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As the invading Phoenix Army approaches, Team Strike gives up their weapons of war for pen and paper. No more reckless charging, they have to make...a...plan! Insane. do they start and did Sky really get drunk? Stay Tuned.



Mian was in full battle armor. Here they come. It

"GAH!" Yelled Zura, fire bending a steady stream of fire from his fists, 10 feet away. Hai had just disappeared....but, where? Mian ducked and dodged Zura's attack, and prepared for Hai's. That's when the earth started to shake. Mian jumped onto the nearby oak tree, and climbed to the top. He could see Zura, looking straight at him...grinning. Why would he be grin...? Above him! No time to look above. Mian simply jumped into the air, at an angle, and just barely missed Hai's fire stream. With a quick flip in the air, he landed in the next tree. Those two could wait, he had to find Tia. With a quick stomp into the tree, he triggered his Seismic Sense, feeling around underground for Tia. Aha! Found her!

Zuko blocks attack

A Wall of Fire

Tia felt the earth move just a second before it struck, she leapt out of the earth and into the nearest tree. Mian saw the move and jumped into the air raining fire down on everyone. Zura simply mad a shield of flames, protecting him and Hai, while Tia had hidden somewhere. As Mian started to fall down to the ground, a diamond pillar shot up and held him up fifty feet in the air.

"Alright, alright! I give up." Yelled out Mian. Tia came out the earth, and brought him down. Just then, a messenger arrived.

"Sir, the phoenix army is not too far. Fort Wi, sir. They won't attack now, but they seem to be resting."

"What? Let's hit them now!" Yelled Zura

"I'm just a messenger sir, but King Kai has requested you to come back to the palace. Yes, sir, this way. And I'll take care of the one drunk on cider."

Sky, as if on cue, fell down from the big oak he was resting on.

"Eh, eh, I'm not...drunk on cider. You guys gotta try this stuff, it's great man. It's just...oh man, it's great." He finished, collapsing.

"Yep, not drunk. Just drunk." Said Tia, sarcastically

"On cider, though?" Asked the messenger

"We don't know how, either." Said Zura, following his friends, and leaving the poor man to take care of Sky and his unicorns.

What's that?

Meeting of the Council of Five

"So, where is Fort Wi?"

"So, where is Fort Wi?" Asked Mizu

"30 Miles South west. A key but sadly poorly defended fort." Answered Kai

"How are those reinforcements coming?" Asked Mian

"San's working on it, it will take a while. And we've begin to dig our troops in." Answered Kai. At that moment, Ami ran in panting. The Archer's training round was across the city, and she hated it.

"Sorry...I'm....late" She said panting

"How's the archer squad?" Asked Tia

"They're...good...more practice needed" She panted out

"Alright, prepare the immediate defenses. I'll ride out to the wall, and we'll begin defenses. And we have to plan what to do after the battle." Said Kai

"Any ideas? Anyone?" Asked Mian after a silence

"Well, war strategy never really came up....we've all been in peace for so long..." mumbled Zura

"What about you Mian, Zura? You guys made a plan back at the Fire Nation!" Pointed out Tia

Alarmed Sokka

Water Sieges Only

"But, I don't know how to deal with a land attack...Water Tribe, here." Said Mian, rubbing his head, embarrassed.

"And...I just sort of went along with what he came up with" Said Zura, embarrassed

"You kids, are out of whack. Me and Kai, remember the Battle of Si Wong?" Asked Mizu

"What? Who?" Asked Sky, clueless as always.

"The Desert War. Several years ago. The Desert Tribes rebelled. Remember?" Said Tia, about the recent war in her nation.

"Oh yeah, I remember that one." Said Sky, sheepishly

"Sure, right." Said Kai sarcastically. "And yeah those were the days!"

"Someday we gotta get the team back together, Team Seven. Woot!" Said Mizu

"You okay? And what's that?" Asked Ami

"Mizu and Kai's old war squad. Consisting of..them, and a couple other teens." Said Tia

"Teens? Why would they use teens?" Asked Sky

"Those tribes trust kids, their downfall." Said Mian "Anyways, a plan, anyone? Come on, please?

"Hmm...I have an idea." And Mizu went on to suggest his plan in detail.

"General, we must prepare the armies for the march to Omashu." Said the Advisor

"Alright, we'll leave first thing in the morning. No more time to waste here. We must be quick and decisive." Answered the General, leaving to address the men.

"So, Mian will you be heading the group?" Asked Mizu

"Yeah, and Sky." Answered Mian

"Me? Why not someone more...elite and dignified?" Questioned Sky

"You might suck at formality, but you're great with the guerrilla and the morale!" Answered Mian

"Alrighty, then! Let's hit those guys straight in the..." Began Sky

"And that's all the time we have, for this meeting." Said Kai abruptly

"Organize them, asap. We'll head out in the morning." Said Mian, leaving the meeting room.


The Avatar wanted to make a "strategy" chapter. Instead of the classic, hit and run, or "make it up as we go" tactis used by the team, he wanted a more detailed and proper war strategy. The characters, sans Mizu and Kai, were new to proper war planning and thus more or less followed the advice of the veterans (Mizu and Kai)


  • Sky got drunk...on cider.
  • This chapter was actually written weeks ahead for another point in the series time-line, but with some editing was switched to here.

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