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The Mechanists are an elite group of high society, and they serve the Overseers. Their inception and exact numbers are unknown but their purpose is clear: to facilitate the continued rule of the Overseers and ensure that their reign proceeds smoothly. Mechanists are typically very well educated and act as experts in a given field of science. Some Mechanists are also benders, typically Earthbenders, and also emancipated slaves. Because of this, they are also often used as role models for what slaves should strive to become in order to be permitted into the upper echelons of privileged society. The Mechanists are known for being responsible for supervising, reviewing, and sometimes performing augmentation operations, among other procedures. Of course, Mechanists that specialize in a field not suited to body configuration are not employed in such tasks. Usually.

The Mechanists are casually referred to as the brains to the Bones' brawn, but some members take great offense to being compared to those crass twits. As can be inferred, many Mechanists are pompous braggarts who take well to their life of leisure and wealth, but their capabilities should not be underestimated. Like the Bones, they operate independent of Overseer affiliation in a loosely structured hierarchy and answer calls from whoever may need their services, but as they are awarded on commission, there is something of a rivalry within their ranks and certain individuals have assumed leadership roles.

Their organization designation is taken after the original series character by the same name, although they are not related in any way except in role and practice.

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