The Meteorologists Attack
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21 November 2011

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The Meteorologists Attack is chapter five of The Weatherbenders.


As Team Avatar sets out on their new journey to find a Weatherbending master, the antagonist Meteorologists arrive and engage them in battle.

Author's warning

There are scenes of battle violence and graphic descriptions, including bloodshed and violent character death. Therefore, this chapter has been rated PG – 13. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE READING THESE SCENES, TURN BACK NOW.

The story

Southeastern shores of the Fire Nation

Reeaki continued his travels throughout the coast, trying to find Team Avatar anywhere. Around midday, he caught a disturbing sight. A Fire Navy ship, but it lacked the Fire Nation flag. Instead, it was a white flag with various symbols of weather on it.

Reeaki gasped in shock and fear. "The Meteorologists! They have set sail...I have to move fast! They might be hot on Team Avatar's trail!"

He moved slowly, so as to avoid their sight, hoping he could track down the Avatar, the Fire Lord, and all of their allies before they did.

Little did he know he would be too late.

Southern Fire Nation

All the members of Team Avatar were now on a walk after traversing the entire Fire Nation, but not finding any answers regarding the sights of the possible Weatherbending master. Appa had grown tired, forcing their mission to foot. Their travels had taken them to a point near the southern coast of the Fire Nation.

"After this," Aang said, "we should leave the Fire Nation. I don't think we're going to find our answer here. For all we know, he could be in the Earth Kingdom."

"That really narrows it down," Mai said while rolling her eyes. "The Earth Kingdom is only the biggest nation in the world."

"No offense, Aang," Zuko added, "but Mai is right. How would we find this guy over there?"

"We have to look as much as we can," Aang said. "The longer we delay, the more of a chance the Meteorologists continue their attacks. Also, the more likely the world falls out of balance."

The group made their way outside an unknown city's limits, and into more of a forested area. With the wear of twenty-four hours of searching getting to them, it was getting time to look for a campsite and rest for some time.

"I vote for here," Toph said. "The ground is solid, plus, it's not exactly that warm." She was right; although this area had gone untouched by the Meteorologists, the temperature was a bearable 29°C.

"It does feel warm given what it was like in the Capital though, doesn't it?" Suki asked. "I mean, it was way cooler..."

"Well, this is what it was like every summer," Ty Lee said. "Growing up, I was used to days like this. Bright sun, warm Mom would take us to that stream over there," she finished as she pointed out a body of water that was flowing softly through the forest.

"The middle of a forest?" Sokka said. "That's...kind of weird."

"It sounds weird on the surface," Ty Lee said, "but it was normal for us!"

They continued their way through, looking for the ideal spot.

"So, this Weatherbending thing," Katara started. "How many people do you think know about it, and how are we going to find this guy? I mean, do people know him?"

Aang looked towards his girlfriend. "All we can do is keep moving, and hopefully it doesn't take a bad situation to find him, like the spirits said."

"I can't believe people could change the weather like this," Sokka said.

"I guess you can believe it," Zuko replied. "It's happening in the world right now, and we need to stop it."

The Team continued their trek through the barren forest, walking up the grassy path. Suddenly, a figure moved quickly through the brush.

"What was that?" Toph yelled out. "I felt something go right by us!"

The Team looked around, confused. "Toph, I didn't see anything," Katara said.

"But...I could feel it. I could hear it," the blind Earthbender turned back towards all of them.

"I didn't see anything either," Sokka responded. "If you felt something, it was probably just some animal of some sort, Toph."

Soon thereafter though, they all felt a temperature increase.

"It's getting warm," Aang noted. "Pretty quickly."

"No kidding, Avatar, why don't you state the obvious some more!?" A man's voice called out, looking down from the trees at them all.

"Who's there?" Zuko yelled. "Show yourself!"

As soon as the Fire Lord said this, the man from above used his fire jets and jumped down from the trees, positioning himself in front of the gang. He wore a Fire Nation General's uniform, indicating he was, at least at some point, a general within the Army. He was followed by a woman, wearing a blue Water Tribe dress, riding a small wave to reach the team. She appeared on their right. To their left, another apparent Fire Nation general, alongside an older gentleman in Water Tribe clothing, appeared from beyond the trees.

"Good day, Team Avatar," the man in front of them said. "Fire Lord Zuko, it is a shame my first time meeting you will be short."

"Who are you?" Zuko demanded.

"No patience to allow for explanations, huh?" The general smiled, shaking his head. "I would think the Fire Lord would show some patience, especially a spoiled brat like yourself. In any event, I am General Zorro, brigadier general in the Fire Nation Army. I served under your father for several years, and your grandfather as well. I also served with your Uncle in his first siege of Ba Sing Se, but of course he failed. I was a proud man serving under Azulon and Ozai, but you came in and ruined the quest for world domination. It's time you paid for that. However, how rude would I be if I didn't let the rest of my crew introduce themselves?"

The second general turned to them. "Pleased to meet you...since you are all my targets today. I am General Ezan. I served in the War alongside Zorro, and I too was a proud man under your predecessors, Zuko. I would love to get that back."

"My name is Kianna," the woman spoke up. "I am from the Northern Water Tribe, where I thought I couldn't learn combative Waterbending. What makes you so special, that you think you can just become better than me?" Kianna looked straight at Katara. "You, from the South? You could barely hold your tribe together, and suddenly you think you can run the show, little girl? By the way," she signaled towards the other Water Tribesman. "This is Baktan, my brother-in-law."

"Look who we have shall be a day to remember," Baktan said evilly.

"Okay, who are all of you?" Aang said, preparing to attack.

"Why, you haven't heard?" Zorro asked mischievously. "It is us...the only other Weatherbenders in the world. We are...the Meteorologists!"

Some members of them collectively gasped, as they all prepared for attacking positions.

"So it's you. You're the ones who have been changing the weather!" Zuko yelled out.

"Specifically, I took care of this nation," Zorro said. "You all looked warm, so I cooled you off a little. Only the most comforting temperatures for my nation!"

"Your nation?" Zuko yelled again. "Not today!"

"Are you sure," Ezan began. "I don't think you will be in charge after we're through here."

"The title of 'best Waterbender in the world' is about to have a new holder!" Kianna yelled towards Katara. "You're finished."

With that, Zorro began the battle by gathering up two fire whips. "You might get to see our special stuff later, if you survive!" He blasted the whips in the direction of Aang and Zuko, who dodged them successfully.

The benders got themselves into offensive positions, while Sokka drew his sword. Suki and Ty Lee drew their fans right behind him, and Ty Lee also quickly sought out the chi positions, ready to block at any time.

Team Avatar quickly divided themselves up. Aang and Zuko moved to take on General Zorro, while Katara and Ty Lee agreed to take Kianna. Sokka and Suki teamed up against Baktan, and finally, Toph and Mai agreed to fight against General Ezan.

With non-benders and benders alike, it proved to be a tough fight. Despite Team Avatar outnumbering the Meteorologists by a two-to-one ratio, the Meteorologists comprised of all powerful, master benders, while Team Avatar had three non-benders, albeit potent. Ty Lee and Suki knew their chi-blocking abilities would come in hand.

"Let this duel for true world supremacy begin," Zorro declared. With that said, the elder general made a basic fireball, which formally kicked off the fight. Aang and Zuko dodged this easily. Zuko then set up for his attack, but before he could, Zorro leaped up in the air and shot a fire stream, which brush-burned the Fire Lord on his arm.

Aang got out in front of Zuko and whipped up a fire whip. However, Zorro was fast to throw up a shield of fire, which cut off the progress of the Avatar's attack.

"Don't you know, that when you fight fire with fire, you get burned?" Zorro asked deviously. "You'll need to go elsewhere, Avatar, not to mention, be faster!"

Aang wasted no time changing to a different bending art while Zuko got over his burn and re-joined the battle. "Be careful Aang, he looks pretty quick," the Fire Lord said.

"No kidding," Aang replied while switching to an Earthbending stance. "I might have to avoid Firebending though, we can't just be one-dimensional."

The battle between those three continued, while Katara and Ty Lee continued their combating against Kianna. Like Katara, Kianna carried a water skin with her, staying prepared for battle. She drew water from her skin at the same time Katara did so. However, Kianna knew she had the Weatherbending advantage, but also had to save it unless her situation got bleak. Katara looked for any weakness, like her Kyoshi Warrior friends had taught her. The key in battle, when you appear matched with any opponent...find their weakness and take advantage of it...the words went through the young Southern Water Tribe citizen.

Kianna got the first blow with a water jet, which Katara froze up and changed to ice which she crashed to the ground harmlessly.

"Ha, going basic," Kianna said. "I would expect more from someone who is supposedly the best Waterbender in the world."

"Just wait," Katara said. "We're just getting started."

Ty Lee nodded and decided to make her first move, pulling out one of her metal fans. She tossed it on a beeline towards the Northern Tribe woman, but Kianna threw up an ice shield and the fan hit it, causing it to fall to the ground. Kianna moved quickly with ice spikes, pinning the fan to the ground.

"I have studied the techniques of the Kyoshi Warriors for years," Kianna yelled out. "You would be surprised how similar your moves are to Waterbending!"

Katara ignored Kianna's trash talk at Ty Lee and resumed her attacks. She drew another small set of water from her water skin and formed it into a water whip, which successfully slapped Kianna in her face, forcing the elder woman to turn around and hold her face in slight pain. While Kianna's back was turned, Katara melted the ice spikes around Ty Lee's fan and got it back to her best friend. Katara and Ty Lee had gained themselves an early advantage.

Ezan prepared a ball of fire and bent it up in an attempt to intimidate Toph and Mai. However, neither of the two, especially Toph, were yielding. "It's going to take more than a little bit of heat to make us squirm," the blind Earthbender declared. "Who do you think we are?"

"Quite personally," Ezan answered, "I think you are just some spoiled brats who have no business being world leaders. So, you need to go."

"Not today," Mai said, as she threw three knives at the Fire Nation general. Ezan easily ducked these, showing great signs of agility.

"You and your silly knives, Mai," Ezan said after getting back to his normal position. "I am fully aware of mastery in weapons."

"Have you heard about my work in Earthbending, punk?" Toph asked in an intimidating tone, as she picked up nearby rock and stone out of the ground, and whipped it at Ezan. He quickly stopped this with a wall of fire.

"Actually yes, I have heard, Blind Bandit," Ezan called her by her Earth Rumble VI moniker. "It's pretty easy when people declare you the best Earthbender in the world!"

"After today, I'll have made sure you don't forget that," Toph yelled back.

The last sub-battle was Baktan versus Sokka and Suki. "Like you, Sokka, I too have mastered the art of the sword. It's a good substitute for my bending," the elder Northern Tribesman said.

"Fine by me," Sokka said with his sword drawn. "Me and Suki will be able to take you."

Suki drew out her katana to counter Baktan's sword. All three charged at one another, when Baktan cut them off with a move none of them expected. He drew some water from a tree, and froze it onto his sword, creating an ice whip with it. He wielded this dangerously, putting Sokka and Suki greatly at risk. Sokka was able to break off some of the ice with his own sword, but it was clear that Baktan was now very dangerous. The two decided to seek temporary shelter while he swung his ice sword dangerously.

The battle was now in full swing. Everyone was paired off. There were indeed two Team Avatar members for every Meteorologist, but still a struggle for the heroes.

Aang and Zuko found themselves in an early deadlock with General Zorro. Each side was trading moves but neither of the fighters could get a solid hit in. Zorro's impatience was growing at this struggle.

Aang had gone over to Earthbending, but he found these moves largely ineffective against a Firebender. He now tried to go at Zorro with Waterbending, hoping he could overpower him with Fire's natural opposite. The Avatar decided to turn to moves that Katara had taught him postwar. He randomly pulled water out of the air and formed it into a wave, which briefly knocked the general off his feet.

Zuko, seeing an opening, tried to attack. However, Zorro proved too fast. He quickly got up and jumped, blasting fire out of his feet. Aang, seeing a rapid danger for Zuko, cut the blast off with an ice shield he had made with the same water that he just pulled out of the air.

"If you think some fancy defenses are going to save you today, think again!" Zorro yelled, getting set to resume his attacks. This time, he would land a blow. He pulled off the rare move of fire disks, which Zuko tried to dodge. The move was just too fast for the Fire Lord, and he was impacted, sending him back into a tree, parts of his body burned. He was clearly shaken up the blast.

Aang ran over to his friend. "Zuko! Are you all right?" he asked him, although it was clear this was not the case.

"Aang...just leave me be," Zuko said, grimacing in pain. His face was partially burned on each side, and the burns had gone down to his neck. Katara, the only one capable of healing at that moment, was still struggling with Kianna. Further, Zuko had suffered a sprain in his shoulder and in his ankle thanks to the impact. "I'll just have to stay on the sidelines..."

"Zuko, we need your help...try, please," Aang was starting to beg. The young Fire Lord tried, but his bum ankle caused him to fall back over. "You'll have to go on without me, Aang..." Zuko said, catching his breath against the pain.

"No he won't," Mai said, approaching the scene. "I am fighting this one for you, Zuko."

"Mai, Toph needs your help," Aang said. "I can do this alone."

Mai, however, was determined to avenge her boyfriend's defeat. "You won't do this alone, Aang. I am in this for Zuko. Some punk needs his butt kicked for messing with my boyfriend!"

"Bring it on, little girl. I guess it is only fitting I dash your hopes of becoming Fire Lady," Zorro spoke evilly.

The defeat of Zuko began a turning point, albeit yet unknown. After seeing his friend knock off the Fire Lord, Ezan got himself a show of confidence. Toph was now left to face him one-on-one. They were two masters of their elements. Despite her youth and disability, one would think Toph would have had the advantage. However, Ezan made sure she would not claim a victory. Mai's desire to avenge Zuko would prove Toph's downfall.

"Looks like I have no more knives to duck," Ezan said. "Now, let us see who is truly the best at their element!"

"Fine by me," Toph said, remaining determined despite now being forced to take on Ezan alone.

The general created a wall of fire around them, as if to signal it was only him and Toph having that fight with no outside interference. Feeling the enhancement of that sunny afternoon, Ezan was able to garner up stronger moves than Toph. He tried to mimic what Zorro had done to Zuko, gathering up a disk of flames. However, Toph detected this quickly, and covered herself in a shield of earth, though still had a small opening carved out to see her attacks. The fire harmlessly deflected away.

The blind Earthbender was not going to let herself become intimidated. She went up to her master-level moves, picking up a piece of rock her shield was made out of. She slammed this rock to the ground, creating an earth bomb. The bomb knocked Ezan off his feet, nearly pushing him back to the wall of flame he created. His stance broken, the wall fell.

Ezan wasted no time getting on his feet. He looked for any way to cut Toph's Earthbending off. He was thinking of ways he could impale her hands and feet, her primary ways of working with bending. He tilted his head low, knowing that she had to see with her feet. He went back to the fire disk move, and launched it at her feet. Toph tried to jump out of the way, but the disk made contact, causing her to fall to the ground, her feet scorched. She let out a scream of pain, but it was of no consequence. Ezan then quickly threw out another fire blast, which burned Toph's hands, ending any hopes of bending for her.

While Katara continued her fight with Kianna, she heard Toph's scream, and changed directions, knowing her friend was in pain. However, before she could get to her, Kianna stopped her with an ice shield. Ezan then placed a blocking wall of fire. "Don't even try making a move towards her! If you do, the wall engulfs her!"

Katara cringed, knowing she now could do nothing. She was too wrapped in battle to help Zuko, and Toph's life was now being threatened. Frustrated, Katara could only hope to defeat Kianna and help the rest of the team defeat the Meteorologists, and then heal afterwards.

The elder Northern Water Tribe citizen had been relentless, but Katara was able to match her blow for blow. They were two strong benders, each well-versed in their own element. Kianna decided she had enough of Katara and decided to go for Ty Lee, who had been trying to hit her with warrior-like attacks as opposed to her chi-blocking. Kianna fired a series of water bullets, which connected and knocked the Kyoshi Warrior down. However, Ty Lee was resilient, and quickly got back up without any assistance. She again whipped one of her fans at Kianna, but this was dodged with little effort.

Meanwhile, Sokka and Suki were struggling against Baktan. An ice whip from the elder man had actually hit Sokka, causing the warrior to bleed from just over the top of his eye. As a drop of blood fell down the side of his face, Suki advised him to stop. "Absolutely not," Sokka declared bravely, though perhaps foolishly. "I am not going to abandon you!"

"Sokka, come on, you're hurt! You should sit down and let that cut stop bleeding," Suki urged him with a scared look, still dodging Baktan's dangerous mix of moves.

"Leave you to fight this madman alone?" Sokka again yelled out. "I don't think so." He quickly fired his boomerang at Baktan, smashing his ice whips. Baktan scowled in frustration. "Don't think that will stop me so easily!"

Aang and Mai were in precarious position. They were now matched up against both Zorro and Ezan. Aang was thinking possibly about re-formulating his strategy, but knew that time was too short to think things over. One wrong step and he could find himself and his friends all defeated. Zuko and Toph were already down; he was not about to risk anyone more.

Zorro resumed the battle with another series of fire disks. The Avatar cut these disks off with a wall of water, then fired it back at the generals. Ezan, however, quick to move, put up a wall of fire once more. Mai pulled out another pair of stilettos and whipped them across the battle field, but Ezan again knocked these down with a wall of fire.

Aang decided that for the first time in that battle, it was time to move towards his native element. He leaped up and swung his staff in a quick left-to-right motion, creating an air swipe. The swipe knocked the two generals over, giving him and Mai a chance. Mai moved in with her stilettos once more, and whipped them towards the ground, pinning Zorro down. However, for a third time, Ezan was able to dodge. He kicked the pinned stiletto out of Zorro's clothes, enabling him to rise again.

Aang could see that perhaps his Airbending would be the key. It was the only element Ezan and Zorro were unable to dodge, as he could move fast with it. "Mai, I have an idea!" He said to Zuko's girlfriend, positioned to his right. "Let me have some of your weapons. This goes against what I was taught, but too much is at stake."

"All right, let's see what you've got," Mai said as she pulled out three sais. The dangerous three pronged weapons were capable of slicing skin quickly. Enhanced by Airbending, they had a deadly force. Aang tossed the sais into the air, and whipped up an air vortex. The vortex was moving very rapidly, nearing speeds of 100 miles per hour. The sais fell in, and Aang directed them at the two generals. Being too fast for them, the sais got a piece of them. Ezan's left arm was hit, causing blood to flow down his clothing. Zorro took the blow on his leg, causing him to fall briefly, blood coming out of the lower part of his right leg. The third sai missed everyone, but the damage was done...for now.

Zorro and Ezan struggled to their feet. Quickly, they tore off small pieces of their clothes and tied them around their wounds. "So, this is how you wish to fight, huh?!" Zorro yelled. "Well, then you'll see what we're really made of!"

Sokka and Suki continued to struggle with Baktan. The young warrior quickly noticed that other members were in trouble. Ty Lee couldn't get any shots in on Kianna, either by weaponry or chi-blocking, while Katara couldn't gain an upper hand. Toph and Zuko were out of commission, and Aang and Mai were fighting a difficult battle. The couple took shelter quickly.

"Suki, you go help my sister! She needs it right now," Sokka urged her. "Let me get this guy."

"Sokka, like you just told me, I'm not letting you go this alone! This guy can kill in one shot!" Suki yelled at him.

"Forget about me," Sokka urged her. "I am not letting you get hurt at my doing!"

Suki teared up a little, knowing the risk her boyfriend was taking. "All right...please...just stay safe." She then kissed him on the cheek.

"I will...don't worry," Sokka responded.

"Here..." Suki took out a bandage, and placed it over the cut Sokka had sustained earlier. "Be careful he doesn't hit there again."

"I'll make sure of it," Sokka said.

The two went their separate ways. Suki moved towards Ty Lee and Katara, deciding to help them with Kianna.

Sokka continued his bitter fight against Baktan. The two traded sword shots, but neither could connect at their targets. Their swords clanged over and over again, neither even considering giving up. Regardless, Baktan had the upper hand with his bending to add in. He had been making ice spikes with his bending, constantly causing Sokka to dodge and forcing him off-balance. Sokka needed a break.

He did not know he was just about out of time.

After their temporary momentum, Aang and Mai once again faced a tough situation. They were struggling to get any blows on the two generals, who were dodging and blocking them all. The Avatar made the next call.

"Katara!" Aang yelled out. "We could use some help over here!"

With Zuko and Toph already down and hurt, and her brother struggling with his opponent, Katara knew she needed to get in on things. "Suki, try and block Kianna's chi!"

Suki nodded. "On it!" She threw one of her fans to try and catch the older Waterbender off guard. Kianna dodged this easily.

Katara turned her back to run over to Aang, who was now battling Ezan and Zorro with only Mai at his side. Katara summoned up a large wave and attacked Zorro, who was knocked to the ground. As Katara had her back turned, however, Kianna saw an opening. This is it...prepare to see who the better Waterbender is, little girl. She pulled moisture out of the atmosphere and whipped it into a series of ice spikes. As quick as she got them, she fired.

"Katara! No!" Ty Lee yelled out, catching Katara's attention. However, the spikes came so fast, Katara could not prepare a defense. Ty Lee decided it was time to step up for her best friend. She got out in front of young Water Tribe girl, and tried to get her fans up.

She was too late.

The ice spikes pierced through Ty Lee's body shield, and penetrated her skin. Several open wounds came upon the Kyoshi Warrior, causing blood to quickly flow out. She hit the ground, her blood pooling on either side of her.

Katara quickly turned dismayed. Her look turned to great sadness, as tears began to light up her eyes. "Ty Lee!" She slid on her knees to her best friend's body, which was covered with pierced ice spikes and blood. "No! Please! Ty Lee...answer me!" Tears poured down her cheeks, and onto Ty Lee. Quickly, Suki joined Katara in shock. "Oh no..." she whispered out.

The Meteorologists saw their opening. Aang and Mai struggled with Ezan and Zorro. Sokka couldn't get it together against now both Baktan and Kianna. Katara and Suki were too dismayed to continue. Zuko and Toph were already out of it.

Ezan looked towards Zorro, after dodging one of Mai's stilettos. "Finish it?"

Zorro nodded.

Quickly, the two raised their hands. They made a motion as if to shoot fire out of their hands, but nothing came out. Kianna and Baktan applied ice packs to themselves quickly, as did the two Fire Nation generals. The rest of the team looked around confused. Aang knew it though.

"Heat manipulation!" He yelled out.

Again, it was too late.

With the combined strengths of Zorro and Ezan, temperatures spiked to 50°C. The Meteorologists had stayed cool. Team Avatar was not so fortunate to be ready. One by one, every member of the gang fainted from heat exhaustion. Kianna put an ice shield up over the Meteorologists to keep them further cool.

"It's over. Let us claim the Fire Nation Capital now," Zorro said. With that, the enemies left the defeated Team Avatar, with all members unconscious. They got on Zorro's battleship, and sailed towards the Fire Nation Capital, ready to strike.

Fifteen minutes later, a boat arrived. Off stepped the real world crossover, feeling the heat. "Well, not all of the Fire Nation is chilly," he said to himself. He pulled out his thermometer and was stunned.


He took off some of his clothes, enough to keep him decent but also cool. He also brought himself a bottle of cold water. His next move was to pull his hand out, and then slowly closed it. This time, it had the opposite effect of Zorro and Ezan. He pulled out his thermometer again to see it now reading 38.8°C.

The young man walked the forest, when he came upon the sight of several bodies, and a sky bison. The bison looked at him with a look of distress.

"You must be Appa," Reeaki said. "Team Avatar's bison..." his voice trailed off when he saw the disturbing sight. The members of Team Avatar, all knocked out, all seemingly hurt, including one of the Kyoshi Warriors, who was, for all intents and purposes, dead.

"They were here. No wonder why it is so hot." He dropped his head to the ground. "Curse you, Meteorologists!" He yelled out. Looking at Team Avatar, there was only one thing he could do. Slowly, he began loading up the bodies of the fainted onto Appa. He flew Appa over to his boat, and began moving the bodies down below deck. He repeated this process twice, making sure every member of the team was safe. When it came time for Ty Lee, he did not know what to do. He elected to load her up anyway, holding out hope that she might survive.

With everyone loaded, he also covered Appa in case the Meteorologists were to hit again.

Reeaki moved to the controls of his boat, looking at a map. "I need to set a course southeast, out of here. There is no way I can encounter the Meteorologists right now. Team Avatar needs to be safe. A place far away."

Reeaki set his course for the Southern Water Tribe, the only possible getaway point for them at that moment. The Meteorologists were about to take the Capital. There was no way he would be able to get there in time, and without Team Avatar at full strength, he would not be able to take them.

He went below deck, where he had situated the various team members. He saw the temperature in their rooms was around 20°C. Knowing that cooling off would be the best for them, he made the same move he performed when he first discovered them all. The temperature was quickly cut down to 10°C. Next, he set bottles of cold water on the various desks, for them to re-hydrate when they re-awaken.

Reeaki stood at the top of his ship as night fell, with a look of great worry and sadness, not knowing if the rest of the team was okay. With already one gone, the fight became that much harder.

Southern Water Tribe

Reeaki had gone full speed ahead, and arrived at the South Pole just eighteen hours after the fight had ended. His boat arrived at the re-constructing village.

"Halt, state your business," Bato asked him at the village entrance, noticing the Fire Nation flag on it. Although relations between the Water Tribes and Fire Nation were repaired, foreigners were still asked this question.

"I have the members of Team Avatar with me," Reeaki said. "They were harmed in battle. I have found them and brought them here for help."

"Harmed?" Bato's eyes grew large, his eyebrows arching.

"Yes," Reeaki said. "The Meteorologists defeated them, and now they need help. I'm afraid one has already deceased though."

Bato remained shocked. "Oh...well...may I see them?"

"Sure," Reeaki nodded and said. He led Bato onto his boat, and took him below deck. There, he showed the members of Team Avatar, still in an unconscious state.

"Wow..." Bato grew even more stunned. "Well, let's waste no time. We'll get them to the healing huts as soon as possible."

For the next twenty minutes, using cots and Appa as ways to move, Reeaki and Bato moved the team members to the central healing hut, being operated by Yugoda. The members were placed in various rooms in groups of two. They agreed to keep the couples together, placing Katara and Aang, Mai and Zuko, and Sokka and Suki in rooms for themselves. Toph was given her own room.

Meanwhile, they rushed Ty Lee to the urgent care room. "Oh my!" Yugoda gasped. "I don't think this will said it's been eighteen hours, young man?"

"That is correct," Reeaki explained. "I got here as fast as I could, and that was all my boat could allow me."

Quickly, without any further talk, Yugoda and two other healers went to work on Ty Lee, first melting the ice spikes that penetrated her. They then bent water over all her wounds, trying any technique possible. Reeaki looked, crossing his hands, hoping the best for her.

After fifteen minutes, Yugoda shook her head. "I'm sorry, young man...she is gone."

Reeaki dropped his head in sadness. "No..." he whispered.

"I'm afraid this is the case," the elder healer also looked upset to see someone die, but knew that nothing could be done. "My nurses and myself will get to work on the rest of the team."

"They have heat exhaustion," Reeaki explained.

"That should clear up soon," Yugoda replied. "We'll get to work on the rest of their external injuries."

As Yugoda left the room, Reeaki turned back to the deceased Kyoshi Warrior. "How does anyone explain this? Why, Meteorologists...why?" Slowly, he walked away, heading towards no location in particular.

Throughout the next several hours, Team Avatar awoke in their various rooms in a daze. Katara and Aang saw Yugoda standing in between their beds. "Well, wakey wakey you two. Good to see you up and well."

"Not quite well..." Aang said, his hand over half of his face. He still had some double-vision, and also a sense of confusion, seeing the elder healer. "Wait...weren't we just in the Fire Nation, fighting someone?"

"That's what I remember," Katara said, with the same issues that her boyfriend was having.

"I'm afraid," Yugoda stated, "that you all were defeated. Someone brought you here from the Fire Nation."

Aang got up and gasped. "No...they...won?"

"I'm not quite sure who 'they' are, but I'm afraid that yes, they did," Yugoda replied.

"The Meteorologists," Katara stated. "They're a group that knows how to bend the weather."

"Oh my," Yugoda gasped. "Now I know who you mean. I've heard of them, rumors that they were responsible for the blizzard just over a week ago."

"Is everyone okay?" Aang desperately wanted to know.

Yugoda bowed her head down. "It seems everyone is fine...except for one member of your group."

Quickly, a light mist began to coat Katara's eyes. "Ty Lee..." she murmured.

"Come," Yugoda signaled them to get up. "We're going to gather everyone else."

Katara and Aang rose from their beds and walked hand-in-hand to the healing hut's waiting area. Katara couldn't help but feel distressed and downbeat with the idea that Ty Lee might have been gone.

Sokka and Suki were already waiting, having gotten up on their own power. Toph had also joined them, bandaging covering parts of her feet and hands. They were just waiting for the Fire Lord and his girlfriend.

Soon, the two appeared from the western wing of the hut, their heads each bowed down. Mai was showing sadness, even a tear coming from her eye. Immediately, given how unemotional Zuko's girlfriend tended to be, the team knew there was a problem.

"I'm afraid..." Zuko struggled to speak. "We have some...tough news to report. I just talked with the nurses some fifteen minutes ago."

"We don't know how to say this..." Mai sniffled. "B-B-But..."

The members of the team started to each show concern. Katara already had a tear streaming down her cheek, ready for the news, knowing the very last thing that happened before she passed out.

"Guys..." Zuko said. "Ty Lee..." the Fire Lord sighed heavily. "...has passed away."

Some of the members grew shocked. Aang's immediate reaction was a slight gasp, then he fell to the ground on his knees. It was the first loss of one of his friends since the Air Nomads were killed. He placed his hands over his face in shock and sadness.

Sokka just looked around with a blank stare, a look of confusion and growing pain. It had been five years since he experienced the death of anyone he knew, that someone being his own mother.

The normally tough and rock steady Toph even cried a little. "A-A-Acrobat Girl? She's....dead?" She had never encountered the death of a friend before, except for Aang's brief death in Ba Sing Se two years ago. "But he's telling the truth..." the blind Earthbender didn't detect any shaking within the ground, to tip her off to a lie.

However, no one was more affected than Katara and Suki.

The young Waterbender broke down on the spot. She bowed down and buried her head in her hands, and moved her head to the ground. Tears poured from her eyes as she cried vocally. She had already lost her mother during the War, and also lost Aang briefly. Now, her best friend was gone. Even after the War...I still can't escape...

All Katara could do was cry.

Suki followed Katara's movements short of burying her head completely. Tears came from her eyes like waterfalls. She then tapped Katara on the shoulder, grabbing her attention. Quickly, the Waterbender and Kyoshi Warrior found themselves wrapped in a tight hug, crying out their pain on to one another's shoulders.

"My best friend..." Katara said to Suki, her voice muffled by her face being buried into her shoulder. "I can't believe this...why? Why Ty Lee? She didn't do anything!"

"I know...K-K-Katara...this hurts..." Suki also never experienced death, this being a foreign feeling to her. Also, Ty Lee was one of her better friends. Not quite a best friend, but still.

Mai hugged Zuko, she also being in tears. "What do we do now...Zuko..." her head was buried into her boyfriend's neck, while she hugged him.

"I don't know," Zuko said, hugging Mai closely. "For now...let's try and re-focus."

"It's so hard..." Aang brought his head up, wiping some small tears that had dropped from his eyes. "We've lost a good friend..."

Sokka could only shake his head as he battled his sadness. "Re-cooperating is going to be a tough process. We have to let this sink in..."

"Sokka's right," Aang said, still a tone of sadness ringing in his voice. "We'll have to take some time to let our pain out before we can even think about doing anything."

After a few minutes, the hugs began being exchanged. The couples soon found themselves in embraces, Aang holding Katara as close as he could, allowing her tears to soak his clothes. The Avatar even cried with her, him feeling her pain.

Toph joined in with Sokka and Suki. The three shared their sadness, the two girls within crying all the same.

Mai continued to hug Zuko. "I know I didn't feel as close to her as it seemed...but she was still a good friend."

"I know," Zuko whispered, himself looking dejected.

The feeling of peace was officially gone now.

The Meteorologists had taken a life. was a new war.

Author's notes

I...killed a character.

When I wrote the death scene and Zuko's announcement, I even had to stop and take a breath. That was...not common for me.

Reeaki won't be gone for long.

This was my first battle scene. I hope you liked it, even if the ending sucked.

The move of Baktan using ice whips was inspired by Mitros of Avatar: Guardian, the idea belonging to The Bos.

If anyone is interested, I have written a bit of an alternate ending to this chapter. No, the outcome does not change, but it features a "what if" scenario, where Ty Lee survives to the SWT, but does pass on eventually. If you'd like to read it, contact me.

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