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Chapter 4: The Maze

Yun Zhen ran to the edge of Omashu as fireballs rained down on the city. He met Bumi's contact, who told him of a back road through the Kolau Mountain Range.

"You must make your way through the Cave of Two Lovers in order to make your way to Ba Sing Se." He pulled a map out of his pack. "Though no one can map the ever changing cave, your Earthbending sense in addition to the natural crystalline lighting, should enable you to come out of the cave at the spot required."

Yun took the map. "Thank you."


As it turned out, the mountains were far from being easy to navigate. Once the light of the entrance had fully left, Yun quickly found that he was unable to correctly pinpoint his location.

My food pack is full, I have a map, and I can sense where the tunnels lead, so why am I lost? Yun paced the tunnel in which he currently found himself. If he could find the center, the fabled Tomb of the Two Lovers, he could find his way out. However, even that eluded him.

"Maybe if I focus, my connection to the earth can allow me to feel my way out." He concentrated and felt a large space close to where he'd ended up. "Might as well. It's the only lead I have."

He located the giant room and noted carvings that told the legend of the Cave. Yun checked the map and looked for the passage that would start him toward Ba Sing Se. But the mess of tunnels prevented his sense from establishing a route.

What am I going to do? "Maybe the principle of neutral jing can help; besides, it's not like I'll get anymore lost." He sat cross-legged in the middle of the floor and waited. At first, he only noticed tiny little shakes, but something was coming closer.

Yun Zhen did not have long to wait for the disturbance. He could feel it, a rumbling in the earth. Something big was coming, and he was not sure he wanted to be around when it showed up. He jammed his hands into the ground and brought up his rock gloves, preparing to meet what was coming.

"What in the world could make such a—?" He stopped as a huge badgermole tunneled through the wall. "—racket!"

The two Earthbenders stared at each other for several seconds.



- This is easily the shortest chapter in the story.


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