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City Hall at night
The Mayor's Downfall
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The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective

"The Mayor's Downfall" is the first part of a series of stories that make up The Non-Bender's Plight. It introduces the mayor, Huán Jiàn, as he tries to form a group of slightly shifty individuals to try and combat the bending gangs in the city as an attempt to lessen to city's crime rate. However, he runs the risk of being expelled from his position.

Brief overview

Huán Jiàn discusses with the Republic City Council on the possibility of allowing him to take matters into his own hands to take down the bending gangs. Reluctantly, Tarrlok and the remains of the Council agree to the decision, on the grounds that he keep his work in secret.

Jiàn hires a group of individuals, including his two assistants, the Blade Brothers, the famous thief known as The Scarlet Deity, a writer and chi-blocker named Ping, and even The Lieutenant aids in the cause. After establishing his team, Jiàn gives a little background about himself before revealing to them their plot; assaulting the Triple Threat Triad directly in hopes of crippling them and driving the other gangs into a panic.

Major Characters

  • Jinshu Qudi
  • "The Scarlet Deity"
  • Ping

Minor Characters


Update 10/4/13

Chapter 5 is now complete, so the story is completely finished.

Update 12/28/13

The next part in this continuity, The Equalist Revolution: A New Perspective, has now be started, with its prologue also written and posted. Check it out!

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