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The Metal Son
The seasons change, but the Avatar remains
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The Metal Son, also known as The Metal Son: From the World of Avatar, is an upcoming Australian series set in the Avatar universe as a sequel series to The Legend of Korra. The series will run for forty-three chapters.

The series starts eighty-four years after the end of The Legend of Korra story arc with brand new characters in familiar settings. The protagonist of the new series is Kanto, the Avatar after Korra.

Plot overview

List of The Metal Son chapters [coming soon]

After the conclusion of the Insurrection of the Red Lotus and the Formation of the Earth Empire, Avatar Korra maintained a steady and uninterrupted peace until her final days, wherein a new Avatar was born: Kanto, a young boy from the Earth Republic. But Kanto was far too young to carry the burdens the title "Avatar" held, and soon the world collapsed onto itself in a heap of war and chaos. Now, years since the Fall of the Nations, the Avatar is lost, fading from the memory of his people, and all the world can do is pray for a saviour.

Book One: Spring

Book One: Spring [Coming soon]


Main characters

Kanto is the Avatar immediately succeeding Korra and the main protagonist of the series.

Irah is the representative of what remains of the Fire Nation.

Book One characters

[Coming soon]



Initial development for The Metal Son began on January 5, 2016, under the working title Haiku. The story was immensely different, focusing on a sandbending Avatar from the Wan Shi Tong desert, and was eventually scrapped in order to usher in new and fresh ideas, specifically a metalbending Avatar. All that remains from this initial plan was the forty-three episode count, the titles of the books, and the series tagline: The seasons change, but the Avatar remains.

Development for the current iteration of The Metal Son began on July 26, 2016, this time under the working title Son of Earth. The new title was quickly changed to The Metal Son, but most of the ideas remained.


  • [Coming soon]


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