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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

The Meteorologists
General information


Notable members
  • Zorro
  • Kianna
  • Reeaki (Deserted)
  • Baktan
  • Ezan







To use the art of Weatherbending to take over the world.

The Meteorologists are a group that re-discovered the lost art of Weatherbending in 102 AG. They discovered it on an expedition led by former General Zorro of the Fire Nation. They are now out to start a revolt, beginning with the Zuko led-Fire Nation. They intend to use Weatherbending to change the climates so severely that life is crippled and they eventually overrun the world.

This group is the main antagonist group in The Weatherbenders.



Former Fire Nation General Zorro founded the group after first reading about Weatherbending's history. However, he needed a group of people to help him get where he needed to be.

Zorro recruited Kianna, an envious Waterbender, from the Northern Water Tribe. Later, the two captured Reeaki from the real world, after hearing of his great knowledge of the weather. Kianna brought along Baktan, her husband's brother.

They set off on an expedition to Wan Shi Tong's Library in the Si Wong Desert, and found its burial point. The four broke in and stole the ancient Weatherbending scrolls, then escaped the library from the attacking Wan Shi Tong. They returned to home to one of Zorro's old Army bases in the Fire Nation, where they worked for weeks to learn the art.

Reeaki's Desertion

After the four established their goal to take out Team Avatar, Reeaki felt great guilt, as in the real world, he greatly admired the Team. Late one night, Reeaki stole some of the scrolls and left the base quietly, seeking out Avatar Aang and his friends, hopeful to teach them the art of Weatherbending.

Zorro found out the news the next morning, and the Meteorologists added Reeaki to their list of targets. Zorro sought out his close friend, General Ezan, to take Reeaki's spot. They set out on their journey to find Team Avatar and Reeaki.

Finding Team Avatar

In any event, they first needed to draw Team Avatar out of their homes. They did this by putting their Weatherbending training into motion. General Zorro went to the Fire Nation Capital and drained the heat from it and other surrounding areas, such as Ember Island. Kianna and Baktan crafted a blizzard of twenty-five inches of snow at the Southern Water Tribe, while General Ezan moved to the Earth Kingdom Capital of Ba Sing Se and sharply increased the heat all throughout.

Their plan was successful, as Team Avatar was forced to come to the Fire Nation Capital, eventually laying them right at their feet.

Battling Team Avatar




  • Reeaki (Deserted on 17 July, 102 AG)

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