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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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The Mayor (The Old Man)
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73 (Deceased)

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Fire Nation, Fire Lord Yeh Lu


Rong Yan, Yong Ten, Utsah the Bandit King, Kai-Shek, The Waiter

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Mayor of Hi Sho Village, Evil Shaman

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village

Last appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King

The Mayor is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is the mayor of the village named Hi Sho which located is in southern part of the Fire Nation within some woods, and is the main antagonist in the chapters Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village and Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King.


The old man (aka The Mayor) of Hi Sho Village, is a strange man. Avatar Rong Yan and Monk Yong Ten first encounter him, when Rong Yan wakes up from a large purple bug crawling on his face where screams really loud. The old mayor comes from out of the woods. And tells them both about the dangers of what he cannot mention within the woods and that they were lucky this time. He invites them to his village to stay for the day or however long they plan to stay there.

He takes them into the inn where they get their room for free, being that the receptionist noticed that Rong Yan was the Avatar. They've so far stayed there for three or four days within chapter 6. The mayor invites them to his house to discuss about the dangers of bandits, and that the bandits have been kidnapping folk. Last person to be kidnapped was a man by the name of Utsah he disappeared two days prior to their arrival.

They at that same night begin to sneak out without the old man figuring out and walking into the woods to find anything that they can find about the disappearances. They go back the next night and continue to find nothing. But each night that they leave to search the wood the next morning someone is gone.

They sneak around one more night, and they go to the local restaurant. The waiter tells them that he saw them leave their room, but he knows that the old man is very suspicious and has seen strange glowing lights in his home one night while walking back home. The next night they sneak around to the old man's house, and they see what the old man does every night and that the waiter was correct.

The next day, they go to find the waiter, but he has disappeared as well. The waitress Rong Yan talks to, was the waiter's co-worker and that he wasn't home. They soon realize that the waiter was kidnapped by the Mayor. The next night they go to investigate the woods for the waiter. When they see a man get captured by men who jumped out of the trees.

The Mayor had placed a relic or effigy within the village, so that spirits of any kind would not be able to enter the village. Yong Ten found the relic and destroyed it.

The Mayor, has angered the spirit of the woods surrounding Hi Sho Village, with the help of Rong Yan and Yong Ten and the Bandits, the spirit Kai-Shek, was able to invade the village, and drown the Mayor in the nearby river and drag him into the Spirit World.


The Mayor is a non-bender but has been evoking with demons, and magic. Meaning he's a shaman of some kind. With his shamanistic magic he is able to command spirits to his bidding.



  • The Mayor, has no name. Well he does, but he doesn't tell his name to people.
  • The Mayor, looks like the old guy from Book 1: Water, Chapter 10: Jet, the Fire Nation old man.
  • The Mayor, was inspired from Hama, the Bloodbender.
  • The two chapters he appears in are also inspired from The Puppetmaster, where people disappear, but it is written differently, with a different plot.

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