jinora.

Jing thought of an idea to get an animal companion like Aang and Korra did. So they went to the Southern Earth Kingdom, not far from the Southern Air Temple. They saw animals in the marketplace.

"Baby dragons, come and get them Firebenders, they are only 4000 Yuans!" shouts the marketman.

"Pet fish? How about you, sir?" said the second marketman.

"I don't think so, thanks," said Jing.

Jing sees two men riding on Badgermoles, as an Earthbender; Badgermoles are simple for Earthbenders.

"What about Badgermoles? They are the original Earthbending teachers and easy to ride," asked Jing.

"It's your choice, Jing," answered Luli.

Jing saw that the two men riding on them were actually animal abusers.

"Get in there, you filthy animals!" said one of the abusers.

The other abuser got a cane and smithed them with it and they both laughed. Jing was very angry and ran over there to rescue the Badgermole.

"How dare you treat an animal with such behaviour? I've never seen anything so wicked in my life," said an angered Jing.

"Scram!" shouted the abusers.

"I will give you 2000 yuans to stop!" said Jing.

The abusers continued to hit the Badgermoles. Jing had no choice but to earthbend; he threw rocks at the abusers and knocked them to the ground. Luli water-whipped them and froze them in pain and Chang firebent to melt the ice. The abusers were gasping for air and then Jinora came in and blew them away, which landed them in the cabbage market.

"MY CABBAGES!!! What would my 2nd time great grandfather say about this crisis?!" shouted the cabbage man.

Jing strokes the Badgermole in comfort and named the Badgermole Lu-Pan.

"Lu-Pan, named after my Great grandfather," said Luli.

"Yeah, something like that," replied Jing.

So everyone got on Lu-Pan and began their first moments riding on a Badgermole. Lu-Pan began to smell and ran very fast to reach Republic City. Only 50 miles near Republic City and Team Avatar camped out for the night. Jing slept and had a dream and vision of a blurry Aang disappearing and Raava getting destroyed and Jing also got destroyed by Vaatu; he woke up and gasped, realising what just happened.

He spoke, "Did I just see Aang?"

End of Chapter

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