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May 14, 2010

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The Mayor's Tale is the twenty eighth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Team Avatar takes the mayor back to Torung Village, and he tells them what he told to Long Feng. Meanwhile, Long Feng utilizes the information he got from his talk with the mayor.


As Appa takes off, the mayor is relieved to see the sky again. "To be honest, I never thought I would miss the sky this much..." he mumbles to himself as he stares at the sun.

"What did the Dai Li do to you while you were down there?" Katara asks the mayor, looking for any wounds.

"When they attacked the village, I was in the building with all the others. After you all left to see what was happening, a man in long robes came in and demanded to see who the leader was. The villagers originally wouldn't let me go forward, but the agent forced them to give me up. The agent grabbed a citizen and threatened to kill her if I didn't give myself up. After that, everything went dark."

"That's horrible!" Katara says in shock. "What did they do while you were down there?"

"I was able to see once I was in their base. I was originally hung upside down, and then their leader arrived in the room. He asked me questions about a young man who arrived in our town a while back. I told him all I knew, but that man said it wasn't enough. He thought that I was keeping something from him. After I denied that, the leader threatened me if I didn't tell him more. After I told him I couldn't, another agent came in and said that someone had breached the base. I have to thank you for all you did. I couldn't imagine what he would have done to me if you guys hadn't gotten into the base. I'm in your debt."

"You do realize that you can help us, right?" Zuko asks the mayor.

"I didn't know that. What can I do? I'll do anything to help bring those men to justice."

"You can tell us about the man with the bear."

Capturing another base

Long Feng walked through the halls of a military base. He looked at the bodies of Earth Kingdom soldiers who had been defeated by his agents. Pity they could not be convinced to join his cause. It was only their loss.

He found the room where the sergeant commanding the base was being held. The military man was chained to the floor by metal strings, unable to Earthbend, or move at all.

"You! You're their leader! You killed my men!" the officer yelled.

"Yes. Pity they couldn't follow simple instructions... I just asked them to join me. Some complied. Others didn't. Either way, they reaped the consequences of their decisions." Long Feng muttered.

"You're a monster!" the officer retorted, saddened by the unneeded loss of life.

"I have a plan. Just you wait and see..."

The Mayor's Testimony

"One stormy day, a young man comes to town with his pet bear. This was very strange, as we hadn't seen any bear like this before. We expected a platypus bear, skunk bear, armadillo bear, or gopher bear. We hadn't seen anything like it before. Isn't it strangely unique?"

"Yeah, I liked Bosco." Sokka begins. "Well, what else happened?"

"I liked him too. Anyway, he entered the town on a bad day and began looking for shelter. One of the larger families in town, the Shao's took him in, feeding both him and his bear. They got well acquainted, and got on good terms. One day, he went out into town and met others, from a different family, the Gey's. The Shao's and Gey's have been feuding for many years, more than I've lived through. It's really quite bad, everyone has forgotten the origin of the conflict."

"Sounds like the Zhangs and the Gan Jins..." Aang mutters to himself.

"Well, he liked them both and when he told the Shao's about the Gey's, they got angry at him. No one in the town knew how he did it, but that man somehow managed to in one day fix the struggle that has been going on for decades. The entire town wanted to throw a feast in his honor, but when we tried to invite him, he had vanished. The families wouldn't say what he did to fix their struggle, but said that he left as soon as he finished the helping them. They only told us that he mentioned going to a big city, to see how it is supposed to be run. We don't even know his name or where he's from, but that man helped us."

"Where's the nearest city to here?" Aang asks, turning towards Sokka.

Sokka reaches into his bag, takes out the expensive atlas he purchased almost a year ago, and began tearing through the pages. "Aang, you're not going to believe this."

"Where is it?" Zuko asks.

"Yeah, where?" Toph adds.

"The Earth Kingdom City of Omashu."

"You've got to be kidding me..." Aang says. "He's with Bumi? And we've been worried about him?"

"Guys, I'm really thankful that you rescued me, but you just passed my village."

"Oh... Sorry." Aang pulls on Appa's reins, and he flies down towards the center of Torung.

The townspeople run towards Appa as Aang helps the mayor off of Appa. "Thank you for saving him, Avatar!" a woman screams out from the crowd.

"It's okay, you helped us too!" Aang replies as he gets back onto Appa. "We've got to go now. Yip-Yip!" Appa replies by launching himself through the air.


  • The types of Bears listed by the Mayor were the types of bear Team Avatar asked about in "City of Walls and Secrets"
  • Yet another allusion is made to the original series, this time to the episode "The Great Divide," when Aang compares the families that the mayor mentions to the Zhangs and Gan Jins.

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